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Found 7 results


    PVP-PVE Ideas

    I just saw a battleforge PVP gamemode and made think. Maby it would be cool (in the far future because battleforge is awsome the way it is) to do be able to do ranked pvp matches with like a 2, 3 and maby even 4 orb start. In PVP you only see 1 and 2 orbs units being deployed. It would give us awsome battle to be able to change those things. The suggestion for PVE is to be able to gain quick power in trade for less battletime to compleet the PVE. I think (hope) those are little changes to make in the future. Those little changes can make big changes in al of pvp and pve.. What do you guys think? Let me know!
  2. Fauchderial

    My opinion about skylords

    Hi there ! It was a long time since I posted on the forum right ? So today, I'm gonna talk about Skylords Reborn Battleforge is a nice and amazing game Owned from EA for sure but there is someone who had the idea to take the game back. I never expected this can happen... For a lot of years now battleforge became Skylords Reborn and the game continue to give and hope to everyone. The project is a lot of works, so there is a lot of time remaining (I guess). Suggestions are the most important thing to give idea for future purpose and functionalities. The only thing that can stop us is time, so be patient and keep the hype up ! Update on the dev platform keep us informed on what important or major decisions have been taken or what happened during these weeks. Forums is there to inform us in generality. I invite people joining discord to be more informed and chit chat and finally for giveaway if you don't care about "chit chat". Giveaway is not every day, it totally random and everybody have the same chance to win. But sometimes active member can be favored. On discord you can ask some questions in #ask_skylords and there is always someone to answer your question :). Stream is another way to inform us, but it rare to see Streaming and it shocking for some people who want to see streaming. But you can check some replay if you are interested. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZLtgBj59SBfIZzcYWbxJVg What do you think about all of this ? It is clear or confusing ?
  3. Cirind

    Who is happy?

    Who also is so happy because of that EA agreed to let fans ressurect this game? :3
  4. Dallarian

    Project's : Summary

    Project is here over year, now we have closed beta, soon server will be able to take more people . But Reborn bring some changes in game, like different BFP gathering, Gold, Tokens, loot lists and some more if i am not wrong. There are threads with suggestions and things like it, but it often have a lot of posts with mostly long text, like "Current Proposal: Rewards" that have 244 posts and a lot of text and some others short threads (I don't say it is bad, it is very important to discuss about this and this should be long), but mostly there is too much text to see what is Devs decision for now, how it will look and more informative things about that. Could you (like week before open release, when you won't change big things) give summary of everything that will be changed in project, how everything will work, something like changelog? This thread is just to make me sure in that.
  5. Mr ReRelix

    When game launches

    Hi guys, I use to play BF back in 2009 , When I was a kid, currently I am 17. And I cant find anything like this. and I was wondering since there will be booster packs to purchase via real money, Would that money go towards more content upgrades/server costs? If anything I would appreciate if the dev's had a donation button so I can donate alittle bit of money to help out, I am not sure if there's already been something said or announced about this, But I really want to support these people for brining this amazing game back to life. Peace out - Mr ReRelix
  6. This is my second and last trailer! Hope you like it Skylords and i'll see you in the forge! And of course here on the forum! xD Take care! THE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IQIybjiI90
  7. Lidde

    Battleforge Reborn Trailer!

    I've worked on this trailer now some few days and i'm pretty proud of it. This is just for fun and i am so excited for this release so i can't hold myself anymore! xD So yeah, i thought why not make a trailer? Hope you guys like it! THE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSDZmLRnQbs

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