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[Giveaway] Tell us your story !

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My story starts with my best friend telling me about this new game "BattleForge".

It was still in beta and he showed me the game on the PC of his parents, since we were only 14 we had limited time for gaming. In like every night at the weekends we were sneaking up to the PC room of his parents to play some rounds, because we were super hyped. We both pre-ordered Battleforge, and so my first big online gaming experience begun. My first favorite card was the promo firedancer, and that never really changed, so I build my main decks around it and ended up to be a total pure fire main. At first I only played PVE, and my first quest was to beat every Map on expert only using firecards, no other orbs at all, and no uncolored cards (they didnt exist back in that days anyway), after i did that i started to solo all the 2Player maps first on advanced then expert and finally also beat some 4Player maps expert solo ("King of Giants", "Dwarven Riddle", "Raven's End").

Till I eventually started to play PvP seriously I had mostly every card you can need (I spend a lot of my money in BFP, till the servers got shut down it must have been around 400€.) with 3 Upgrades and after some weeks I was Battlemaster (~Rank 190 back then), I played a lot of different decks but my most successful one in 1vs1 must have been shadow/frost/frost. At that point I reached my skill limit for 1vs1 at that time, so I started to play 2vs2. Since I had a lot of different Mates, i never had more then 40 games with anyone, but I still made it to rank 3 in the ladder once with xxstealthxx (aka iBoogie).

In my opinion the worst decision EA has ever made was it to make the game f2p, the ingame market kinda broke down thanks to the inflation of a lot of cards that came with it, and the chats were just getting spammed with unrealistic offers and people who tried to get cards and BFP for nothing, also PvP got pretty messed up by that, because all the f2p players had like no big chance to raise higher then Slayer or something because of the deck differences, so the crying about Battleforge being p2w begun just after it even got f2p. I know a lot of people who stopped playing because of that.

Apart from that opinion I think this project is just great, I really like the idea of the BFP gaining system. Since it is f2p from the beginning, everyone has the same requirements and the game balance seems really good, I really look forward to finally play BF again and build up my Decks, maybe some other tactics will be needed for some maps now, since you cant just buy any card from the beginning.

Thanks for reading this, I hope we will see each others in the Forge real soon!

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I had been playing by UBIIICA (aka Confidential aka Deathalloy)


My close friend got in to the game many many years ago, soon after battleforge was released. They were on a normal level in PVE but terrible in PVP, still better than me. 


From the begining it was very difficult.  1. I did not know how to play 2. i did not have any money 3. obviusly i did not have token


My friend would give me little bit amount of tokens and it took me more than 1 year to understand the game and building deck afterwards. Then i started purchasing game from Amazon.com, because from my country, where i live,  it was not even available/possible to buy them from the actual bf game. 


Oh my god, it was so bad from the start, every single one of them laughing at me because i had nothing basically, not a experience not a deck.


I did not give up, most of the time they playd pve, so when i got money i started building my pvp deck and sparring sparring sparring really hard.


I started with pure fire which i think was easy to learn, then frost (i do not know why) and many many others. My friends, Barbarrien and BeeGeo were very dedicated players actually, and if you remeber they were top 10 top 20 in PVP rankings 2vs2 for a long time.



But none of them had good 1vs1 experience. They were bully's because i had no clue so they were beating me all the time.



Then, after a while, some of them did not play that much (LOST SHADE ERA, DEEP ONES) and game was dying, many people would leave. Some new players would come up. 



I became hardcore fan and player and reached in top 30 top 40 (Warchief). I have spend a lot time and a lot money!!!!!!!! I had all decks 120 lvl


I was beating not only my friend but other players as well. 



You have seen my lot of replies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on guys!!!! UBIIICA (Confidential) it's all over the youtube!!!!


The name and reps. speak by themselves and bfcards.info UBI23 (YOU CAN SEE MY REPS AND DATES)



That's proves my love and dedication 


I have been here for a long time from the begining DragonDave :D

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So, my story all starts in like 2010, somewhere around there at least I was quite young so it's hard to remember the exact date. I was at my friends place like I was often and like usual, we were playing some games together and then he wanted to show me this new game he started playing: Battleforge. After a while of seeing him play, I really wanted to play myself, but, as young as I was I didn't have my own PC, the only thing I had at home was a big old desktop that still had one of those gigantic screens and that was reaaaaally slow, so yeah, it couldn't run BF. So, my friend decided we'd make an account on his secondary pc which was a laptop and that that would be a new account that was for me and his other friends to use and that he would get some money onto that account to get some cool decks. This account was the first account I played on and it was called ftjftjvj, simply because we couldn't think of a name so we just spammed the keyboard for a sec (lol). As we were kids, we all decided we'd go another faction as well. My friend (who went by the username Spiderwolf btw) was using Shadow, I was using Fire and another friend of ours was using Frost. I spent many afternoons at his place of us just playing BF and it's honestly one of my fondest memories of that time. A Specific map I recall us playing then was Bad Harvest, and because of that it's still the map that gives me the most nostalgia.

