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Found 17 results

  1. WindHunter

    Let's Talk Shrine of Greed

    This is a card near and dear to my heart. I used it as a crutch to get 12th on the ranked ladder at a time where everyone said it was useless. Before I go farther let's remember what it does: Shrine of Greed: Tier 2, Shadow/Shadow, 100 Power Building Transfer half of the void pool to the power pool instantly. For the next 30 seconds, no void power flows into the power pool and any power that would normally flow into the void pool is instead permanently lost. This debuff means that for 30 seconds if you use a spell, lose a building, or let a unit die you permanently lose the 90% power that would normally be refunded. The debuff is so crippling it makes the upside, gaining half of your void pool instantly, not worth it. The lose of a single nightcrawler means permanently losing 54 energy. Lose two nightcrawlers and it is worse for you than building a power well and instantly destroying it. The issue is, the debuff is so bad that you will lose far more than 100 power in the 30 seconds it is active. But, did you know Shrine of Greed's (SoG) debuff is tied to the building itself? If you destroy the building immediately after activating it, you lose the 90 power bound into the building but instead get half your void power instantly. This is clearly a bug but it makes the card incredibly interesting to play and gives Pure Shadow a way to run an incredibly long t2. Rediscovering the bug from another Pure Shadow player Eljyn(?) is what vaulted me into the top 20. It lets you turn a match you are losing into a game where you have 2 buffed harvesters on the field. If you have ever played me and wondered why my micro is below every other top player's, reading this should give you a hint. For 1v1 PvP In my opinion the card is balanced. If given the chance I'd redesign it to bring back Pure Shadow's old school t2 turtle into Harvester or 5-card T3 without requiring the player to abuse a bug every game. Once someone knows you have this in your deck(or is given the impression), they can punish you hard when you build it. I typically had to go one Power-well down when I built it and if I didn't get major value the game was essentially over. It is a true high-risk high-reward card and fits well in the Shadow faction. For 2v2 PvP This is the important part of this post. The widespread use of this bug had a detrimental effect on 2v2 in the later years of BattleForge. The issue is that both you and your ally get back half of your void power instantly and only one of you suffers a -100 power penalty. In 2v2 where there is more power already in the game, this gives a team with a Pure Shadow member an unfair advantage in the mid-to-late game. Assume all four players in a 2v2 match have 1500 power in their void pool. One team is capped at +20 void power per second with 1500 in their void pool while the team using SoG pulls out 750 power instantly and still gets 15-16 per second. This isn't healthy for the 2v2 scene and as time went on and knowledge of the bug grew, more and more teams started incorporating a Pure Shadow member. And that's why I'm making this post. I've seen talk of balancing and if we are going to be making balance changes it is very important for us to look first at cards that hurt the overall playing experience of the PvP communities and this is a card we need to focus on first. Discuss.
  2. hey guys i started playing, sorry re-playing about a week ago and this is my current deck, any suggestions would come in handy i'm currently using this deck for all modes(even though i know it's not rpve material...
  3. felkin

    Pure shadow pvp

    I was wondering if i should put a third unit in my pure shadow pvp deck (not shadow-shadow-frost) along with ashbone pyro, cultist master and was not sure what unit exactly out of these options: red carrier, brannoc and unstable demon are excluded. at the moment I have 5 cards on my tier 3 (can do with 4 too), 2 units plus evocator's woe, voidstorm and soulshatter. I can swap soulshatter anytime you can show me your deck as well, will help a lot
  4. I want to make a shadow frost pvp deck, I Want to use lost cards. Anyone got samples?


