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Fan Art: The sword of the Lost Warlord

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12 minutes ago, Ultrakool said:
25 minutes ago, EonBen said:

so I die for a while and my hunting buddy makes an awesome Sword, AMAZING JOB MAN, LOOKS AWESOME :shadoworb::shadoworb::frostorb::frostorb:

Haven't been on here in a while but this is too damn awesome. It never ceases to amaze me what people from this community comes up with. Very good job!

Thank you guys. :)  It was an honor to do this and was also pretty fun. Kinda proud of it. :D

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Wow great work, looks awesome. You should definitely make more bf related weapons. I recently made frostmourne from WoW and after seeing your wrathblades and lost sword I might consider making something like this! 


Here's the frostmourne if your interested(skull's the wrong way around):


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Sadly not made of steel :D, I made it out of multiple layers of foam board and and a lot of the details were rolled up newspaper parts and hot glue. It didn't take that long to create; 4-5 days. For the color I used a black spray paint as a primer and then silver spray paint on top.

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so yopu have the images loaded (just needed on the pic from the link a right click and select open Pic in new tap then u have the adress) if you have questions about imgur.com i may can help a bit

to show the pic u need to copy the link under "Direct Link" then it will show in here

and great job

Edited by Asraiel

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