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Found 10 results

  1. RainZy

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

    Rules: 1 - You can only post 1 word 2 - Have to wait until 4 others have posted a word until you can repost 3 - You can use Dot (.) Comma (,) etc at the end of your word if you want. 4 - Keep it PG Aim: With an increasing number of posts a story is formed, your job is to continue the story with 1 word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I shall start: - Today
  2. Rondine

    Frozen tales of lyr

    Hey Skylords and ladies, since we all know that beta is delayed with good reason. I decieded why not shorten the time you have to wait a little bit with a Hobby of mine, writing a Story in the world of Skylords Reborn. Everyone here tries to do his part, rigth? I´m often the gamemaster inside my pen n paper round with friends so i love to weave stories of my own. Disclaimer: Im not native english so...if it isn´t 100% correct or even totaly bull, please don´t be to hard on me. But as for it now..i hope to take you into the world of lyr. Enjoy (also let me know what you think.. i may be a bit rusty) __________________________ „Ts…Masterarcher“, a young man dressed in blue, mumbling to himself. „How could I be so foolish, to think it would be easy. “ „Go join the Wardens of Lyr, the payment is excellent and the beer always cold“, he postures with a deep voice, far from his own, “Of course the friggn beer is cold… My feet are cold, my bed is cold, even the damn fire seems cold out here in this frozen wasteland”. His hands try to reach a small campfire, but the burden of his equipment makes this task impossible. With a loud sigh, followed by a blunt noise his bow and quiver drops to the ground. “Ahh…better”, relief fills his voice “Why is this stuff so heavy anyways”. “Oh stop whining Kyle!” a voice loudly emerge from inside the stone building. “Guarding the Northern wall is like the best job a recruit can get! It is just standing and watching the beautiful landscape of Lyr. No danger, no walking...” “Just freezing to death and dying of boredom” Kyle interrupts. Suddenly a bit smaller but portly man steps out of the stone tower connecting the 2 walls. “Would you rather fight those outlaws in the south? The sergeant told me they´ve seen one of them ride a bloodhorn, can you imagine? Also the cold isn´t THAT bad” the guy stops near the camp fire, warming his fingers. “Easy for you to say Rob, your armor is padded naturally” Kyle grins while poking Rob´s belly. “What can I say, I love good food and sadly it also seems to love me” Both burst out in laughter. “Kyle Look!” Rob stops laughing pointing at the distance. A small gust of snow seems to moving out of the forest and towards the wall. “We have to sound the signal!” A Kyle node, grapping behind his back and reaches for his horn. A familiar sound echoes through the sky, the sound of a warning trumpet. He often practiced using the alarm horn, but this was the first time he blew it to be heard. The massive Gates of the Wall slowly open, while a small group of blue clothed men gather on the ground. “Lower your weapons!” A loud manly voice screamed, “Its Sir Geoffrey, Knight of Lyr! Let him pass!” A quick burst of relief was clearly visible on the young faces, but something was wrong. The closer the lyrish knight got, the more he looked like he was asleep, wavering on his horse. Kyle and Rob quickly got down to the others, forgetting their post. Too big was their curiosity, too little their patience’s. “S-Sire, are you alight?” One of the swordsmen asked the knight, trying to help him get of his horse. Silence, was his answer. As soon as Kyle looked into his face, he knew: It wasn´t fatigue or even arrogance which caught the knight’s tongue, it was pain. “Make way you fool´s!” the manly voice barked outside the group and a strong muscular man made his way through the people. “Y-yes Sir, Master Archer Shiwan Sir!” the swordsman stepped aside. “He is hurt, badly,” Shiwan grunted while lifting the mess which looked like pieces of broken armor. “That’s not good, not good at all. You there!” his eyes now on the swordsman, “gather your unit and escort him to the camp” “Sir, yes, Sir!” the swordsman part way. “Sir?” Rob raised his voice “What exactly is not good at all?” the Masterarcher gave him a confused and mean look “b-beside the whole injurie stuff, of course!” Rob quickly added. “Oh that’s simple Cressmond, it is that you TWO SCALLYWAGGER ARE NOT ON YOUR POST!” in this moment Kyle could swear that Shiwan´s eyes caught fire. “But for Sir Geoffrey,” his voice deepen “his wound was infected, already festering. Even his skin changed color like he had multiple bruises…mostly green and yellow. Whatever got him, got him good, but the healer inside the camp will surely know what to do. They will save him no worries, but…” and his voice again raising “NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU SLAGGERS!”... to be continued
  3. As you all should know the Battleforge RP - The Elemental Clash has started again Due to some reasons in the past RP, I had to make a new character sheet (wich is allowed in the RP allrdy). However, if you have read the legend about my character in the character sheet. (If not, Read just below this) As you have read or know, my legend is telling about The Archos and The Creators (of wich NOTHING is known from). I was wondering if in the RP, I should make a story out of that legend as some kind of 'prologue' or a 'prequel' from the elemental clash? So that I will tell the entire story of Chrono battleing The Archos? Second of all, I was wonder if in the RP, I should make The Archos return somehow? 3rd: I was wondering if I should make a story about The Creators too? As nothing is known from them, I can literaly go ANY way with my story that I want, like making them some evil Mass Effect Reapers that actually wants to destroy the universe, or some kind of Creators from the movie "Transformers" Where they created the actuall transformers, but came back to destroy them because they built "mistakes", "failures", or make the creators some thing as a god like they made every creature in the universe or something but needs to cleanse them because of reasons. As I said, many ways I will definitly make a story ofc about The Elemental Clash wich will be the main story, but I was wondering if I should make those stories too. Also, ideas FOR those stories would be greatly appreciated.
  4. PublicFrenemyNo69

