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Legendarys not 1 at a time but 1 per player

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Nice summary of the topic -

just a small mistake for Flame Crystal. It did see play in speedrun LSS decks - you essentially only build fire affinity LSS anyways to get access to Motivate. In a lot of solo and 2 player rPVE speedruns you will not have access to SoW which makes perma motivating very problematic as you will generate to much voidpower. Flame Crystal is used as a substitute card here in order to release the pressure on the void power pool and also LSS charges.

It is not quite as good as Motivate but not worse by much either in this scenario.

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Well then guys, was pretty enjoyable to talk about battleforge again. man im glad this forum exists.

maybe next time ill have more fun with a suggestion thats not that crappy.


i guess this topic is pretty much solved now.

im off to other topics then to post my weird opinions.

cheers mates

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On 6/2/2017 at 2:47 PM, DerFahrrad said:

but dont you think a system thats abusable in that kind of way is flawed and should be changed ?

Well then lets delete all our games, because the only way of limiting trolls is limiting the potential of the game, or removing the limits way too much. Like adding 2 extra lanes in a Moba because the support MIGHT steal your farm. As Shotty said this is a community problem not a system problem. A system is flawed when it is extremely unbalanced imo, not when players are able to abuse it. In Dota or Lol for example, your opinion stays we must remove the player's ability to walk into a tower, just because (s)he might do it to feed.

23 hours ago, DerFahrrad said:

no its a problem with both

Read above :P 

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