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Hearthstone Tournament 10-11 December 2016

Tournament's rules  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. How many games?

    • Bo1 (to 1 win)
    • Bo2 (to 2 wins)
    • Bo3 (to 3 wins)
  2. 2. Banning opponent's deck allowed?

  3. 3. Tournament format

    • Round robin (FFA, like October and September tournament)
    • Single elimination format
    • Double elimination format

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This tournament should be short after new expansion* release. Probably you will get some random cards from boosters, and won't be able to create dream deck in first days/weeks, so i :hype: "worse" players will have their chance to win. There will be 80G reward**, I am sure that it will help a little to get more new expansion cards.


1. (Voting above). Bo3

2. (Voting above). 1 ban

3. (Voting above). round robin

4. Can we repeat decks vs same opponent? Voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11743501 *** - You have to choose x decks if you have to get x wins, and every win you have to get by different deck (when you lost, you can repeat deck). Play whatever you want.

5. Wild or standard? http://www.strawpoll.me/11743505 Wild

6.  What hour we will play? http://www.strawpoll.me/11743507 Evening

7. No legendary cards restrictions.

8. Rules are absolute.

9. Should I add something?

10. Tournament will be on Europe server.

11. How many classes can we choose? http://www.strawpoll.me/11804303 7

If we will have again not many persons, tournament might be only one day.

There might be streams.

You can sign into tournament to 10 minutes before it starts. To sign in, you have to write here your battle.tag.

I'd invite everyone who was in old tournaments, and also everyone new is nice to see. @JoseAlmeida @Killhakan @Geradon @Anonymos @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @shadowxxs77 @tbpeti @Aazrl

Signed players:

1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian)

2. Ultrakool#2721 (Ultrakool)

3. Aazrl#1712 (Aazrl)

4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos)

5. Anonyme0273#2808 (anonyme0273)

6. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan)

7. TheDarkFish#2371 (Valaraukar)

8. Leria#2577 (LetsEinfallslos002)

* - Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgeton expansion, not any Skylords Reborn

** - As 80 gold quest from me, so you will have to play one game with me, it will in first 1-3 months from tournament

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Right now I can say that probably I'll have time, but it will depend on the situation going on in the university: the following week is the first week of the exam period when I will definitely have at least one exam.

So sign me up, and if there's anything comes that makes me unable to participate I'll say it beforehand.

EDIT: Just as said below, i cannot participate :(

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50 minutes ago, Valaraukar said:

Sign me up TheDarkFish#2371

Btw I don't understand 2. and 3. what does banning a deck or tournament format mean?

2. You can "ban" opponents class (deck) before you start play with him. That mean if you don't like play vs Warrior, you can ban him, and then your enemy can't use warrior.

3. There are many types of "trees" for playing tournaments. Most popular is single elimination format, which you probably know from football tournaments (16 players, then 8, then 4, and then Grand Final). Round robin is FFA (everyone vs everyone), often used in small chess tournaments. Double elimination format is similar to single elimination, but after lose you still can play game, so less boring version.

So your choice is between: you vs someone, if you win you play vs next person, if not, you watch whole tournament without playing (single elimination), you play non stop, vs every tournament competor (round robin), if you win you play vs next person, if you lose, you get second chance (double elimination format).

There are also other formats than this 3, but becouse not many ppl here, i didn't added them. I recommend round robin.

Helped? If no, write me priv message.

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For this while most people voted for "1 ban". It will work similar like on october tournament  ---> You get into room number x ( x = number of your enemy), here enemy claimed his classes which he can use, and you choose one of them to ban. But I was wondering once again about how many classes can we choose (you can change your choosen classes after every round). And probably we would talk about some minutes before tournament. That is why i created one next poll.

You can choose here how many classes you can choose: http://www.strawpoll.me/11804303

Same poll i will add to main post. In october we could have 6 classes.

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Tournament is coming. Please be sure that you have every member in your friendlist. Tommorow i will add link to our discord channel which is needed.

Make sure that you voted this: http://www.strawpoll.me/11804303

Prepare decks and be ready to play ^^

Rules will be locked tommorow evening.

I am looking for someone who could stream tournament, can be one of competors. Needed: EU HS account, finished tutorial.

@LetsEinfallslos002 @Killhakan @Aazrl @anonyme0273 @Anonymos @Valaraukar

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@Ultrakool @Killhakan @anonyme0273 @Anonymos @Dallarian @Aazrl @Valaraukar @LetsEinfallslos002

Here is discord link: https://discord.gg/4adn5vY

Make sure that you finished tutorial on EU server, joined discord, and be ready at 15:50 CEST. Banning will be same way like last tournament. You in your number room tell class you can choose (7), then go to your enemy room and tell which deck you ban.

Blackboard and who vs who will play will be added while before tournament.

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     1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

1   y    1     /    0    1    0     /    1
2   0    y     /    0    1    1     /    1
4   1    1     /    y    1    1     /    0
5   0    0     /    0    y    0     /    0
6   1    0     /    0    1    y     /    1
8   0    0     /    1    1    0     /    y

1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian)
2. Ultrakool#2721 (Ultrakool)
3. Aazrl#1712 (Aazrl)
4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos)
5. Anonyme0273#2808 (anonyme0273)
6. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan)
7. Empty
8. Leria#2577 (LetsEinfallslos002)

Please try remember your number.

Actual rounds:

Round 1: 1vs2  4vs5  6vs8
Round 2: 1vs4  6vs2  5vs8
Round 3: 6vs1  5vs2  4vs8
Round 4: 6vs4  2vs8  1vs5
Round 5: 6vs5  1vs8  2vs4

Old rounds:

Round 1: 1vs3  4vs5  6vs8  , 2 pause
Round 2: 3vs4  6vs2  5vs8  , 1 pause
Round 3: 6vs5  1vs2  4vs8  , 3 pause
Round 4: 6vs4  2vs3  1vs5  , 8 pause
Round 5: 6vs3  1vs8  2vs4  , 5 pause
Round 6: 6vs1  2vs5  8vs3 , 4 pause
Round 7: 8vs2  1vs4  3vs5 , 6 pause



First place: Ultrakool or Anonymos

Second place:

Third place:

4th place:

5th place: @LetsEinfallslos002

6th place: @anonyme0273

7th place: @Aazrl and @Valaraukar

8th place: Devs team

9th place: Other


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