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Found 1 result

  1. CrazyCockerell

    tutorial Changing battleforge textures

    If you want to learn how to change battleforge textures into looking anew without any drawing skills than this tutorial is for you. First Step. Open https://deepdreamgenerator.com/ and make yourself an account. This online service is free and allows you to use neural network to make one image looks like other. Second Step. When you log in successfully press button in upper right corner. After that generator page will open. To change image you need to upload it first - use button and select some battleforge texture or any other image you want to change. There are 3 types of changing - Deep Style (that we need), Thin Style (like deep but very simple) and Deep Dream (weird eyes everywhere). Deep Style is chosen by default so move forward. You will see default presets but you need to upload your own style (style image). Press the white button with arrow. It'll allow you to upload another image. Select image that you want to turn first one into. Third Step. Press the <Settings> menu to open it. You can change how much style will be applied to image, quality of applying, size of image and so on. Press question marks for further details of setting. When you choosed you preferable settings press button below settings menu and wait before its completed. And here is results of process: = = Third Step. Make a lot of variations of original units on every possible thing and give suggestions of new units.

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