Then, the old brick of a pc we had finally went on to the afterlife, so my mom decided we were old enough to both get our own laptops. You bet the first thing I installed on there was Battleforge. I remember the hype I felt when I heard the fiery effects of the EA logo, followed by the thunderclouds of the Phenomic logo and finily the best of all, the sound effects of the Battleforge logo and then finally the epic "Lord of the Sky" soundtrack starts to play. And you have no idea how much I played of this game. Not only the actual maps, but also just mess around in the Forge, I'd just spawn units and play out scenarios in my head, I could do this for hours. After a while I decided: "hey, I want to try to make my own account and see where I can get" and so I did, this account was Firgon, I came up with it myself back then and thought it sounded cool, even made a crappy design of what my skylord "Firgon" might look like, I tried to see if I could find that drawing for this post, but sadly it must've been thrown away at some point. 
Honestly, I got really lucky, because in my first game of Bad Harvest on this account, I met a veteran player, who, because I was just starting this out, decided he'd give me a little something, and this little something was a Bloodhorn. I couldn't believe he was so generous, and didn't want to accept it at first, but he didn't want to here it and told me to just accept it since he felt he couldn't really use his bfp anymore anyway. I really wish I could remember his username but it's simply been too long, else I would've given him a shout-out here. Because I didn't want to just sell this Bloodhorn, I decided to try and make a Bandits deck with a single nature orb for healing spells, and I loved the deck. But as I back then only played PvE, as for some reason I really don't quite get never understood some basic game mechanics like counters, I never really got into PvP (I will do so now though, as I've changed a LOT since back then. Either way, I digress. I got a little tired of the bandits deck so, I decided to sell EVERYTHING and with the BFP I'd get from that, I'd buy a new deck. This new deck was a Stonekin deck and I still love it to death till this day. from starting with the classic Windweavers + Shaman in T1 and then adding some Agressors and Crystal Fiends to that in T2 and eventually work my way up to my Grinder, Gemeye and Giant Wyrm army all the way up in T4. That love for Stonekin hasn't died even now and I will be using it as my main deck once again in PvE, and for PvP I'll have to see what kind of deck suits my style best.I can remember myself playing this game so often, but for some reason whenever I think back of this time I'm reminded of when I played this game almost all day in summer while music by Greenday was playing in the background, rocking out on that while conquering map after map with other skylords. Eventually I even got my mom, after asking for it for a very long time, to allow me to spend some money into the game to make my deck even better. This was in the beginning of August 2013. I was able to use these new cards I bought for a month, and then the message came from EA on the Battleforge Facebook page on September 2nd 2013 (at least that's where I got the news from). 


 Today we bring sad news to the world of Nyn as the rift between our worlds is coming to a close, and with this we come to the unfortunate retirement of BattleForge."

I was devastated by this news. Not only would my favourite game ever be canceled, never to see the light of day again, I also literally JUST put €40 of my own money into the game, I was 13, €40 was quite a lot for me. But, setting aside my sadness and anger, I decided to just try to make the best of it and just play as much of the game before it would be shut down. One thing I still find really cool is when they decided to give us all cards at U3 with all the Charges as tome cards, so we could play any card we wanted for these last few weeks in the Forge. And then the last day came. I remember I played for as long as I could that day, even stayed up way beyond my bedtime, but when I really had to go to bed, even though there were still some hours left, I said my my goodbyes to the chat, and cried, cried because I did not want to leave this game, even though I really had to and had no way to save it. 

After this I went on to try and find a game that might be, even if a little bit, similar to Battlforge, this is when I realized just how unique Battleforge really was, as there was nothing out there like it. Then, a few years later, I found this project on Facebook called "Legacy Reforge" (I know there are quite a few people here who must've also heard it, or even follow it) at first I was extremely hyped about this, but then later on in development of this project, as he was trying to rebuild a BF like game from scrap, he posted a design that was supposed to be Juggernaut and it caused me to lose my excitement for this project.
Then, on November 21st, I found this project. I was immediately in love and nearly cried out of happiness. A project that was not trying to remake a game like BF, but one that was actually working on trying to REVIVE the game, and even make it not p2w? I was totally excited. I had not been so hyped for a game in a very long time. I rushed to make my Account and tried to start being active on the forums, I'm going to be honest I must say I wasn't the most active person but oh well, I simply was quite busy, and at some points there would be big gaps between updates (for the record, I don't blame anyone for this, I know very well that the devs have their own lives and are doing this in their free time, so I really am just happy this project is a thing to begin with) so I going to admit I disappeared every now and then, but even though I wasn't always around, I was always thinking about this project and wishing it the best of luck. Lately I've been trying to get a bit more active again so I hope you'll see me around (haha). The new Update we got today that announced that the project was now 100% legal probably made me feel almost as excited as when I first found the then called Battleforge Reborn. So, I don't know if this would even pass as being good enough for access, but since I love rambling about this stuff, even though I'm not the best at writing I decided to give it a shot anyway and I hope at least one person found some enjoyment in reading it XD. I hope to see you al in the Forge soon :] 

edit: forgot to put this in so... Good luck to all other entrants, may the best of us win ^-^

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I found this game many years ago.  Made tons of friends and ended up on ventrilo for pvp/pve.  Went through tons of goods and bads including friends getting hacked, organizing pvp teams and otherwise just farming with different pve teams.  When this game went under I was sad but now that I see alot of progress is being made to reintroduce this game I am psyched.  All i can remember off the top of my head was i came 2nd place in the 1v1 official tournament against a guy who i did initially beat and would be first but later he told me he wanted a rematch so i gave it to him and i lost sadly.


Anyways, Im happy with all the hardwork that is being put in to being this game back to life and hearing about EA giving the greenlight.  Im all in :D

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I found this game in my last year of junior highschool while looking on mmohut for a strategy multiplayer game and I stumbled across battleforge who looked like it had potential and I was right. The game had an easy to understand mechanic while not being boring, a very interesting plot, characters who kept evolving and a nice community. After some months i built a lost deck which I loved <3 and kept playing. In the end I stopped playing and when it was announced that the game was going to be closed I started playing like there was no tommorow until it got closed.

I found the BattleForge Reborn project while looking for a private server after being hit with nostalgia while watching a Battleforge video about a year ago. After that I kept looking at the development of the project almost daily.

I hope you guys will make this game great again and let it's many fans relive their precious memories again.

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So I first heard about this game in 2009. I was browsing Play.com, a UK website similar to Amazon, searching for any new PC games that were coming out soon. I stumbled across the box art for Battleforge, and immediately my curiosity was peaked. "This looks pretty cool" I thought to myself - and yet all I had seen thus far was a Juggernaut on the front of the case. I watched the trailer, and was amazed by the graphics and the variety of monsters at the time. Back then I played a lot of video games with my cousin, so I informed him of Battleforge. What I didn't realise was that there was a demo available on the website, until he found it while browsing on my PC. We then messed around in the Forge for what felt like hours, mixing and matching the units that were available in the demo, just to watch in awe at the huge battles between Dragons and Constructs and whatever else we could throw in to the mix. I could not wait to get my hands on the full game.

