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How to make BFP and Gold

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In this roughly 10-15 minute read you'll learn how to get BFP and gold in Skylords Reborn.
You'll also see that even cards that seem out of reach like an expensive Harvester, Avatar of Frost or Forest Elder are not that far off at all!

There is no way to spend money in the game, as such BFP and gold have to be earned through gameplay. They are separate currencies that are used for different things. BFP can be traded, gold cannot.

BFP is used to:

  • purchase boosters from the shop
  • purchase cards from the auction house
  • apply card-artworks as avatars

Gold is used to:

  • purchase upgrades
  • apply upgrades
  • purchase cosmetics
  • pay the fee to send mail, list auctions and reforge cards



Daily Quests

Each day you get two quests that are worth 75 BFP each upon completion. You can hold a total of six quests simultaneously.
Keep completing those and that's 150 BFP in the bank each day.

Here is the entire pool of available quests.

Daily Rewards
Daily Rewards.png

For time spent in-match you get a steady flow of BFP.
Each day a Daily Boost of 250 BFP is added. If you don't manage to drain your Daily Boost then some of it carries over to the next day. But no matter how much Daily Boost you saved up, it will always drain over the course of 45 minutes of in-match time.
Below is the Reserve, which steadily refills at a slow pace. So you can continue earning BFP even when playing past the 45 minutes. But the lower the Reserve gets, the slower it distributes BFP.
So if you manage 45 minutes of playtime each day, you consistently get 250 BFP here.

For more information see here.

Daily Discount
Daily Discount.png

In the Marketplace you can unlock a daily booster discount after spending 45 minutes in-match.

Two options here:

  1. Sell the booster for profit. General Boosters sell the best. So you buy them with the discount for 350 BFP and trade them for more to another player. Usual rate is 420 BFP, so 70 BFP plus for you. This is a great way to speed up your BFP accumulation if you really want a certain card. Also, when your collection is nearing its completion and you are really aiming for those remaining, missing cards it's faster to buy them from the auction house.
  2. Open the booster. You only get to experience organically growing your collection by opening boosters once. Same goes for getting and trying new cards and building decks with whichever you have. Not to mention that in a collectible Trading Card Game it's kind of an essential component to roll the dice on boosters. Also, most valuable Promo cards only drop from boosters. Although they are quite rare, 1 in 200 boosters on average.

Either way, you should always take advantage of this discount.

Map of the Day

Each day one of the maps on the world-map is on fire, which indicates that it's the MotD. Winning that allows you to pick one additional reward, be it another upgrade or extra Gold/XP.
Additionally, the first time you complete that map each day on Advanced or Expert, you gain 50 BFP.
Completing the MotD on ten different days on Adv or Ex will grant you one Rebirth Booster. This is a valuable booster that only contains cards from the Rebirth Edition. As such they are very sought after, especially when new cards are released. Since the content of a booster is determined on opening even stockpiled boosters have a chance of dropping new cards. Test your luck by opening them when new cards are released or sell them to somebody that wants to.

Depending on the demand (should be much higher on new card releases) you can sell a Rebirth Booster for 1000 - 2000 BFP or even more.


So in total you can steadily get 450 BFP each day + whatever you drain from the Reserve + a 100 BFP discount on a booster. If you don't want to open your booster and pass it on, that's 520 BFP each day. Even the most expensive Ultra Rare (UR) cards (excluding Promos and newly released ones) are 1000 - 2000 BFP. So that's like, what, 2 - 4 days of playing? Very approachable for the most desirable content in the game!


