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Thor's Arrival Tournament

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Greetings Skylords,
I thought to establish a PVE Tournament for everyone to join once BFR is released.
This Tournament will be about my map Thor's Arrival Nightmare (Thor's Arrival)
You will have to beat the map with the fastest runthrough.
Once the tournament starts there will be a 1-2 week time limit to end the contest, then I will evaluate all the replays and check out who got the best time on that map.
You can participate for free, you just have to sign up here in that thread.
However there are some limitations concerning the Tournament.
You have to beat the map without any of the following cards:

- Amii Monument
- Enlightenment
- Wheel of Gifts
- The Incredible Mo
- Shadow Worm
- Wrathgazer
- Church of Negation

If you have some questions left concerning the map or the Tournament let me know and feel free to ask :)


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35 minutes ago, ferevus said:

And here i was planning on just ice-shattering my way to victory... 

Good luck with that if he is spell resistant just like the other PVE Bosses ;P

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4 minutes ago, Hirooo said:

Depending on the rewardsystem 1-2 weeks might be more of an upgrade race than anything else.

Not sure if it's only upgrade race or a cardpool-race, for having the right cards by the time is the first thing. If getting the upgrades will be similar to how it was then it shouldn't cause any problems for those, who want to participate in a nightmare-level pve competition

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31 minutes ago, Einarson said:

Will there be any price?

Would it stop you if there wouldn't be any prices? Isn't it enough that you could call yourself one of the best pve players?

Btw it will depend on the staff, if they'll support the project (although the way i know @MrXLink they'll will take this tournament under their wings)

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Looks cool, what an amazing idea, I will surely try.

However as stated before won't this be more of a cardpool and then upgrade race more than anything else since it will be at the very beginning?


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