When the game released in March, I purchased it on the day of release, and informed my other friends about the game too. First there were 2 of us, then 3, and eventually ended up with a full group of 4 spending hours playing Battleforge every day - whether it be 4 player campaign missions, random PvE missions, or 2 of us in campaign while 2 of us played PvP. I remember spending quite a considerable amount of money on battleforge points - the best bit was buying them from eBay. People would sell the boxes with 3000 BFP on eBay as "Battle Forge", instead of "Battleforge" - which meant that they did not appear in most searches. Me and my friend grabbed countless boxes for around £3 at a time - safe to say we ended up with a large collection of cards in game ;)

Bad Harvest. What an incredibly fun PvE experience on Expert difficulty. Me and my friends played this level many, many times. It is definitely one of our favourite memories from Battleforge, I was always in the top right slot to run and defend the Gold Wagon with one partner, while the other 2...well they always argued who got slot 2 - the easier top left slot! The jokes on them though, reaching third orb at the gold wagon then putting an Amii Monument down made this level a cakewalk for my role :P Even when we didn't need any of the card upgrades from this level, we would still play it weekly just because of how fun it was as a co operative 4 player experience.

I also loved the PvP in this game. With that said, I was only average and hated playing vs Shadow. I would be the first to cry 'OP' if I lost to a Shadow player with my near lvl 120 deck, but I never stopped to think 'how can I change my deck to counter shadow' or 'what tactics work against their cards' etc. I even played a 1v1 with my friend who played Shadow, while I started Windweavers/Shamans... It took 14 seconds before I rage quit, which has now become a running joke between us lol. I look forward to getting back in to PvP, this time learning the cards more and finding ways to counter Shadow effectively.

So when this game was shut down by EA, we were not happy. So much money, so much time had been put in to this game, only for them to just say 'bye' and shut the servers down. There are no other games on the market that offer the experience that Battleforge does, so we missed it for years to come once we could no longer play it. Time after time, we would reminisce over certain moments from the game, and longed for a Private Server so we could play again. Then in September 2015, my friend stumbled across this website. I didn't believe him at first, I mean, who would? It had been 3 years since the game was alive. Why would anyone suddenly decide to attempt to revive this game, with it's small yet active community?

Well, you guys did. And look at how far the project has come now. Todays stream was so re assuring to know that Skylords Reborn will 100% be ready to play one day. So many people have longed to play this game again, and now that EA have confirmed they are okay with it, there is nothing to stop you from completing the project.  We cannot wait to join everyone in the forge and enjoy Battleforge once again, and look forward to future plans with content once the original game has been restored to its full potential.

Thanks for reading! :)

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I started playing this beautiful game about 6 maybe 7 years ago when a friend showed me a video about it on YouTube. At the time we were really into Battlefield Heroes, wich was also published by EA so it was pretty easy to just hop on to another one of their f2p games. Turns out I liked battleforge a lot more than Battlefield Heroes! It wasn't really pay to win since I had a few nice decks that served me well to play battlegrounds. We had a blast playing it all and mostly enjoyed playing battlegrounds, even though we were stuck at level 9 (10 was crazy). We also enjoyed pvp from time to time, I started watching FarockBF on YouTube to get better and tried out a few strats shown on the replays he commentated.

After 3 years of playing I found SMITE and moved on to that game because all my friends moved to it and no one likes being left alone :P
It was around this time that I made a decision that I regret to this day...I found out about bf shutting down and didn't play it, not even on the last day, because I was too hooked on SMITE.
A day after it shut down I was really sad, cause I thought I blew my only chance to play one of my all time favourites for the last time.

A year or 2 passed by and I suddenly got the urge to play it agian, so I started looking online for news on the topic, first thing I found was a project about completely remaking the game with similar characters, maps, etc... it certainly had my attention but I knew that this would take a lot of time if it would be completed at all so I continued searching the web for a light that would brighten my day.
You guys were that light, I found the project called Battleforge Reborn and I was completely hooked from the start, I knew that this would be very hard, but I was also very happy with the thought of playing Battleforge again. Since that day I watched every stream live and almost every day I check the forums for an update. I don't care how long it takes you guys to do this, but you have all my support and I will always be grateful for giving me, my friends and the entire Battleforge fanbase a second chance at playing this gem!

Thanks for reading and sorry for the potato sentences :P

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Ok ill tell you my story. Before you think im a totally dumpass listen, i was a little child (around 11 years to this time). You probably know about the hint "Users who tell you the trade system is not working and you shouldnt trade with mail are lyers dont do that."Basicly i was one of the guys which cards was taken away with that:'). So i was trying to trade my whole lost souls deck to Mo. Later someone wanted to trade told me i should trade with e-mail and i lost everything:mo:. I was to little to understand this and even trusted him as he told me that he had sented me the card and it just didnt arrived. It was good to be a child:D. I played this game through my childhood and it was the first game where i learned trading hints and how to make profit(except that one thing) with just a little start capital. I just bought a starter pack and traded me through so i have very good decks. As the game was getting to close i litteratly was just sad as i just became my friends(after around 3 years) to start it too. So youre project was giving me hope to just start this game new with a lot of nostalgie and knowledge. I apologize for my bad english.

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So guys, I just want to say that my English isn't very good... but i'll try to translate it perfectly for you :)

Thats my Story:

In the past my big Brother come to me and tell me from this game.... He showed me a trailer and my eyes were shining like Diamonds....

I said: Comon let us play that game together. We played the game like 24/7. We had fun and played a lot of matches. But the big mistake of my brother comes... : He got an E-Mail from the "Support" of the game that he have to post them the Loginname and Password... He did it and the account was gone... It wasent the Support... He just said that he never will play this game again. But i was in a fever and play play play... 

Some years later after i stopped to play this game i saw that the Servers will stop for this game... i cryied: I want to play this game again, why they did that big mistake to us???? I found this site and i Hope since i found it that we all can play it again Together with a big Community and much donators!!! I hope we all get the strength and the will to do it!!!!


Really big thanks to the "Developer" of Battleforge Reborn!!!!!

