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Found 13 results

  1. odaifgh11

    when the PvE 12 players maps will open?

    I finished the story except for the 12 players when it's will open? I'm excited about it
  2. Lord NullPointer

    The New Cardbase and More

    Outdated: New cardbase is here Hey everyone, After many hours of work I present to you, a work in progress, Cardbase. http://cardbase.bfreborn.com In its current state, the following things are available: An overview of all cards with appropriate filters available (will improve) An overview of all maps Details for each card (Including data like upgrade and ability information) Details for each map (Including data like loot tables, descriptions, minimaps and even walkthroughs) A JSON API for all the data above. For details: This will expand overtime adding more information like lore and characters. My goal with this site is to have one point of information, instead of dividing it over different sites like AllCards and wikis. Now add credits where credits are due. Thanks to @MrXLink for filling the database with data that I could not extract automatically or was incorrect. For any future changes to the actual data of the site you can contact MrXLink. EDIT by MrXLink: Thanks from me to @Kiwi for having ideas which resulted in me working along with this. Thanks to @Dawn for the existing AllCards database, yes, I ripped your google drive file, it was a major pain. Here's an example page for Guns of Lyr
  3. LittleLegend

    Weekly PVP Map Discussion

    Hi ! Here I want to start a discussion about the various PVP Maps in Battleforge. I try to post a new map every week and then you can talk about your personal opinion of the map, tactical information ( like important choke points or Well/Monument positions) or just general facts. Maybe I will then gather the information and add it to the main post of the map, so we have a good summary of all the things to know about map X. Im very curious about whether the system will work or not and open for criticism from you guys. Maybe we can even talk about some PVE Maps, if it works. So here comes the first Map: HALADUR: Mode: PVP Players: 2 (1 vs 1) Wells: 14 Monuments: 6
  4. Lord NullPointer

    CardBase API

    CardBase API For those interested in making applications with BattleForge data, we expose the CardBase API. Note that we are still expanding the CardBase in functionality, so it could be that your application becomes useless in the future.. Just sayin~ This API provides data about Cards and Maps in json format. On this page I will give you the endpoints and required data to make use of this API. Each Response from this API returns the data inside a wrapper APIWrap<T> which looks like this: public class APIWrap<T> //T = Return Type of API Call { public ExceptionData Exception { get; set; } public T Result { get; set; } public bool Success { get; set; } } public class ExceptionData { public int Code { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public string Details { get; set; } } EndPoints For Cards EndPoint: http://cardbase.skylords.eu/Cards/GetCards ResultSet: Response of this call is a List<Card>, where Card is the following class: public class Card { public string Name { get; set; } public Rarity Rarity { get; set; } public int Cost { get; set; } public Edition Edition { get; set; } public CardType Type { get; set; } public Color Color { get; set; } public Affinity Affinity { get; set; } public bool IsRanged { get; set; } public int Defense { get; set; } public int Offense { get; set; } public DefenseType DefenseType { get; set; } public OffenseType OffenseType { get; set; } public int UnitCount { get; set; } public int ChargeCount { get; set; } public string Category { get; set; } public List<Ability> Abilities { get; set; } = new List<Ability>(); public List<Upgrade> Upgrades { get; set; } = new List<Upgrade>(); public OrbInfo OrbInfo { get; set; } public string Extra { get; set; } public Media Image { get; set; } } Essentially parameters for this call is ?[Property1]=[Value]&[Property2]=[Value], if the property is a string it will check if given value is inside property value. Example: http://cardbase.skylords.eu/Cards/GetCards?Name=Dread will return all cards with "Dread" in their name. Note that some properties have integers as values, some of these properties represent enums. Property Enums: public enum Rarity { Common = 0, Uncommon = 1, Rare = 2, UltraRare = 3 } public enum Edition { Twilight = 1, Renegade = 2, LostSouls = 4, Amii = 8 } public enum CardType { Spell = 0 Creature = 2, Building = 3, } public enum OffenseType { Small = 0, Medium = 1, Large = 2, XL = 3, Special = 4 } public enum DefenseType { Small = 0, Medium = 1, Large = 2, XL = 3, Building = 4 } public enum AbilityType { Attack = 0, Passive = 1, Activated = 2, Interval = 3, Cast = 4 } public enum Difficulty { Standard = 0, Advanced = 1, Expert = 2 } For Maps EndPoint: http://cardbase.skylords.eu/Maps/GetMaps ResultSet: Response of this call is a List<Map>, where Map is the following class: public class Map { public string Name { get; set; } public string SubTitle { get; set; } public string Campaign { get; set; } public int Players { get; set; } public Edition Edition { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } public List<string> Goals { get; set; } public List<string> Unlocks { get; set; } public List<string> Prerequisite { get; set; } public Media Image { get; set; } public Media Map { get; set; } public List<string> Difficulties { get; set; } = new List<string>(); public YoutubeVideo WalkThrough { get; set; } public List<Loot> Standard { get; set; } public List<Loot> Advanced { get; set; } public List<Loot> Expert { get; set; } public class Loot { public string CardName { get; set; } public int Era { get; set; } } } Essentially parameters for this call is ?[Property1]=[Value]&[Property2]=[Value], if the property is a string it will check if given value is inside property value. Example: http://cardbase.skylords.eu/Maps/GetMaps?Name=Soul will return all maps with "Soul" in their name. Note that some properties have integers as values, some of these properties represent enums. Property Enums: public enum Edition { Twilight = 1, Renegade = 2, LostSouls = 4, Amii = 8 }
  5. DyonisX