    A very bizarre tale indeed

    So. As you may or may not know, I am a writer. I write stuffs. So now, I've had an idea. I am going to write a very bizarre tale indeed that will include you lot as characters. Your in-story persona will be likely be linked to your profile picture, with a few exceptions. It will likely have multiple parts. I've heard that Link did something similar to this in the past, but now I'm going to have a crack at it. Sooooo stay tuned lads! You're in for a very peculiar little adventure...
  5. Beast

    [Juggernaut] Build the Story

    The more forum games, the merrier! Let's see how creative/mature this community really is. This game is simple, you copy and paste the most recent reply and add up to two words to the story. Punctuation can be added for free. For example: A watermelon Next reply: A watermelon was once Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in a tree Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in a tree. It had Rules: You can only post once ever half-hour. Do not add words/punctuation that does not make sense. If two people post at the same time, the second poster must edit their post. Not sure if a post like this already exists, if so here a fresh start about a baby juggernaut, let's see how far we can take it. Here is the start: Once upon a time, there was a baby juggernaut named
  6. Hello everyone! Some days ago i exported all the narratives and the music from the game files, and i thought sharing it would make a lot of people happy. When i first heard the narrator's voice after all these years... well... Let's just say manly tears were shed. Long story short, i created an archive with all the music and the narratives included. Without further ado, here is the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jo8u3zej2794beo/Battleforge%20sound%20archive.rar?dl=0 I did some renaming for better readability, hope y'all will like it. Best Regards, Shred
  7. So hi , i dont know if this was already an idea , but someday everyone will have the story completed. So why not after like 2-3 months bringing new Maps with new Story in ? just an idea ! In my opinion it sounds pretty cool because then we would nearly never be bored and it would make always fun ! how i said , its just a idea but not evem that bad idea right ? correct me at everything please if something sounds stupid i want Battleforge to be even better then the old one !
  8. Did work on a Storyline, which includes the end of BattleForge as well the dawn of BattleForge Reborn. Enyoi: Once opon a time long long ago, the Gods of the Twilight, Stonekin, Lost Souls and Bandits gathered their powers togheter in order to desroy the Forge of Creation along with the inhabitant Skylords. The plan failed but through the Impact the Forge was pushed out of the World of Nyn into a World filled with darkness. After 4 centurys the imortal Skylords found a way to teleport the Forge their Home back to the World of Nyn, which was on the edge of destruction. So once again the Skylords have to gather their powers and face their old enemys and former murders, in order to restore Peace in all of Nyn oncend for all. could be something to put into a trailler for trailer (im not jused to vidoe cutting) so put in my idea into words and Pics with the text above spoken in it (i prefer Woman voice) powergathering (maybe sceans from the Forge standing all in a cirle and then casting a Fire Spere) on the got throw out of the planet (maybe a combined artwork pic if someone is good in drawing or pic arangements) into darkness (blacksreen), after 4 centurys (problaby a vid of such a warptunnel "maybe some moviecuts with the forge and part of stargate") back to Nyn Destroyed world til here more like picflow and spoken text. from here comes: So once again the Skylords have to gather their powers and face their old enemys and former murders, in order to restore Peace in all of Nyn oncend for all. kinda the summoning part just summoning a army and then no more spoken text from my storyline video of old trailer cutseance like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reYcvhJWzPU and others all with epic music from BF it self or A mix with epic music like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYEWLmucCg4&index=4&list=RDM1p4YcNC5K4 for the picflow and BF Music for the Vid part. that then introduce to the reborn (inkl. in vid stream: cards, summoning, fight, spells, main fraction, collecting, and reborn) hope i didnt go overboard with pics
  9. Marchewa

    Lore book

    I was re watching the dev logs and stuff and it came to mind that they said "we might tweak or change maps a bit" and i realized that to unlock the lore book story thing you need to complete the mission or map, but wont new maps and things like that create an error? or bug? i'm just saying it because if they cant Fix the old battleforge maps there might be a chance that the Lore book or whatever you call it might be forever locked. D: thank you
  10. Onii-Chan

    Campaign Expansion?

    Hey everyone that's reading this i'm a new person to the hype train and just wanted to throw out my ideas to the group. To put this simple and short I would just like to state that the actual campaign was kind of a bore and was really short so I suggest that we would expand this and add custom dialogue that would give a great and longer story just to make it more immersive.

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