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On 5/12/2024 at 8:27 PM, ArgoaneZ said:

By clicking "play" on the launcher, an error appears. The system cannot find "pcre3dll"

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Antivirus moved it to quarantaine probably - you need to take it out and add exception. Worked for me instantly.

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Posted (edited)

In my case, it was Windows Defender Antivirus that moved pcre3dll to quarantaine.

To lift the quarantaine and to create an exeption within Defender (to prevent future scans and quarantaines),

I found the following instructions by MS support:

Step 1) In order to restore the file out of the quarantaine, and bring it back into the Skylords Reborn folder - i.e. via -> protection history



Step 2) In order create an exeption within Windows Defender Antivirus:






in my case, i choose to create an exeption for the whole Skylords Reborn folder.

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