    T4 Maps in Ranked

    ~tun tu-tutun-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tun-turu-tu-tu-tu-tuuuuuun~ - Anyways, So. Basically I was thinking about people making maps balanced and suitable enough to be added to the ranked rotation. The difference would be that these maps would be big enough, or designed for high tier play. - The one thing that PvP is missing is a way for people to fight eachother at T4, getting to T4 on normal maps is sometimes practically impossible, and on the occasion that it's doable it makes no sense to do so because getting T4 costs 300 power + the time it takes for it to build + the time it takes to save up 300 power which you can't really get back (all of this explained in @Eirias 's How to Build a (PvP) Deck Guide. - - I think that having maps designed to accommodate T4 play is the best way to enable it, could be maps that are just overall bigger, maps that have you start with 2 orbs at your spawn, combine those 2, find some other, more creative way but the idea is still there. - The ARAM map that people have been talking about would be a 3v3 map which would enable one teammate to get T4 at the cost of reducing the other 2 teammates's overall tiers (or everyone could go T3 or something like that). That map wouldn't fit into ranked because it's 3v3 not 2v2/1v1 but making a 2v2 version of it with some tweaks could work for the purposes of this post. - The problem(s) that I see with adding maps that support T4 to the ranked queue is that : It would put players with T1-3 decks vs people with T4 deck vs eachother It would sometimes make 2 players with regular decks to fight on T4 maps It would make players with T4 decks sometimes play in regular maps Any other combination you can make with the 3 things above ^ - An easy way of getting around that issue would be to make a list with all the pvp maps available when queuing and letting players select if they want to queue up for regular maps or for T4 maps (or both maybe who knows I mean if you wanna fight someone with T4 with a regular meta deck be my guest I'm not gonna stop you) ~~> This would be similar to how CS:GO does things when playing competitive, where you can choose which maps you want to play on and only those will show up Or an alternative way would be to just have 2 buttons, for example one with queue for regular maps, one with queue for T4 maps - I'm not sure whether or not a separate ELO would be required for regular and T4 or if it would be fine to just have one ELO for everything. - Not sure how T4 cards are balanced for PvP (which they are probably not because they're not designed for it I suppose) which could lead to cards needing to be balanced for PvP - Tell me what you guys think about this, if you have ideas on how to make it work feel free to post them, if you have any map ideas that could be used link them here and stuff like that.. mmm~yeah ~Th-th-tha-tha-tha-that's all folks!~
  6. Saim25

    All Spectator Maps

    Hi Guys, here are alle the 1n1 PVP spectator maps. I really hope we can enjoy them in the future with some livestreams! http://www.file-upload.net/download-11947767/Spectatormaps.zip.html
  7. DyonisX