There are a ton! And many of them are very beginner friendly. Focusing on those will give you a quick boost after starting out. The easy ones to keep in mind are:

  1. Up and Coming - 1 Mini Booster
    Complete the Introduction.
  2. Going in Cold / Lighting the Spark / Nurturing the Soil / Beginning the Ritual - 1 Mini Booster each
    Win a match where you start your game with one of the four main faction colors Frost / Fire / Nature / Shadow.
  3. Always Adapting - 1 Mini Booster
    Win with a deck level of 30. The deck level increases with each upgrade (making a card stronger) and charge (loading an extra copy of a card into one to increase the amount of times you can use it before it goes on cooldown) a card has. You'll quickly get there.
  4. Ever Evolving - 1 General Booster
    Same but with a deck level of 60. Will take a bit longer but if you focus in a few cards you really like to use it's still achievable in a timely manner. Especially with Common cards, as those are cheap to upgrade with gold.
  5. Thirsty for More - 1 General Booster
    In-match time of 5 hours. Afterwards even scales to 15 and 30 hours, granting an additional 2 and 3 General Boosters.
  6. A Reputation To Uphold - 1 Mini Booster each level
    For each PvE Rank/Level you rise you get one Mini Booster up to Rank 6. So a total of 5. Afterwards you get General Boosters.
  7. Friendly Neighbourhood's Skylord - 1 General Booster
    Do 20 Daily Quests. This is repeatable, so you can get one General Booster every 10 days.
  8. Heart of the Cards - 1 General Booster
    Open 20 Boosters. Also repeatable.
  9. Just a Story - 1 Twilight Booster
    Winning Encounters with Twilight, Siege of Hope, Defending Hope, The Soultree, Crusade, Sunbridge, King of the Giants, Titans, Ascension on any difficulty.
  10. The Most Dangerous Game - 1 Bandits Booster
    Winning Mo, Ocean, Oracle, Slave Master, Convoy, Blight, Raven's End, Empire on any difficulty.
  11. Saviour of Nyn - 3 General Boosters
    Win all campaign (cPvE) maps on any difficulty.
  12. Godslayer  - 250 BFP
    Win Sunbridge and Insane God on any difficulty.
  13. Apprentice - 1 General Booster
    Win any 20 randomly generated PvE (rPvE) maps of any difficulty.
  14. Draconic Desolation - 250 BFP
    Spawn 7 different dragonkin in a single match. The cheapest are: Giant Wyrm, Fire Dragon, Lost Dragon G+P, Northland Drake R+B, Swamp Drake, Skyfire Drake, Wasteland Terror R+G, Windhunter G+P. You can just switch orbs during the match to spawn them one after another. To see which ones you currently have, just type in "class:dragon" into the search bar of your own collection. This also works in the marketplace so you can look up the cheapest.
  15. A Wrinkle in Time - 250 BFP
    Win the map Empire under these conditions: Your deck only contains Frost, Shadow and Lost Souls cards. You play at least 5 different Lost Souls cards during the match.

There are a couple more rather easy Achievements but they require specific cards. If you really want to complete some of these, you can check if they are currently cheap on the marketplace, buy them for the Achievement and sell them again afterwards.

But the above alone nets you a total of 750 BFP, 11 Mini Boosters, 8 General Boosters (3360 BFP total value), 1 Twilight and 1 Bandit Booster (~ 880 BFP total value).
And those are just the easy Achievements that can easily be done within the first couple of days. Dozens of other Achievements to do after that!


If you want to dedicate some time to speed up your BFP gains you can get into the economy. In short: Buy low, sell high.

Paying attention and taking notes on the usual prices for certain cards will give you an idea of their marketplace value range. Then, whenever you notice a card dipping on the low end of their usual value, you can buy those up. When the price for your newfound inventory rises again you can ditch them for profit. The Skylords Market Journal is an amazing resource for this approach.

Some cards have a much higher variance in their prices than others. Changes to the game can affect prices as well. After you have a good feeling for card prices it takes maybe 30 minutes a day to buy and sell inventory, if you keep track off a lot of cards. But in return you could make an extra 1000 BFP in that amount of time.