    Hi all, Pick your top 3 of things you want the most in upcomming updates!!! 1. air deck: giving additional bonnusses with fire 2. water deck: giving additional bonusses with frost.. 3. earth deck: giving additional bonusses with nature 4. abomination of all 4 current ellements (1 orb of all) 5. more 4 orb bosses 6. more neutral ultra rare units 7. a pay to way section (beside the regular game) 8. more starter units 9. at least one healing spell for pure fire, shadow and frost 10. making a own senerio campaign map. 11. just keep the current optional. only expent shadow/nature combination and maby like a frost/ fire one 12. more grinding options beside t9 and t10 dungeons 13. more multiplayer campaign maps. Additional choises: more air units/ more ground units more campain maps
  6. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Hey guys, I just rediscovered that forum. It has been years and I am still dying to play the open beta, seriously I loved that game and I love the devs for actually putting all the effort over all these years into the revival of the Skylords So I wondered if you all agree how underpowered and underused Bandits were in PVP as well as in PVE. I mean even the random PVE maps were pretty much a free win if it was just bandits, in comparison to facing lost souls in RPVE9+. That was an absolute nightmare. Can you all imagine re-balancing the game over the years once it is all stable, no more crashing servers etc. ? I personally loved the Bandits and the playstyle they represented. What are your feelings about them? Do you disagree on my observation, do you feel like they were balanced? If not, can you think of ways to make them more viable in PVP as well as in PVE? Greetz from Kunze
  7. xHighTech

    What deck did you play?

    Greetings @ all. In cooperation with Ladadoos we would like to know which main decks did you played in BaFo PvP? I'll add your name into the main deck section & to a counter for the upcoming statistic. I would appreciate it if you let us know what you play/ed regardless of your T1 choice for a short overview. Vote counter: 115 Votes Deck's Player 11 Pure Fire ( cDKiLLrOy, Archmystic, LinEQ, LEBOVIN, Lohle, Taker, Jenskendrik, shadowxxs77, DawsonTheFish, @LoKilleRs, @Taurusfire... ) 10 Pure Nature ( dekka, Azta, @TomyWomy, @Kahetabi, @EarthRed, @PickOrder, @Danito, @MarbSlonk, @Chomiczek, @Roguzf ... ) 17 Pure Frost ( freemka, Tormar, MisterBanane, ferevus, Blondais97, MrBoa, Akula, @Jumpman, @Akiyamachandesu, @Dallarian, @Kinoster, @Daaron, @Dragonhide, @Leukos, @KonaiLP, @jaktichu, @Mefesto ... ) 17 Pure Shadow ( GadaiGER, veryhasted, Anonymos, Chimerae, Asraiel, thifofdeath, @UBiLAVA, @XxHARVESTERxX, @Kessler, @guyperetz, @ulvfdfgtmk, @Istab, @Crosego, @Riviute, @Complex, @ecillio, @OXYKNG... ) 13 Twilight ( xHighTech, Ladadoos, Treim, Sykole, MephistoRoss, Eirias, Dexirian, Ezmoneysniper, @Kipspiesje, @XxAndroidxX, @Dzodin, @ThomasMann, @Tofu, ... ) 7 Fire/Frost ( kestas3, Nachtalb, Ultrakool, Trihl, @DrOetker, @Necrovan, @HomieGoHome... ) 5 Bandits ( Drezrak, @JugGERnaut, @ImaginaryNumb3r, @Tytraso, @GEILWIEPEN, ... ) 12 Lost Souls ( Hirooo, DuellLord, Eddio, ImperatorSK, Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Loptous, fShark, xtazfuneral, @mezren, @Demonic55331, @Totylcf, @Darkblaster, ... ) 12 Amii ( RadicalX, MrNguyen, valarium, DeChris, Hollwie, JuvenileEnvy, Jew, DarcReaver, @tbpeti, @Mirosius, @YaBro0 , @bramkriek, ... ) 11 Stonekin ( MaranV, forger, Dmytros, element, WotdeFack, @alesgec, @darklionking, @Demiron, @Venorik, @Delok, @Dragon270,... ) Best regards, xHighTech & Ladadoos Inspired by Ladadoos's Where are you from thread.
  8. Cherrieee

