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Found 1 result

  1. Einarson

    League of Legends - updated

    Hi, since the old post is outdatet i start a new one. Same procedure as on the old forum: I created a Team: BattleForgeReborn with the tag: BaFoRe (BFR was already taken). Snicky made a club for us and promoted me to leader, there could be 50 ppl at the same time. Thx mate actually the team has space for 9 ppl and its filling quickly. I suggest you add eachother for practicing together. If 5 of the 9 ppl are online I suggest you can just play a game, dont wait for me =) That is what the team looks atm: Main Position LOL-Name(can be more ppl at once) Alternate position Top Groping / LOLXDEADLAMA ? / Adc Jungle Einarson Support Mid Silencekiller99 / RadicalX Top / Top Adc Snicky Top Supp Tommie Boy Zes Mid Please copy the lines and post your information in one line to safe space. List: BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Einarson Einarson Jungle/Mid EUW Gold 3, can flex roles theTED ted012 non special EUW Platin III/IV Lionheart Leonhart X Top/Jungle EUW Plat V/IV SilenceKiller99 SilenceKiller99 Mid/Top EUW Silver II ???? Snicky adc/top EUW ???? RadicakX mid EUW ???? Groping Top Un1cornPower LOLXDEADLAMA Top>/Adc>/Jungle EUW Unranked I can support if I have Sion or tresh anonyme0273 Anonyme0273 Mid/Top EUW Die2Play DannyDin Jungle EUW ???? Tommie Boy Zes Support/Mid EUW

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