Since the introduction of reforging every rarity has a price floor it doesn't really dip below. Cards that would have a very low marketplace value are instead given inherent value as reforging material. Therefore reducing overall supply and increasing demand as long as they are very cheap. Meanwhile, very expensive cards are dead-ends as far as reforging is concerned. They are not being used as material and either kept or sold.

That means reforging has a soft rubber-band effect, dragging the lowest prices up and the highest prices down. Because low value cards become more desirable as material while being funneled into high value cards, increasing their supply. That also helped making opening boosters less volatile since you are guaranteed a minimum return simply because of card rarity.

The usual price floors for rarities are ~10 BFP for Cs (Commons), ~25 BFP for UCs (Uncommons), ~100 BFP for Rs (Rares) and ~200 BFP for URs. You will notice hardly any cards ever notably dipping below that. However, there are sought after cards that will be much more expensive than their rarity suggests. For example Lost Dragon or Nomad can be around 20 BFP despite being Cs. Shaman or Frost Mage, both UCs, regularly go for well above 60 BFP. Popular Rs like Mine or Wheel of Gifts sell for over 500 BFP and iconic URs like Enlightenment or Harvester change hands for more than 1000 BFP. These high value cards also often have big fluctuations in price.

Newly released cards are also always very expensive shortly after release and then slowly settle down in their respective rarity price-range. So carefully think about whether you want to use them immediately on release or rather wait and buy them later. If you get your hands on a copy early on, either through a booster or reforging, do you want to keep it or sell it for a very high price and buy another copy a few weeks later as the prices fall?

reforging icon.png

If you like to gamble with some dead inventory then Reforging can be very profitable, especially when new cards are released.

Check out the rarity of the new cards and their orb colors. Then use your excess cards to get that orb color and rarity output in reforging.

Reforging 2.png
Let's say I am aiming to get a specific Frost UC card. So I am narrowing down the pool to 100% blue color output, which means Frost, Stonekin or Lost Souls cards are possible. I put in three identical Cs and boost the rarity output with an UC that shares a lot of similarities with the Cs.

Reforging 3.png
Another approach. The Lost Launchers have different affinities but close enough. In order to get 100% blue again, I put in a Stonekin card so all four cards share that color. Because I am mixing building and a unit (less similarities) my rarity output suffers a bit and I might get unlucky with a C as the result. But it's good enough and I am even saving some gold by mixing like that.

Similar story if you aim for an R. Match three identical UCs with one R that has as many similarities with the UCs as possible. Or use more expensive material in two identical UCs with two identical Rs to remove the chance for an UC output.

URs are the easiest to target as it simply requires four identical Rs to achieve a guaranteed UR output.

With enough volume of material you can easily brute force several newly released cards within the first hour after the server goes back up. Sell them while they are hot and buy copies for your own collection later once prices dropped.

For example, a newly released UCs, which will probably trade for 100 BFP a month later, can easily be sold for over 3000 BFP on day one. So if you have large volumes of excess cards that are too numerous to sell, just burn them all up on new releases. You can also keep an eye on which color pool has the most expensive URs and then shred some Rs to roll the dice.

But also keep some gold stocked up, as reforging requires it as a fee.



Gold is earned over time in-match.
The rate at which you earn gold depends on the difficulty. Higher difficulties reward more gold. That is true for both cPvE and rPvE.
There is no need to rush maps or artificially drag them out as the rate at which gold is generated is a bit slower very early and very late into a match. So if you just play normally you should always fall somewhat within the sweet spot of gold-over-time.

At the end of each win you have the choice to either pick an upgrade (which would otherwise cost more gold to unlock, so upgrades are basically gold in a different form) or a plain gold/XP reward if you don't want or need any of the presented upgrades.

Keep in mind that the price for purchasing upgrades with gold depends on the rarity of the card, Cs being the cheapest and URs being the most expensive. So while taking upgrades as map rewards is never a bad idea, especially R and UR upgrades are extremely gold efficient.

As previously mentioned, when you win the MotD you get to pick an additional reward!

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