    Faction Discussion

    Hey guys! Cherrieee here, I remember years ago when I used to play BF, and god damn I love it. So about the factions, my favourites were Nature/Shadow decks. Granted I didn't have the greatest cards, but I did actually win PVE a lot, bare in mind I was a little kid back then. ANYWAY, what are your guys' favourite factions and ones that you will use in the UPCOMING BETA COMING JANUARY 2018!
  9. Hello, when I played the game in it's original form I was fairly young and pretty much got stuck playing whatever cards I had and I mostly just went by cards that could walk in a straight line and steam roll whatever got in the way, to say the least, I was not very good at tactics. But as I look forward to getting back into the game I've been checking the cards over at the wikia and I try to find a faction to focus on, one I can really feel into, and not just focusing on me I'd like to know what everyone thinks about each faction. Is Fire just a High damage burst deck or will zerg rushing get you smashed? Is Frost really good at only defending or can it be played really offensively? Is Shadow all about controlling everything and where everything is? Is Nature all about Crowd Control? And what of the other five? Please, do share what you would say each faction is like and how you think they should be played in the best way, maybe help someone to figure out why their favorite deck doesn't suit their play style?
  10. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings In the past weeks i was working a lot on diverse small projects for some colleagues and friends. Created some attachements and stuff like that for them. Some of them were pretty interesting things to create and that reminded me of the bladework. Last year at the big contest i also participated in the fanart category and crafted the blade of the lost warlord. It was so much fun and i was kinda proud after it. I then got a bit time for myself so i started another project. I was searching and looking for weapons which i could craft and, cause i really like shadow cards, i decided to make the weapons of the wrathblades. I gave some hints the time before the reveal of my work. Rage is a synonym for wrath. Battlescarred because one of these blades were definately in combat already cause its broken. Burn cause of the ability of the wrathblades - Burnout. If i would have written Burnout you guys would find out what its gonna be way faster cause only Wrathblades and Executioner got that ability. The way i made them was the same way like i did it with my sword, i was not bending the steel into right shape, i took some pieces of metal welded them and cuttet them in the right way. I have to admit that i made a couple of mistakes while i was producing them... but with every mistake you do, the better you get Cause of these mistakes it took way longer than the sword, also the smaller things are, the more work you have to put in.(Pls dont quote that) . I think overall it took me around 30-32 hours maybe more... Last time i got help with the varnish, i did what a friend told me to do, but this time i made that by myself. I'm not overwhelmed by the varnish this time but i guess its still ok. Also i have to say big thanks to @Ladadoosand @lFrostAvatar. Ladadoos made some ingame screenshots for me from the wrathblades. (that happened before i was part of the beta). lFrostavatar reuoploaded the rendered artworks of everysingle unit building spell and so on. That includes the wrathblades so i had a better look at them as well. So thanks guys If anyones interested in the sword of the lost warlord work heres your link if youre interested. So guys pls tell me what do you think about my work
  11. Which card do you think represented each element the most? Or to put it in a different way which card could be a leader figure for each element? I'm interested in seeing your responses Mine would be: Fire: Juggernaut Frost: Skyelf Commander Shadow: Overlord Nature: Shaman
  12. BanGo

