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The brain melting part of the internet

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Internet is a weird place. We all know that. But sometimes, you just are unfortunate enough to come across something that you wish you never encountered, and it leaves you scarred forever. 

These things can be anything - from pictures, grammar mystakes up to music videos and cringeworthy content that you thought could never be made.

Why does it exist? Why would anyone create that kind of sh*t? And why on Earth did you spend your precious time watching it, while your brain melted in your head slowly and painfully, when instead you could have been studying, working, eating or just staring into a wall. 

This is the dark side of the Forum, where I would love to see all the sh*t mentioned above and much much more! What do you think guys, what is the worst content of them all?

'but anon, how did you think of something so useless? you must have a really sad life'

Well dear whoever-you-are-asking, lets just say YouTube thinks I love Undertale so much that I am willing to listen to crap like this:


Consider it my first contribution to this sh*thole of useless crap. Happy hunting!

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3 minutes ago, veryhasted said:

1. No Inappropriate Content

  • Vulgar or graphic


Due to this, all I can contribute is this collection of useless websites.

Too much crap to handle

1 hour ago, SpiritOfTheAbyss said:


Just the title is predicting the complete and sad shittiness of the video. See what I did there? lol what are we doing with our lives

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