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Found 3 results

  1. Today, another useless poll. Two cards from the Skylords card pool where picked RANDOMLY. Through sheer HASARD the two selected cards are Wrathgazer and Lost Horror. Tell me what card you prefer and don't forget to vote in the pool May the best Crab win
  2. Fyrios


    I need the worst battleforge puns you can think of. It's for scientifical reasons.
  3. Dallarian

    Tags in threads.

    Maybe it should be in off-topic, but it is suggestion for you all, so its here. There is one problem on this forum. Searching threads doesn't work nice. And in most threads created by you there aren't any tags. Before starting new thread, we should check if there exist already thread about that (that is probably in forum rules, or was just pleased some times). How? Without tags i can't find something by key words and searching by thread's name doesn't work. Example: Lados' thread "Where are you from?". I saw it once, later I wanted to find it and search for someone. But I couldn't find it by searching, and hey! there are 2000 threads on forum, it is hard to find something by hand, even it was updated lastly. Writing fraze in searching window "Where are you from?" give 0 results. Luckily i remembered it had tag "nationality", I wrote that in searching and found thread without any problems. But there are many threads without tags. Maybe searching isn't great on forum, but hey! WE are here. So please, help your Forum Friends, members of BFR Community and add some tags to your threads, at least please write thread's name. Thank you Dallarian

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