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Found 3 results

  1. Kilian Dermoth

    Possibility to disable chats

    So there are some client modifications. Even the resizeable chat windows didnt exist, did they (at least I cant remember them)? There was always something that pretty much annoyed me (even back at ea times) about the chat system in Battleforge. It was that you werent able to disable some chat categories, especially the trading chat. For me the whole trading spam is completely irrelevant but also it is the most active category and sometimes it is even so worse that you almost see nothing else than trading spam. (Already set some of the worst trading spammers on the ignore list) My suggestion is to make it possible to block / unblock chat categories. It would be nice by clicking a button in the client if possible to add something like this to the client. But it would be also ok if it would be done server side, for example by typing something like this:
  2. salenstern

    A small warning.

    Just a tiny suggestion, nothing too major. Back in the old days of battleforge, there were tons of scammers. I, myself, was scammed. It didn't feel really good. The trick that got me was "My trade system doesn't work. Send me your grimvine over the mail and I'll send you a forest elder!" I just started the game. I waited for a day before I realized what had happened. Scammers usually have multiple accounts, never doing the dirty work on their main acc. So banning those spare accounts won't really stop them. My suggestion is to ad a little warning. If your sending mail and it has cards on it (or bf but I don't remember if you could send bf), a little message will show up saying something like "Warning, you have some/a card(s) attached. Only send cards to people you trust. If you don't know the player, use the trade system. Are you sure you want to proceed?" With this, the newer players will be less susceptible to scams and will further demoralize scammers. Of course, if you're sending mail and you know what you're doing, this may be annoying. In this case, there could be a button that disables this message from appearing. That's pretty much it. Tell me your thoughts. (If I stole this from someone, I'll take it down. Sorry.)
  3. DeadlyChicken47

    ideas Game Currency and Daily log in

    I suggest that every day you log in you get around 10-50 BFP, this would ensure players (such as myself) would get a steady supply of BFP a daily PVE or PVP is ok but the daily log in earning would ensure an UN-biased economy, if high level players who dominate through PVP or PVE claim many high cards and put them at ridiculous values the economy will break and players would lose interest, the daily log in not only allows players to save their BFP but trade them for useful items in the auction house. I only suggest this because you are not offering ways to purchase BFP i completely understand, but in the old game players didnt need a daily log in or match because the cost of BFP regulated the economy now that you have removed that i don't want to see the game fail because of it. I hope that the supporters of the game and the developers take my idea into suggestion.

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