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Hardest Szenario?

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Well... as far as I can remember the Soultree on expert was the hardest for me when I entered it for the first time. Played it on normal before and then I totally got whiped out when I couldn't finish the frozen Monsters in time :-/ 

Later on, with the knowledge about all Maps and Strategies I would say that the Mission with Mora (Twilight Boss - 2 player) was the hardest because if you forget to pull the switch every 30 sec and Monster came Through to one side it's very hard to deff them with T1-3. But if you stay focused the whole Mission and pull the switch every 30secs then you have all time to clear it :) 

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I´d say Blight belongs to the hardest ones. Especially if you fail to destroy a Bandit Camp in Time.

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I love every aspect of Battleforge, PvP, PvE (with & without challenge) and Speedrun !
What i hate the most is actually the random PvE except the map of the month (=speedrun).

Speedrun are far harder than normal PvE (even with restriction) !! For example i did insane god yesterday in 44min with a friend. We took our time, it wasn't hard, just super long... No charge for him, he failed the attack versus urzac twice because of the twilight dragon spawning, and had to rebuild his army...

But when you do it in speedrun it's so different... and Yes, maybe it's lame or unfun for you (need to explain why...), but being capable of winning some seconds from a record is really hard. You have to micro better, do less stuff in order to save power (save heal, save buff...) and think of better tactics, try to imagine a new way to do stuff, use new cards... Ok maybe now everybody saw our replay and videos can be found on youtube, but past time you could only saw the deck people were using. It was sooo rewarding being able to beat all other team ^^ with new strategies.

For me the hardest map was Convoy (in speedrun mode). i found this map SOOO hard cause you have to rush so fast and there was no place for mistake. But in the normal way it's so fucking easy T_T even more with glitch... You have all the time of the world. Doing this map with 7000 power is not really a challenge (whatever the color you choose). Do it with 10 cards with 500 power that's a challenge !!!

Doing map like crusade which is script or (siege of hope for example). You can't be faster than the script and speedrunners finish to have the exact same time... Not really fun.

Map like Dwarven riddle are not that hard, but Luck is the most important for this map (the order of those crystals you have to destroy, if they are far from each other or not). You have to do it well again and again and again. Just to have the perfect order...

In reality every map is easy (when you know the tactics and you have the right deck) => For example Lots of map just need mana wings to change from difficult to super easy.

But when you make a speedrun on a map, you have to trade those mana wings for something faster => so harder to play :)

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