    Beginner Deck

    Hi there, I got an idea for the upcoming game. At the begin you don't have any good cards. But we could change that and everbody can decide at the beginning of bf a deck: frost, fire, nature or shadow deck etc. Not very expensive deck just a deck to start best regards BanGo
  13. I'm sorry that I write in Polish, but i will try to translate well (i have weak english ;/). I would like to share with my opinion on the cards on PVP. (I m not alpha tester, but I was beta tester in old BF xD) / Przepraszam ,że piszę w języku polskim, ale postaram się dobrze przetłumaczyć(Mam słaby angielski). Chciałbym się podzielić z moją opinią na temat kart na PVp ( Nie jestem alfa testerem , ale byłem beta testerem w starym Battle Forge xD ) I begin from the shadow cards. / Zacznę od Kart cienia. T1. DreadCharger http://screenshot.sh/mMDArQsMNip46 Jedna z podstawowych jednostek ze "switf" Dobra z połączeniem z Nasty Surprise. One of the fundamental units in Shadow (pvp), He is good with Nasty Surprise. Jego umiejętność "The Reaping" dobrze się sprawdza z pochłanianiem jednostek, które za jakiś czas mogą umrzeć po użyciu swojej umiejętności np. Frenzy. W ten sposób nie marnujemy cennego powera. / Him skill "The reaping" is good with absorption antoher units with active skill e.g Frenzy. So we dont lose valuable powers. Umiejętność "Stamp" jest przydatną umiejętnością w przedzieraniu się przez małe jednostki(S), ale nie zaleca się tratować małe jednostki, które kontrują tę umiejętność poprzez "payback". / "Stamp" is useful skill on small units(S), but not good on small units with "payback". Jest dość tanią jednostką (60 power) / cheap unit (60 power) 2. Withclaws (fire/purple) http://screenshot.sh/n9INMez2sKGTq Jak dla mnie dobry zamiennik w talii zamiast dreadchargera. / For me is good replacement in deck instead dreadcharger Jego umiejętność raczej nie jest używana (albo nie znalazłem praktycznego zastosowania) / His ability is hardly used ( or I can't use skill in pvp..) Koszt 65 jest trochę droższy od dreadchargera, ale withclaws mają wyższe parametry i co najważniejsze... są 2 jednostki. / The cost of 65 is a little more expensive than Dreadcharger , but withclaws they have higher performance , and withclaws = 2 units. Minimalnie lepsze zastosowanie z nasty surprise niż z dreadchargerem (ponieważ więcej HP mają). / Marginally better use with Nasty surprise than dreadcharger (because withclaws have more hp ). 3. Nightguard (green/ purple) http://screenshot.sh/owqpDrzcb92I6 Green attribute-> Swift Dobra jednostka (jak dla mnie lepsza jest z zielonym atrybutem niż z fioletowym) jako kontra na L (szczególnie dobra na sunderer). / Good untis (for me better is green attribute than purple.) As for Versus size L (especially good wth sunderer) Czasem widziałem jak była wykorzystywana jako rozpoczynająca jednostka(zamiast innej jednostki ze swiftem np dreadcharger/withclaws), Sometimes I saw her as for start units instead dreadcharger or withclaws. Nawet bardzo dobra umiejętność do zamiany kontroli nad jednostkami (ale przeciwnik mógł ją wykorzystać ponownie do przejęcia naszej jednostki), / Good skill for conversion control unit (but the enemy could use it again to take over our unit) Zdecydowanie słabo sobie radzi z małymi jednostkami. / Definitely poorly copes with small units. Purple attribute -> Tainted Fury - 50% more dmg on Human units. Gorsza wersja nightuard(green) ponieważ nie ma szybkości. / worse version nightguard(green) because she dont hae swift. Używana jako kontra na L , albo do używania jej umiejętności. / Used as a double over L, or to use her skills Mało mobilna. / Few mobile. 4. Nox Trooper http://screenshot.sh/odDxuGgRbyVOA Must have card. Bardzo potężna jednostka, szczególnie na M. / Very powerful unit, especially on M "Overload" bardzo użyteczna umiejętność szczególnie na M , Latające jednostki. Potrafi odrzucać Małe jednostki, ale jest to płatna umiejętność. / "Overload" very useful skill especially M, Flying units. He can reject Small units, but you must pay for use skill. Te jednostki mają także zastosowanie w PVE./ very good on too PVE. 5. Executor http://screenshot.sh/mMFdE86MoloNe Raczej nie polecana karta w taliach PVP. / Probably not recommended card decks in PVP. Wolno atakuje, nie jest jednostką która strzela. / Slow attacks, there is a unit that shoots. W tali raczej jest używany Nox Troper, który ma szersze zastosowanie. / The deck is used rather Nox Trooper, which has a wider application. Dość dobra umiejętność, która wzmacnia jednostkę o X% po czym nie ginie (ale osłabia jednostkę na jakiś czas). / Good skill that strengthens the body by X% then not die (but weakens the unit for some time). Jest wolna i łatwo ją skontrować innymi jednostkami. / It's slow and easy to control other units. 