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Opening Tournament     Hello guys, I think it would be nice to have a tournament right after the start of SR so we can all play the first games together. The basic rule would

Add me to both pvp plz.   But upgrades is really fair? Its about investing time in cards improvement before any match.

Sign me in for 1vs1 and 2vs2, too. Maybe you should ask some days before the tournament if alls who signed in here in the last months will be really there Edit: xDarkfightx will be my mate i

Add me to both pvp plz.


But upgrades is really fair? Its about investing time in cards improvement before any match.

First, upgrades shouldn't make a huge difference. Second, are you going to disqualify people for applying upgrades to use in other game modes? I'd imagine this will take at least a month, I'm not waiting to apply upgrades for that long. It's not like you can just remove them at will. If you want to use them in PvE or PvP outside of the tournament, then they'll be applied during the tournament as well..

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But... but you can...

But then you lose it? So it doesn't do you any good to apply them and then remove them; you'd be better off never applying them.

Although I do think the ability to "handicap" yourself to a certain deck level would be useful, especially in sparring with beginners.

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When we win an Tournament we become bfp or bfboosters? :)

you can see the rewards you gain in the opening post


(not confirmed by devs, though they said it would be possible to sponsor some)


1. Disenchant green

2. Hurricane

3-4. Coldsnap and ashbone. If they want the same then they fight for it.



1. Homesoil + 4 Ice Barriers and Mine

2. Earthshaker and Ensnaring roots

3-4 2x(Coldsnap and curse of oink)



1. 8x Shadow Phoenix, 4x Ashbone,CM, LSS, Motivate, Embalmer's

2. 4x Eruption, 4x Nomad, 4x Breeding grounds, 4x Regrowth, 4xFurnace, 4xPhoenix

3. 4x Oink, 4x Breeding grounds, 4x Regrowth, 4x Eruption


Tutorial PvE

1. 1 uncommon, 6 common cards of your choice + bfp for 1/2 of a booster, 40 of each tokentype

2. 5 common cards of your choice, 20 of each token type

3. 3 common card of your choice, 10 of each token type

those prices aren't fix yet however its very likely that youll get this or something similar.

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This would be extremely cool since, noone has cards. everyone have the same cards, unless some people buy one booster and get 8 insane cards :) i was thinking maybe some competition with comunity crunch kinda, or PvE do a specific map as quick as possible. Some kind of contest about fanart aswell :)? would be really nice to look at some cruchy stuff

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