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Third booster pack I opened:   I already used all my RNG before the game even started

i'll take it ...      

this would be cool !!!!

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That's a shame, I know the whole simulator won't recreate the same feeling when you actually earned those BFP and you were actually hyped about the cards you will get, but still I think it would be nice small thing for at least few minutes of fun. I guess all that is left is to wait for Open Beta where you will be able to actually open boosters and use those cards that you got just like years ago.

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11 hours ago, k4t490 said:

It's flipping again, it seems it's all good. My first try had Amii monument, one green Lost Dragon and a purple one : )
BTW Promo are mixed (lol) and all the cards should be devided by series, no?

We will split them into multiple different packs in the future when the game is out. But I can't tell you if we add this feature to the simulator. We will see.

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I tried the simulator but there seems to be way too many promos - 4 promos in my first 10 tries, though this included Santa Claus which along with Easter Egg is no longer included in Boosters.

So here's a Booster Sim I've put together as a simple Autohotkey script to fix the issues with promos. Also useful if the website cannot be reached.

Download here - https://2giga.link/d/KrpwOLY

This contains AHK script and a compiled version for those without Autohotkey installed.




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Simulation will never feel like the real thing whether positive or negative.

But using the Booster Simulator here just felt way off with the amount of promos it was generating coupled with the fact that cards that are no longer offered in the actual Booster still show up in the Simulator. Hence my reason for creating the script.

I pretty sure that the algorithm I've used in the script is not going to be like used in the actual Boosters, so it's certainly not perfect. For one this will generate duplicate cards, but I've no idea if the real thing does so.

Anyhow with that in mind, the last dozen actual boosters pretty much are on par with any random dozen generated with the script. Sure it's not like you having an :drool: endless supply of real boosters with this, it's might be the next best thing :)

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