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playing the game

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i got a question...

im a new guy here and i played the game before (battleforge) over 2 years and on my birthday on 31.october they closed it.

but thats not the question, i saw many member here and they allready got status like fighter or something like that.

i remeber that i also got a level ingame was with a green symbol with 4points and pvp it was gold a circle with 3 points under,,,

i mean do you play allready and im to stupid to see it??? and where i can go with a live sxtreaming online? steam??? and how i get also a starter level here sry for so much stupid zhings i asked and sorry for my bad bad english im from germany



nice regrets to you all members and lets talk

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The symbol near your name is a forum rank, not an actual ingame rank. You can get this rank by posting or getting reputation. For the ranks, see this article:

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Greetings, thats really sad that BF closed on your b-day :| And as Chimerae mentioned, those are only forum ranks. Some of us(20) are testing the alpha though, and they expect to make a new wave of invites soon.  Just post constructive comments, take initiative, be helpful, make media, pictures, ads for bf reborn.(Basically anything that you think will help the project) and youll have a high chance to get into alpha ^^

The Alpha only consists of the forge and all forge related features though, so no PVP/PVE/rPVE yet.

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