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Hey Guys,

i know there is already a thread about it, but i want to make a new one, to make it clearer.

For all of you who play LoL, you can post here your Ingame Name, so other player here can invite you. I will keep it updated.

Just write down your Ingame-Name, your region, and your role, which you prefer to play.

Maybe we can found a Battleforge Reborn Clan on LoL ;)



BFR Forumname                  LoL name                     role/Lane                   region                  comments

Drezrak                               Klombor                       Top/Support               EU West               german, lvl 30

Azta                                    MeHaza                       Top/Support               EU West               inactive last year

Marco3104                          Marco3104                   Top > Jungle > mid     EU West               german, Diamond, Riven Main

Treim                                 Zagrem                        Top, Jungle                 EU West               Diamond V (62% winrate)

RadicalX                             RadicalX                       Mid                             EU West         

EranShoval                          Lee Śin (EUNE)            Lee Sin                       Everywhere          

veryhasted                          Switchard (EUNE)          Jax                             Everywhere

SilenceKiller99                     SilenceKiller99              Everywhere                 EU West              Silver

Ultrakool                             ultrakool                       ADC                           EU West              unranked  

Atlas who held the world      Darckhuman                 Destroy everything        Brazil

WotdeFack                          WotdeFack                   bottom                       EU West              mostly kennen and malzahar
Extenessis                           Extenessis                    everywhere                 EU West              inactive last 2 years

WannaBeSheep                    TCM Glubbale               support                       EU West

Edited by Drezrak
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BFR Forumname                  LoL name                     role/Lane                   region                  comments

WotdeFack                           WotdeFack                   bottom                      EuWest                  mostly kennen and malzahar

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