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Well I found this great game by accident. One of my friend's told how he found a new game online. So I went to his place to see the game. When I first saw the login screen, I was amazed. Then he showed me some stuff in the game it's self. He was a kind of big player. He got all the good cards. And so we played the game for the whole day. When I got home I downloaded the game and start playing it. I remember that I got a gift from my friend. He sent me a card. I didn't know the value of the card. The card was a "Harvester". Shadow 2 orb(Back in the day I used to play a looooot of shadow). As I said i didn't know the value of the card so I used it in the first place. But later when I realized what the true value of the card I was like "Wooooooooow really bro ?!". And so it started. Some days later more of our friends joined the game. We got really good at it. Played it all day all night long. Well that were fun times, but then all at once came an update from EA. Like they're shutting the game down. We were down. Like the bottom of the sea down. We were searching for other servers, but they were non. And so the game shut down. But years later the same friend. The one who showed me Battle Forge. He found "Battle Forge Reborn". And I was Happy to the heavens and back. Well we couldn't play the game but we knew the game will be back. The hype was through the roof. We were watched every stream. You guys gave us hope to play one of the best games ever made. I don't know if he'll see my post but I want to say tnx bro and tnx to you guys for this. You made a group of friends happy again. And yeah that's my story. 

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sometime around august or july 2009, i was looking online for a strategy TCG pc game with a fantasy setting, and discovered battleforge, was around 2 months before the release of Renegade. I made an account, downloaded the game, immediately fell in love with its beautiful creature design, interesting lore, amazing voice acting on both units and map loading screens, and even had a big interest in the ingame player-run auction house. the game was awe inspiring. so, i did a few of the first 1 player maps and then jumped to try Bad Harvest for the first time, where i first met Jaiymz who i later also befriended in the original Battleforge Forums, and moved on to more maps and new experiences in mostly PVE but ocasionaly PVP where i got thrown around like a ragdoll. But an excited ragdoll! lol.

So, a couple months after Renegade is out, i have a PC issue and it prevents me from running Battleforge. It was then that i went to the forums for my first time, where i made a forum account and posted a thread in Customer Support section, where a few other people also posted their first post saying they were facing the same issue/error messages as i was. One of those, some of the older forum-goers here will remember, was Ptolemyll! (proud owner of the topic where such a beacon of the community made his first post. hahaa!) We didnt get the help we needed for like 4 days, at which point i figured out through extensive browser searches that it was some kind of lack of files. I think it was something about Windows Service Pack 1. I posted about what solved the problem for me, and it solved the problem for a few of the people on the thread that had the problem (but not everyone, sadly).

So, having done what I had come to the forums to do, I was about to leave to never return again, when I decided to check it out for a little bit. And I learned that there were players in the forum that sold battleforge points for ingame gold. Il spare you boring petty details, but will shoutout 2 users a lot of you will remember - EWigLeben, aswell as the founder of one of the Trusted Trader Lists - wertyuio !

So I did some trading, and began profiteering in bfp which i began to use in the auction house, sell high buy low style. idk if this will make me hated around these parts or if the time has healed these wounds, but i'l confess to be one of the guys who was most responsible for the artificial price spiking of the cards Spikeroot, Aggressor, and Church of Negation around this time, through sheer buyouting and spamming sales. (then again, some of you may have already known that - its never been a secret or anything)

I stopped hurting the auction house later though, so, alls well that ends well, right? heh.
In the forums, I learned at some point about user made maps, which at the time could only be installed manualy by a convoluted process of dragging files around after extracting them from post attachments, and making folders and tampering with settings. I playtested plenty of user maps, either from english map makers, or german ones. Its been plenty of years so I am sorry to say I dont remember the names of many of the maps, but I playtested for at least a couple of Omelie's maps in their alpha stages alongside user Fuziion, and wrote plenty of helpful posts to people with difficulties learning any of the steps necessary to get involved in user made maps as time passed. At such a point I also made a Hurt and Heal forum minigame which exploded in popularity, and a couple forum RPG games in the OffTopic section, aswell as banter a lot in that subforum with plenty of other users, from the more ordered DoT, MrX, UBF to the opposite extreme of users like Kaerion, FaKamis and Benderr (and a couple dozens who i wont bother listing in the middle).
Speaking of UBF and MrX, I am also the guy who, back when people were pitting eachother challenging eachother to who the next user to become a mod would become and thinking zizheng would become mod, said "y'all be crazy, the next person is obviously going to be UrBestFriend" - and a few days later, he did!... and timeskip ahead, the cycles of memes and offtopicspam circled, and the next time such an event happened, i again showed to predict "y'all are crazy - the next mod will obviously be MrXLink" - and again, a couple days later it came to be. So, I became sort of a seer of sorts at the time. Kinda cool.

I participated in a few of the Community Challenges held by Sparrow and minoxen, but alas, much like dozens of other persistent users, was absolutely no match for the best time-based-event players of the community - and even in ingenuity, couldn't come remotely close to people like MagicBullet or Coldmind. But I did participate a few times, and would ocasionaly contribute however much I could spare for additional prizes for participants!

I also enjoyed trading snippets back and forth with one of the most... artistic, to say the least, forum writers, whose prose unequivocaly will spark memories arise on the minds of plenty of you from the old guard - Xientie! And also happened to have the opportunity to play a few pvp matches with Xientie aswell as one of the older forum members in the map-creation section, Harlequin. Also, at some point, I did some youtube content where I uploaded a couple medium duration videos showcasing/shoutcasting people's PVP matches from sikaleon's replay upload platform, but due to heavy criticism due to my lack of skill and vocals promptly stopped at that, and also showcased some community challenge attempts and also did some pure nature episodes on how to defeat a few of the campaign maps using solely nature orbs on Expert Difficulty. I also participated in the Pure Fire (everyone) Expert Bad Harvest episode by icahn (remember him?) ! And I also appear in some of MrX's videos such as Gun of Lyr, and some of the lore narration videos - where you will be able to enjoy MrX's beautiful accent, eargasm to DoT's voice, and have to bear with my awkward tone hehe.

So, yea. I was around a LOT back then. But, after Battleforge servers went down, I spent a long time without hearing anything from the gang, and only learned about this forum much too late to join the alpha - well, not entirely too late, but I was without a working computer at the time and going through financial issues. By the time I built my new rig, the Alpha entries had closed - and after a couple of days of activity here around 6 months ago, went MIA for months on end due to school and real life projects - plenty of which are still ongoing. I'm very happy to hear that the project is progressing smoothly and healthily and look forward to return to the lands of Nyn - as well as to be tired of Moon spamming me about the power wells being attacked.

