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Pure shadow deck building guide

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This is a guide to building a pure shadow deck it will go through every card under the element. this guide will expect you to understand things like counters and spells effects so if you dont i suggest you read up on that. cards will be judged on a scale of 1 - 5 with 5 being the best of the best and 0 being terrible, so 5 amazing 0 horrible. please dont mind my spelling i have dysgraphia and i cant help it if you dont know what that means just google it (https://dsf.net.au/what-is-dysgraphia/). keep the comet to suggestions and criticism that is constructive and dont just hate for the sake of hating. i will update it semi regularly and if i offend your favorite card please know this is just my opinion that is backed up with a few facts so enough pleasantries lets get into the guide:

Orb 1


Dreadcharger: dreadcharger is a good 4 with the ability "swift" and being a S counter it is a must have in any deck that starts shadow first orb it is very useful in PvP but less so in PvE nonetheless it is a solid pick and worth the money

Executor: Executor is an alright card being a low 2 it has the ability "burnout" like wrath blades and is a M counter but like wrathbaldes it is outmatched buy forsken and nox trooper it should only be used if you cant afford them

Forsaken: Foraken are a solid card being a high 3 with it ability "frenzy and it being a M counter it is good to have in PvP and PvE it is only outclassed by nox trooper and nightguard (sometimes) but it is the only ranged S unit in Tier 1

Nightguard: Nightguard is mediocre being a low 3 or high 2 it ability "swap" makes it insane agents L units so it is has a L counter but it is more effective in specific PvE and a tech card in PvP mostly green is the better choice because swift is less situational then increased damage to humans but like Forsaken it is outclassed by nox trooper

Nox Trooper: it is a good 4 being a M counter and with a ability overload it is insane doing so it is much more useful in rPvE then PvP but it is a must have in any deck that starts shadow first orb

Skeleton Warrior: Skeleton Warrior is a 1 even though it has a M counter, it is very bad the only thing it has good is its unholy Armour makes it unkillable and with motivate it deals a huge amount of damage. it should only be used if you have no other choice because it gets outcassed by all other tier 1 shadow units

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good start but may i suggest at the end you make an example deck to show people what you would use and why and what combos there are

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@youto000 I'm sorry to say that and I really appreciate the effort but I don't think that this will work out too well.

There are many guides out there and I don't think that there is need for another one which only causes confusion which one to take and which one to trust.

I like the idea with a points rating but I don't think  (and I really don't want to offend you) that you have enough experience and knowledge about the game to create a guide.

However, Executer is THE worst shadow T1 unit and skeleton warriors are extremely powerful vs shadow and fire which is by far the most played T1 in the game in PvP. 

Again, don't want to offend you, that's just what I think and when you still want to make this guide I'll try to help correct mistakes. 

Love ❤ 

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