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New year resolutions

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New year is here, the tradition is to set yourself a resolution (something you want to do or reach throughout the year).

I have promised myself to, as always, study more, excercise more (running and swimming) and save money for a trip to America that I am planning for summer. What's yours? :) 

And of course, happy new year!

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I wanna be able to talk to some1 again... even after everything that happenned, I want to talk to the person again, to make my incomplete days, complete again...
Also, finding some love (friendshipical way and/or love way)...
neither will come true anyway...

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My goal is to study much much more now to ensure that I've got more than enough time to play Battleforge when we are able to play again :mo:


Jokes aside, I abandoned the traditions and didn't make any serious resolutions, because I feel like I don't need change anything in my life currently. Sure, there is always room for improvement (You can gather more knowledge, strengthen your physical abilities or just straight up improve yourself as a person), but 2016 was a great year for me personally with many great moments and therefore I don't feel like it's necessary to change alot for now.

That said I hope everyone can reach his own goals and enjoy 2017! :)

Happy New Year

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