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This game man, I remember it like its the back of my hand. I saw BattleForge around but I never really tried it out until I saw a video of a person first looking it (MMOHUT) 7 years ago. That was the first time I actually saw the game and it surprised me because at that time I thought the graphics of the game was gorgeous. I was only 10 when I first tried BattleForge and I remember downloading the game seeing how it'd be, I loved it so much that I invited like almost everyone I knew. One day I managed to gather 7 other people and we got together to enjoy the game. We would've never thought that BattleForge would be the game that brought us all together even more then before. Every week we would have a inhouse PVP tournament and whoever wins the tournament would have got a booster pack or two. 

Sooner or later I realized how much I had a love for RTS games. I played BattleForge everyday learning about stuff I never knew before and learning on how to actually work the economy. (Reckon I was only like 10 or 11 now) Battleforge was my childhood as much as Pokemon was for most others. I couldn't wait to get out of school come home and just sit on my computer all day talking to people I didn't even know.

I think the time has come 3 years later I think it was September or October 2013 Battleforge shut down. I was sad for a little while cause that game was a piece of my childhood but another part of me was glad I made the memories in that game.

Then I stumbled upon Skylords Reborn and needless to say I am actually thrilled to see the game come out. I am just glad to share my story with others who enjoyed the same game I enjoyed 7 years ago and hopefully we can all become friends. :)

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a great day!


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My name is Jay, but online, I go by the name of Ragenarok, or back in the days where Battleforge was alive, I was Brutehawk.

I first heard about Battleforge when looking at real time strategy games that had a card game element. And I fell in love. Battleforge was exactly what I was looking for. The perfect blend of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of war (The dark crusade) and A turn based card game, Magic: The gathering. Both of which were my favourite things at the time. As time passed, Battleforge became my favourite thing.


My Journey on Battleforge started with playing a "peasant" green deck (A green deck comprised on only of green cards that had a very cheap BFP price)
Eventually, I got more expensive green cards such as the shaman and manawing.

Once the Twilight edition was released. I made a twilight edition deck as well as a pure red deck.

By this time, I had at least 3 other friends playing at any time I was online. and we loved playing the PVE mode. - the mode where 4 players needed to clear all the enemies on the map. We had a 'squad' and being my deck had green in it, I was in charge of the infamous "wheel of gifts" and there was a bug where the more gifts you had, the more damage everybody's creatures would deal and they tougher they were to kill and the more health they regenerated. Often times, I would have fun building a farm of wheel of gifts I'm talking 10 or more wheels, and spinning them all at the same time. This would make the other three player's armies so strong we could crush extremely difficult maps as though they weren't.

Still wanting to mix things up, but still holding the wheel of gifts responsibility - I branched into the green, blue, the stonekin, swapping our my wind weavers, werebeasts & manawing for frost mages and master archers.

And having also wanted to play my red deck from time to time, I added the bandit deck to my repertoire - Sunderer and sunstriders where my one drops. Eventually replaced by nox troopers. I liked using the twin "Veridia's" (non promo & promo) simultaneously because it allowed me to use my favourite three drop - "Ashbone Pyro"

I loved making weird decks, even though sometimes they didn't work - sometimes they did. blue & red, purple and green, three colours... I miss experimenting with the decks - I loved the quirky little things that sometimes could have been considered bugs, but other times you just saw it as working better than intended. Like having multiple wheels or stacking promo and non promo versions or having an aura ball

I spent thousands of USD on this game and have longed for it's return since before it closed down. But I am very grateful and very glad that someone else has picked up the mantle and begun restoration in their absence

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Well well. I have nothing to talk about, I just discovered BattleForge a long time ago and fall in love with. I would have never thought EA would down the game, for me Battleforge has a great potential if they would have work on. So, it's not a story but I just want to say "Thank a lot" to the Dev. Team which is going to bring an awesome game back.


Thanks again guys. :')

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I don´t even remember how old I was when I started the game. I just know that my brother told me that he found a really cool free-to-play online game that he wants to show me. I wasn´t so impressed because he often told me that he found a nice game but I always don´t really liked them. But I don´t want to be rude and say that I don´t want to see another of his “nice“ games, so I followed him. And when I think back I´m really glad that I followed him. I was fascinated from the first time I saw it. And that´s how my story starts.

So obviously he wanted to show me the game “Battleforge“. He showed me the tutorial and the forge and all the standard cards you already have. Itwassoooooo awesome. The graphics, the design of the cards, the music etc. At this point, I realized that I found my first favorite game and I played it every day since then. Back then I had no computer so but my brother let my play at his. Sadly my mom told me that I can just play video games for 1 hour a day. So I always played my 1 hour and then watched my brother playing Battleforge. 1 or 2 years later I bought my own computer. The first thing I did was downloading Battleforge. Since then we often played together, even 2v2 PVP. But we were really bad at it. We had no clue of effectivity and weakness and our cards weren´t so good either, but we still had so much fun playing it.

And then one day there was that message. The Battleforge server will be shut down. I was so angry at this day and I really hate EA for that because they also closed some other games I like, for example, Lord of Ultima and Need for Speed world.

So I started looking for games that are just like Battleforge but I never found a good one. The only game I found was Starcraft but that was way too complicated in my opinion. But I kept looking and one day when I thought back to the old times, I tipped “Battleforge“ in google and searched it. And that´s how I found the Battleforge reborn forum. I was kind of confused when I saw it because I never thought that some crazy people would bring it back. But I´m so happy that you do it. I don´t even know how to write my feelings. I can just say again that I´m really happy and glad that you use your time for this game to bring it back.

The last thing I want to say is please never stop working at this project and see you all in the forge <3

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So, folks, girls (mostly Kiwi), and guys ofcourse, Iam telling you a story about a man who is always lurking and trolling in the background.


First of all, this story starts in 2009, when this man (lets name him "ME") had a bit of luck.


The Dad of "ME", who accidentaly burned his old graphics card while overclocking it, was very addicted to computer games. The 17 year old "ME", was laughing the whole day about his father while playing some other MMORPG on his budget PC. But his Dad, who was really a noob when it comes to hardware (even now "ME" wonders why he overclocked without knowledge), didnt last long without a graphics card.

