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[2]Upgrade Card Destroyed after unupgrading a card.

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  • NAME: Upgrade Card Destroyed after unupgrading a card.
  • LOCATION: Forge, Upgrade Screen + Tab
  • DESCRIPTION: In the Old BF, upgrade cards used to be destroyed upon "unupgrading"(removing the upgrades), however in SR, @Lord NullPointer has implemented a functionality to not destroy the upgrade card when removing upgrades, hence it means you only have to pay the gold amount required when upgrading again, not needing to claim the upgrade itself a second time. I suspect it could be because @Inwutsch or another dev seeing that as a "bug" thus changing the fuctionality or is that a "new feature" through some internal discussions?
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I think you should be allowed to keep the upgrades on your cards, paying the gold requirement again is ok as there should be a drawback to upgrading and removing upgrades again, but having both will limit trading too much.
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