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which card gives you the most nostalgia?

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Mine is Rifle Cultists as well because i was a free player and used them alot in the beginning until a friend gave me some better cards and i started to trade a bit. You could made a lot of damage with their abilty. I LOVED it, sneaking to the enemy and then from pretty far away boom. 

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To me. It's ofc. Twilight cards.
but most importantly, this combo.
Infected tower to change all my crappy units into twillight.
fleshbender to change all my enemies units into twillight.
And the Twilight curse to empower the scrap who needs it, or the tainted version on the enemy :D

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I guess i would say Promo Mo.(Everyone could get it for free for inviting a friend i think) Love juggernaut and Mo is a great representation of it. Plus i think hes cool and cute at the same time HAHA

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Posted (edited)

The card who gives me the most nostalgia ? As in, not necessarily my favoriest ?

Well... when I was introduce to the game at first, I really liked Shadow in general, and I still do. The most nostalgic one would be Necrofury, with Witchclaws a close second. Necrofury's design is so unique and it represent Shadow almost perfectly, and I will always have a bias toward Witchclaws as a swift common card, even if it is outclassed by Dreadcharger.

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