So he asked "ME", which one he should take. "ME", who always had an affinity to ATI (former AMD now), looked on the market. "ME" choose the ATI Radeon Sapphire HD 4890 Toxic Edition.

Why is this so important to write? Because in the old days you got games within those highend graphics card.

A week later the graphics card arrived, and Dad was laughing at "ME" while playing all games on ULTRA settings. A Day later, he watched into the games he got. "ME" was also looking for the games, but both didnt know about the so called game "Battleforge", which came with a key to unlock the full game and give you some nice BFP. Back in 2009 the graphics were "mind-burning".

"ME" mean, the first Direct X11 game so far, stunning graphics, and Dad maxed out with High-Res-Textures. 

But dad had other plans. He played for a week or two, and deleted it. (What a douche!)

"ME" was very sad, he couldnt get the game running on his budget machine, and when Dad uninstalled, "ME" hadnt had any chance to play it on his Dads PC.


Fast Forward 6 Months


"ME", who joined the Army and got his first salary, was now able to buy a laptop. While all other games sucked these days for "ME", he suddenly found the Disc of Battleforge at home. "ME"s mind was saying : "Wasnt that the game "ME" couldnt play?" . So he installed it and got it running on his new laptop. But, like always is there a but, "ME"s Dad forgot about his password and was too lazy to recover it. So "ME" started with nothing to play the game. After a few weeks a friend of "ME" was finding something on amazon. In the USA, the game was sold for 13$ there, while in "ME"s country there were prices of 40-50$.

"ME" instantly bought 10 games for around 130$ and waited only a week till they arrived. "ME", with almost 30000 BFP, did start a trading thread with his mate on the official forums, with about 3-5000 cards in stock. ("ME" and his friend made tons of BFP with that)

But after some years both lost interest in the game, since the update circles were too long, and they almost stopped playing the game.


Fast Forward 3 years


"ME" was bored again, so he decided to search after Battleforge again. And he found it. And he installed it. And he killed so much players with the nexus portal. And the game got alot of updates now.

"ME" and about 6 friends played it till the bad news where coming in. (September 2013)

They stopped playing even before the game was taken down, because the most fun part for "ME" was the trading, and you know, all cards where free at the end.


Fast Forward 6 Months


"ME" landed by accident on the old Battleforge Facebook page, while seeing some other lurkers posting something like "PLZ BRING GAME BACK" and "EA Y U DO DIZ".

"ME" bookmarked the site and continued to visit it every fkin day.


Fast Forward some more months


"ME" found out about a guy who wanted to bring it back. But "ME" already saw in the posts of this guy, that he wasnt able to bring the original Battleforge back.


Fast Forward even some more months


So "ME" lurked around till he found some guys posting about a newly created forum which was called Battleforge Reborn and was distanced from Legacy Reforge.

Suddenly, "ME"s power supply exploded, so "ME" was only able to register 3 days later than the forum started. 


This Date is now about 1 and a half year in the past, while "ME" is still lurking in the dark and waiting for some nice PVP and 12 Player Nexus Portals.

Yes, "ME" isnt posting much, but he is nearly everyday checking the devsplattform and the recent threads. 


Even if "ME" dont get choosen by Wednesday, "ME" will have the rest of his patience and wait for the release.


Also, "ME" is the guy who is still laughing about the Nightmare Shard Expert trys from Kiwi and MrX, even a bit more since "ME" asked to stream it.


And now, "ME" is gonna lurk some more, have a nice day, week, year, and let us see "SOON" (#ItsHawksFault) in the Forge.




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I'll tell you the truth.

I was'nt the best player, I did'nt play from the beginning, I don't have a heart-breaking story and I'm not such a gamer like most of you.

But we do have common qualities, you are a logical person and so do I.

You love challanges and so do I.

You love to plan out a strategy and so do I.

and that's why I fell in love with this game.

I've played other games in my life but I never enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed playing BattleForge. Couple of years ago I saw a gameplay of this game on youtube and I knew it will fit me well, I truly enjoy playing RTS games, there's alot of thinking ahead, planning out a startegy, thinking, learning from your experince and that's why I liked it this game from the beginning.

I played bf for about 2 and a half years - 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, ranked, unranked, pvp, pve, everything and I liked it. I became better and better overtime and learned new stuffs, made realy epic decks. And when I saw the announcement that EA is going to shut down BattleForge I was shocked for a couple of days. As I said - is not going to be a heart-breaking story, because of course I got over it after a litle while.

But 1 year ago , when I googled BattleForge and found out your project I was realy exicted. It brought me up old memories, I was checking this website every month or so and now when I saw there's a giveaway to closed beta I got exicted and I knew I had to do my best in order to get in.

of course many other players will post their story and try to get in as well, is up to you.

if you choose me or not I still realy appreciate what you guys have done in the last year and I'm thankful for all of the effort you put in this project, so thank you for that.

Beside my likeable writing skill and pleasant honesty there is not much I can do, either way good luck in the future and thanks for reading ;) 


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Hello guys, so here it is my story:

Everything started during a summer holiday before 7-8 years if I'm not wrong. My cousin came from his city to spend a month from the vacation with my family and me. I can truly say that I owe everything i know about the computers and gaming to him but lets continue the story.

So when he came I remember that his first words were:

-''Waddup bro you wont believe what game Ive just found!''.

I asked if it was an online game and he just said:-''Its much more than that brah''.

After this day everything started. We played battleforge everyday and barely played any other games. Although we were too little to be good at the game( I was 8 and he was 13).

Weve had so much memories bout the game that if i start to write even the half of them ill have enough words to write a novel.

So when he told me that battleforge was closing we were so upset and now there is hope that my cousin and I will play the game again. Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone who participate.