6. Forsaken http://screenshot.sh/n7XXX7gZnUW6Q Must have card. Bardzo mocny atak. Umiejętność frenzy jest bardzo mocna umiejętnościa, która wzmacnia nasze jednostki na jakiś czas a następnie uśmierca jednostkę. / Very streng dmg. Skill Frenzy is very good skill, which reinforces our unit for some time and then kill unit. Bardzo mocna w rush'u. / very good in rush. Bardzo niebezpieczna z Frenzy + Motivate lub Freny + motivate + home soil. / Very dangerous with frenzy + motivate or better Frenzy + motivate + home soil. Jest tania (50 power) a potrafi wiele zaszkodzić. / Cheap units (50 power) and can harm many. 7. Wrathblades http://screenshot.sh/ouEzREcTLF5yk Jednostka dobra, ale raczej nie używana. ( chyba,że jako zapychacz w talii) / good units , but hardly used. ( I think that as a hanger-on in the deck ) Z aktywną umiejętnością potrafią pokonać dreadcharger'a. / With an active skill can kill dreadcharger Są tanie (50 power) i bardzo mocna na krótki czas, ale raczej nie używana karta. / Cheap units (50 power) and very strong for a short time, but rather not card used 8. Skeleton Warrior http://screenshot.sh/oB47IYfX1Ov3G Podobnie jak z Wrathblades, Raczej nie używana karta (chyba, że jako zapychacz) / As with Wraithblades, rather not use the card. Bardzo wytrzymałe z aktywną umiejętnością , później zostają zabite. / Very tany with active skill on short time. Jako karta raczej nie jest stosowana, raczej jako stosowana jednostka z umiejętności Harvester'a. / What card is not really used, but rather used as a unit of skill from Harvester Lepsze zastosowanie ma Forsaken, niż ta karta na T1. / Better apply Forsaken, than the card at T1. 9. Snapjaws (purple/orange) http://screenshot.sh/odZBfbVtwKbhG raczej nie używana karta. / rather not card used. słaby atak , ma tylko właściwości supportujące. / weak dmg, Snapjaws are more support units. droga (70 power) / expensive (70 power) Używana jako supportujące stworki z umiejętności Satanael'a. / Satanael use snapjaws from skill for support units. Spells 10. Nasty Surprise http://screenshot.sh/mGTIsHrSgbD5C Must have. Shadow głównie opiera się na tej karcie. / Shadow is mainly based on this tab. Szerokie zastosowanie (nie tylko w T1) / Extensive use (not only in T1) Bardzo mocna karta, ale użyta na zranionej jednostce nie daje swojego potencjału. / Very strong card, but used on the injured unit does not give its potential. Bardzo tania na III. ulepszeniu (60 > 50 power) / Cheap spell on III uprage (60 > 50 power) 11. Life weaving http://screenshot.sh/ou0ySSDknJSVS Must Have. Szerokie zastosowanie (nie tylko w T1) / Extensive use (not only in T1) Wykorzystywana także w PVE. / use too on PVE (e.g Batariel) dość drogi spell, ale użyta na silnej jednostce np Harvester , ashbone pyro. Daje bardzo mocny efekt / expensive spell , but use on strong units e.g Harvester , ashbone pyro, It gives a very strong effect. Używałem jej jako kontry na Avatar of Frost. Odbija i omija jego tarcze, Gdzie po 3 uderzeniach Avatar ginie. / you can use this spell as for counter on Avatar of Frost. 3 shots from avatar = dead avatar. 12. Motivate http://screenshot.sh/mFdoY1Hhv5ROY bardzo dobra karta / very good card Tania z mocnym efektem. / cheap with strong effect. Szerokie zastosowanie (nie tlyko w t1) / Extensive use (not only in T1) Dobra z Forsaken + motivate / Shadow mage + motivate / Darkelf assasin + Motivate/ Cultist master + motivate / good with forsaken , shadow mage , darkeflassasin , cultist master 13. Offering http://screenshot.sh/odw4WkOeOf8Qc w PVP nie jest raczej stosowana, Lepsze zastosowanie ma w PVE / rPVE / PVP is not used, rather, better apply in PVE / rPVE Towers 14. LifeStealer http://screenshot.sh/mMhW9RP1qQSEY raczej nie używana podczas PVP, chyba ,że ktoś lubi obronne budowle. / hardly used during PVP, unless you like defense buildings. 15. Phase Tower http://screenshot.sh/n9mtRCwNJpB2E Specyficzna wieża ,która potrafi przemieszczać się. / Specific tower, which is able to move. Stosowana nie tylko w obronie ale i także w rush'u / Used not only in defense but also in a rush Ciekawa karta, stosowana także w pve. / An interesting card, also used in pve. 16. Soul splicer (green) http://screenshot.sh/n9mtL96tM5PeI Popularna w PVE , ale nie zabardzo w PVP(często była krytykowana) / Popular in PVE, but not really in PVP (was often criticized) Lubiłem tą kartę w PVP, jako element zaskoczenia przeciwnika. W pvp ma dobrą właściwość obronną , ponieważ leczy nasze jednostki. / I liked this card in PVP, as the element of surprise opponent. The property has a good pvp defensive because it heals our units. Dobre powiązanie z Shadow Mage , lub FoF (furnace of fleish) w odzyskiwaniu Power. / Good with shadow mage , or fof in Power recovery. 17. Embalmer's Shrine http://screenshot.sh/oAAKdKRRbaXSA tania budowla (30 power) / cheap tower (30 power) Raczej była stosowana dla Shadow Phoenix. / Rather it was used for shadow phoenix użyteczna w PVE oraz w PVP / useful in the PVE and PVP
  14. anonyme0273

