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Auction House prices

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I will help you what I can remember (some prizes can be bad but that's my memories :P)

disenchant price is connected with affinity (i think that better debuff on you, were more expensive)
voodoo shack ~30
giant slayer ~150-200
jugger were cheaper, in price about firedancer's
virtuoso- 3bfp
mine ~500
home soil ~300-400
icefang raptor ~30
skyelf sage/templar ~50-100
war eagle ~30-40
worldbreaker gun ~250

ashbone pyro ~100-150
fallen skyelf ~100
nightguard ~350-400
shadow mage ~400

Dryad (blue) ~300-400
hurricane ~200-300
mana wing ~200
razorleaf ~100-200
revenge ~20

Boom brothers ~10
dying breed ~3
enforcer ~20-30
fire dragon ~20-30
pyromaniac ~20
scavenger ~20-30
skyfire drake ~30-40
wallbreaker 3

frost mage ~80-120
frost sorceress ~10
kobold engineer ~10-20
white rangers ~12-15 (that I can remember good because I bought all of them from ah and sell them on higher price ;p)
winter witch ~3-6

executor ~10
nox trooper ~40-50
resoruce booster ~30
shadow phoenix ~30
unstable demon ~10

burrower ~30-40


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All Promos, not sure if the price is right (my memories at least)

Copped every Promo 2 times, One day i gave them all Away, and had get them again. (I was playing f2p tho and had some struggle, but worked)

I can even remember to which people i gave them ^^ (Example: Viridya Promo to Treim, not sure if he can remember this :o)

Juggernaut (Promo) : 35k - 40k

Harvester (Promo) : 33k - 37k (almost the same price as Jugger)

Lyrish Knight (Promo) :  19k - 22k 

Swamp Drake (Promo) : around 150k (the price of it changed a lot, sometimes he was "only" for 100k in the market)

Fallen Angel (Promo) :  15k - 20k

Razorleaf (Promo) : 24k - 26k

Firedancer (Promo) : 6k - 7k

Construct (Promo) : 70k - 75k

Viridya (Promo) : 7k - 8k

Rogan Kayle (Promo) : 2,5k - 4k

Ravenheart (Promo) : 1k - 2k 

Grinder (Promo) : i really dont know since the BF to BFP change before it was defenitely only 200 BF, after i think about 500 BFP.

Lord Cyrian (Promo) : Idk, wasn't really a Promo for me, At first he was 35k some really stupid prices, then he was very cheap i think around 500 BFP, and after that it wasn't sellable anymore, cuz of a questchange.

Santa Claus (Promo) : 200 BFP

Easter Egg (Promo) : 300 BFP

Mo (Promo) : 5k - 7k


Correct me if u want, I've got maybe something a bit wrong in my head.

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Hi guy's nice list but I think the prices should all way higher.

It could be possible that it is much easier to get points.

The droprate should also be much higher as normal.

So u need more time so get all the good cards.

So the game does not get boring too fast. 

Do you know what I mean by this?

Clearly droprate and quest rewards can be higher! But only at special events and otherwise so ..


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12 hours ago, Shred said:

I didn't have the time to look through the topic to see what was mentioned already, but I have a copy of a good list lying around on my drive that has a lot of prices taken from the AH. I'll just leave a link here so you guys can check. 



Thank you for that list, this will definitly be useful ;)

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