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so here is my story, of how i found my way back to battleforge after the shutdown..

a friend of mine (that i have known for about 2 years back then, so we never played any games before that year) and i spent my birthday together at last year's new eve and as the night progressed we started talking about old games we used to play and as it was my turn to tell them about a game i used to play a lot i started thinking for like 20minutes and then i suddenly jumped up and was like "fuck what was that game called..." i started to google 'forge' but couldn't find the game so i was like "man this game was incredible it was soo much about strategy... you had cards and stuff that you can actually summon" he was like "does it have something to do with that forge you just searched?" and i just nodded and then he started to google some stuff and suddenly screamed "i found it! the game was called BattleForge" we both were like "sigh what a good game it was until the shutdown" so i searched it in google to maybe find some pictures or footage and saw something called "BattleForgeReborn" and went nuts i hated the idea of someone creating a fanmade game that would destroy the reputation of such a game. But as it turned out after some research about this project we both got to love you guys' project and really want to play as soon as possible we check this website almost daily just to look for every small update-- that day we found you guys we took a look at all cards and stuff like that and told each other what deck we played and what our favourite cards were and we basically watch footage of the game for 6hours straight just being silent and enjoying our memories :) 
keep your work up! one day i want to enter the forge of dreams again! 

and thank you for trying your hardest to fullfill this dream of so many people.
have a great day whoever read this..

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I came and went.




Don't take that out of context. x.x


Anyways, found bf on some random newspaper. Downloaded it. Played it (I started around before lost souls came out). Then I found the forums. I think I spent more time in the original forums than I did in the actual game. Favorite color deck was nature and shadow (Control and risk). I mostly played pvp and battleground.


Favorite card? Nasty Surprise. :3

I don't expect to get into the alpha, but I'll just post anyways.

ps. If I win, I'll paint my face in the form of a Juggernaut and post a picture of it in these forums. (I am serious)

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It was early 2008 when I had the idea to put up my resume for a position as level designer on a German game development website. I was only 17 years old at the time but already been an active modder for over 6 years. Modding the RTS game Dawn of War was one of my favorite activities back then (still is one of the best RTS games in my opinion).

Anyways, a few days later I remember I got a call from Volker Pinsdorf who was the HR manager at EA Phenomic at that time. During the brief phone call he invited me for a job interview for an internship as a map artist. It wasn't going to be a simply a job interview like any other however. Instead I was supposed to also stay inside their studio for a few hours and work on a new map for their former game Spellforce based on their instructions.

Problem was that I had never played Spellforce and thus not had any experience with the map editor for it. I only knew that Spellforce was a mix between RTS and RPG. This caused me to almost instantly get the game and familiarize myself with the editor using a tutorial so that I'd have at least a decent chance of getting the job.

The actual day of the interview was way better that I had imagined. When you think of a job interview you always imagine it to be very tense and unpleasant which is almost always true. But this wasn't the case at all there. Nearly all the people working there were fairly young, very relaxed and simply loved gaming like myself, Volker Pinsdorf included. After the interview I had to sign an NDA and afterwards was given a presentation of BattleForge. I remember being totally blown away, the idea of mixing a RTS game with TCG elements was really unique and back then you basically had almost no customization in most games. This was the complete opposite of that and I immediately loved it. Fun fact: I remember the game looking quite different at that time, especially the cliffs looked way different, more traditional looking and with lots of spiky rocks. After successfully demonstrating my abilities with the map editor I was offered the job a few days later.

During the internship that lasted exactly 6 months I met a lot of amazing people there. It's so incredibly easy to get along well with other people when they share so many interests with you. My fondest memories while working there include staying at the studio after work and playing games like Medieval 2: Total War with my colleagues or going to a bar after work drinking and enjoying a few rounds of MTG at the table together (this was a weekly thing). While being with Phenomic I worked on the maps Lajesh, Gorgash, Nightmare Shard and Nightmare's End and I was always happy with the game we had accomplished in the end. It was definitely one of the most memorable and fun experiences of my life so far.

Well, fast forward a few years and I received news that the game was shutting down. I was of course quite sad at that point, fearing that our work will be gone forever. But thankfully I learned about this project not too long after the game had shut down by watching a BattleForge Reborn video that randomly popped up under the related videos on YouTube. So that's how I got here. I'm now anxiously waiting for the release of Skylords Reborn like everybody else in this wonderful community :)

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My story with Battleforge, so where to start? 2009, I was 15 years old when my friends told me about this strategic game with trading cards, so i trusted them and downloaded the game. At the beginning i was a bit jealous about my friend's PC because they had max graphic with so many particles that i couldn't afford because mine was pretty bad. After that i was really really enthusiast about the game, the structures, soldiers units, Giant Monsters (at the beginning i thought that Tremor was huge :lol:, can you imagine my face when i saw the XL Monsters of the forge:D) THE FORGE, and the multi PvE campaign. At first i thought i had a good deck for be a noob, so faster than light i tried to do the solo campaign and failing miserably at the 3rd mission/map, then i discovered that i needed more and stronger cards. It was the first game where I have spent real money, and after buying some cards (a lot of nature cards and some boosters) i felt like i could destroy everything and everyone with my new deck. I played all the PvE in solo, with my friends and when i felt like a GOD, i tried the PvP then got my ass kicked so hard by 3 units of Fire Stalkers :kappa:, then I came back down to earth haha. I had so much fun with this game, but also painful and stressful moments, when i lost ALL my cards (i had like every Lost Soul/Renegade/Nature/Shadow card, and EA just answered me with "We don't know nothing", worse than Jon Snow in GoT.

In the rage of that moment, i abandoned the game because i didn't had back any of my cards, even the starting cards. I returned after a year bringing new friends on BF, and they felt the same feeling as my first time in the forge. So we played a lot, we shared cards, fun and anger, it was my best game experience online so far, right now it can compete only with LoL (where i'm actually playing since his year release).

When EA announced the shutting down, I do not lie here, i felt a piece of my gaming history gone to ashes, not only me, every person that I brought felt like that, because is was a really good game, original, with his pros and cons, so much underrated and poorly managed.

After that, sometimes (like 2-3 times for month) i was looking for information on private servers, if they could be exist or not, so 1 year and half ago i read something about some guys wanted to revive BattleForge, and the first thing i did is calling all my friends for tell them (like a little schoolgirl), you see this? ----> :wub:  <---- pure happiness. From that moment i check everyday for new updates on the forum and devplatform.

I'm sorry that my story isn't sad, or something else, but i remember only nice moments (except when i lost all my cards) like how many times i did BAD HARVEST, or helped new players by giving them some cards or bfp for keep playing the game without the struggle of the starting deck, right now i can only feel the moment when i'll hear "Windweavers" in my ears once again.