    War of the words

    THIS IS NOT RP (role play) RP is here http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1838-the-elemental-clash-the-battleforge-rp/#comment-38184 A while ago, there was a huge discussion - lore based. We battled around on what Elemental faction is the first one, the strongest one, the most ambitious one and the best one And just now, me and @youto000 came upon that discussion again, so here we are, having a thread about this, and this only. Post all your lore based and even made up facts here, and let's watch the Elements fight over their position. ------- Seriously though, check out the RP, it's amazing
  15. Kiwibaum


    I played mostly PvE in Battleforge and did so playing mostly nature at the start later I switched to Nature/Schadow. After watching some PvP gameplays I got interested. Is Nature/Schadow any good here and what are it´s advantages, disadvantages and common Strategies?
  16. Battleforge fans and dear readers, let me share my idea with you guys: I think that there should be another group of cards like the twilight (fire and nature), the bandits (fire and shadow) and the stonekins (nature and frost). The new group should be made of nature and shadow on my opinion. I know in the last version of battleforge (before the server went down) there already was a card which was nature and shadow. Letting battleforge come back is great, but making it better and more succesfull is greater. I think creating a group with the elements shadow and nature would improve the fun of the game. Do you think this is a good idea or do you know a name for the shadow/nature group? (like "stonekins, bandits etc.) Let me know it in the comments! Thank you for reading, every comment would help! P.S: Do you remember the name of the only shadow/nature card that was in the last version of battleforge before it went down? Greetings, former archer Spiderwulf
  17. Jubby

    Pure Shadow vs Firedancer

    So how would Pure Shadow go about countering firedancers? In the past I've tried going after them with nightcrawlers but they quickly run back to their base when they see me coming.

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