Thank you guys so much for the effort you all are putting on the game, and hope to see you soon as possible in the arena Skylords.

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So im just gonna tell my short story :). (All i can remember when i used to play the game)

I used to play battleforge when i was just a kid. I saw someone playing battleforge on youtube and decided to play it. I was really addicted to the game , it was really the best game i ever played.

I saw everyone had really cool cards and i had no idea how to get them. Then someone explained me how to get new cards and he also gave me some free cards. Then i started to pay money to EA so i could get new cards. I think i really spent way too much money for the game but i think it was all worth it. It had really a great time playing the game.

I had collected alot cards in the game untill my account got hacked , i had lost all of my cards on my account but then i contacted EA Games. I was really suprised because EA games had chosen to compensate my losses. I did not expect EA to help me but they did so i was really happy about that.

Then one day Ea games had decided to shut down the game , i was really angry about it because i spent just so much money and time on the game when i realised EA Games are going to erase everything i did on the game. Now 5 years later today i was checking my origin. I saw battleforge in my history of games. Then i decided to search battleforge on google. And i saw this , i am very hyped about the game again and i hope i can play it asap :).

Im sorry that my story is not that very long , but i can't remember everything i did back in the days.

All i can say is i can't wait till i can play battleforge again. I am also gonna donate some money for all the hard work the developers did to bring battleforge back online when i can play it :).

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Hi everybody, lets get start :)
So, one day I was so bored and I I don’t have nothing to do, so I start searching for new game on one site where I found BattleForge.This site is shut down :/ really good site for games “mmohut.com” and I saw only pictures from BattleForge, hmm lets see what is this, it seemed very interesting. (and sry guys my english is so bad :/ )…so I read a little about game and I go on youtube where I watch this for first time BattleForge gameplay ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqJoJ1mdgPI ) …and I LOVE SO MUCH card games hehe and strategy this was perfect game for me, fast download, create account and PLAY. On start I was alone,no friends heh , no good card hehe :D , starter deck but I go in game. Slowly but surely, I loved play this game, and I play every day and every night,,,all day and night hehe J ,and I found some new friends. My first friend was one guy from France and he give me my first GOOD card and thet was MO J ,,,oh i was so heapy ,,,We play 2geder every day, we had so much fun…Then I start play ranked 1v1, oh when I remember my first game I lose so izi hehehe, but I start to be good.Myb someone remember me hehe I play with T1 T2 fire cards and rash on enemy so hard hehe :D ,I cant remember I think I was on top 50 on rank heh J …This game is really unique and its my best game I ever played. I played it till the end, when EA decided to shut it down, I was so sad damn…. I thought it’s the end of playing this game but I made a mistake. I found out new project of starting BattleForge. I was surprised and so happy because it will start again !!! I made an account on forum and started to searching about that progress. There I found older gamers of BattleForge I met and we talked about everything and we can’t wait to play it again. In future I expect to continue playing this game with good mates and new people. I only must say to all good work ppl and tnx for everything to return BattleForge in life J …and on end of all one player say to me ,oh he was so sad L , he said “Life is the most precious thing you have so enjoy it” if they read this now and if they remember this plz send me pp or something J …guys I don’t know what to write more I only can say thet  I hope I will get a beta access and I’m looking forward to see you guys again and play with you together.   GreatingsJ… DontGetMad ;)

and one more sry for my bad english...i have so much to say but... :) 

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I got to know Battleforge relatively late around 2011 through my old clan. We were mainly playing Freelancer, a space game from 2003, which also does not have any official support any more. Still we also played a lot of RTS and at some point one of us discovered Battleforge and introduced all of us to it. All of us were amazed by the concept of a trading card game coupled with an RTS. Furthermore the graphics were awesome and the creature sizes and counters gave the game a unique approach to balance.
Not to mention the different orbs/factions with their unique playstyle and the mixed factions. Since all of us were Free to Play Players at the beginning we only had the starter cards and therefore needed to use mixed decks, which created some pretty fun matches. As our start with BF was around the time when Promo-Grinder was avaiable through referring new players,  most of us in the end had that card. Some of us traded it and used the revenue as basis for a business, gaining BFP through the auction house to earn the cards we wanted. I still remember how awesome it was when our Frost only player suddenly spawned a Batteship and a Fortress without telling us beforehand that he finally got these cards. I on the other hand got somehow emotionally attached to my promo grinder. This stone giant with his axe simply looked so aweseome that i decided to rejoin him with his family. So i started trading too, after i got one single 30 BFP card as a basis through a contest in chat.
I still remember my lists with buy and sell prices and the calculation of my profits, which were considerable since I had started with only these 30 BFP and had a lot of Nature, Frost and nearly all Stonekin cards in the end. I even got my Stonekin PVE Deck to a Level of 114 and only needed charges for Mo and Viridya, which simply were not worth buying... It really was a good time but like most games at one point the clan lost interest more and more and all alone you dont continue forever...

Some weeks ago, I talked with a friend about special/interesting old games and remembered BF. Since I had seen it at one point in EA Origin as F2P I started searching, only to be bitterly disappointed when i realized that it had been shut down in 2013... So I started searching for private servers, singleplayer hacks and the like, to be at least able to play PVE, even if it only was with the starter cards... But sadly nothing was to be found, except for a certain project which was just in the process of getting itself renamed from BF Reborn to Skylords reborn.
Looking at the Dev-Front page i found a lot of youtube videos from streams, mostly from 2015 and without any actual gameplay. But my hopes were awakened and I looked around a bit more until i realized the project is very much alive. I read the FAQ, much of the forums and the dev tracker, which also showed that there still is activity. Having some experience with coding, mostly in Java and MATLAB, i wrote a PN to LordNullpointer, asking about the programming language used. I had thought to maybe offer my assistance, even if it was not much. But sadly i never got an answer. Later I found out that Skylords reborn uses C++ (or C#? I'm not sure any more) so I knew I could not really help anyway. So now I am a quiet and patiently waiting community member, waiting for my chance to get my hands on the beta or finished Skylords reborn to rebuild my Stonekin Deck and crush my enemies once again with the mighty axe of promo grinder!

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