    Better MotM

    *insert witty introduction line here* First of all I have no idea if someone suggested this already(probably), I'm too lazy to go beyond the first page of posts to look it up. Secondly, my idea is that basically it would be a nice idea to replace the random single/multiplayer maps of the month with user created maps. - During every month people would have the opportunity to create maps for single/multi which would then be able to be selected as the maps of the month. -- Now it could be something like having the mods, pick the maps that would be suitable and then having a random one picked to be the map of the month, or it could be that the players would vote on the forum as to which map they'd want to play next month, otherwise you could make it so that more than 1 map in each category could be selected so that you'd have more than 1 choice (depending on how many people actually create maps every month) --- In my opinion playing different maps made by players every month that would look nice and not repetitive and boring would be way more fun and engaging than the randomly generated stuff Tell me what do you think about this idea .
  8. 1lancer1

    need story for PvE maps

    Hi Guys, im playing with the map editor and need a story for a PvE 1 player Campaing my idea was a camp. with earth (green) vs fire (red) you help the earth too get the fire out of there territory and i need more details about how they want "you" to do it the idea is that you send me storys and I make maps out of it so everybody has fun playing the maps ps: it can be a PvE with more players also. ps2.0: if you have questions s with greetings 1lancer1 and Vernichtungsofen
  9. HardwareHeinz

    Custom Maps

    So does anyone know If were able to play our own made maps? Im working with a friend of mine on a map since 1-2 weeks now, but know were would want to know if were able to play em at all. Hoping for an answer, Ofen
  10. Luidimax

    Balancing maps?

    Hey, i am pretty new to BFR and was wondering if the dev team has any plans on balancing out the PvP maps, so they become symetrical after the core game is finished?
  11. Ladadoos

    Gold chests

    After reading one of the most recent threads made by @MrXLink, which mentions the current proposal for Tokens and Gold ( http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/ ), I got to thinking about gold chests, and how they, in my opinion, were not really worth the time that my units took to go to the chest and open it. Furthermore, the gold chests didn't seem all that special or rewarding - I personally never really got the motivation to try to work my way to a gold chest since the reward just wasn't all that great, in my opinion. It felt like it was just a small reward you were able to get here and there, which I am assuming is the intention of them, but in some maps they were located in an "extra" base (A base you didn't have to destroy to complete the match). In my opinion, those golden chests never really were 'one of the reasons' to destroy the base. Whether gold chests located in places you would for sure go through in maps are a small reward or gold chests located in 'extra' bases you wouldn't necessarily go through are a bigger extra reward is something that I would like your opinions about. Perhaps it's both, perhaps it's none. Should chests be something that you need to do extra work to get or should it be an extra chest that is located in a base that you would have to destroy anyways to win the match? Nonetheless, I believe that gold chests weren't that special, were rather boring and not really worth the time getting (I believe this is the opinion most people have). I've told @MrXLink this, and I will post a quote for the curious people among us: "I actually have no clue whether it is even possible to easily manipulate gold chests, since each chest has a random value of gold assigned to them, varying per chest and per roll. I agree, chests do seem very boring and if we have time and the possibility to edit gold in chests we might just end up boosting them rather than having elements influence them."(http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/&do=findComment&comment=29082 ) He mentioned the possiblity of increasing gold gained from gold chests, which didn't sound all that great to me at first, to be honest. That being said, since gold will now be used as the currency upgrade our cards, it will make the gold received from chests more rewarding/useful. (This of course depends on how much gold you gain from a chest compared to how much gold you actually have - which hopefully won't be a HUGE pile, like in the old Battleforge). I was thinking if there could be some other kind of reward that we can get from opening gold chests. Yes, I know it's called a gold chest, which would rather obviously have gold in it, but just to see if we can come up with some interesting/creative rewards or ways to get to find/open a gold chest. So, do you have any ideas of rewards or cool ways to find and open a chest? I don't expect much to change about the gold chests - only the amount of gold receive from them, if possible. So again, this is more to hear all the different opinions as well as collecting ideas regarding rewards and ways to find/open a chest. What do you think about this topic ?
  12. Extenessis

    playing the game

    i got a question... im a new guy here and i played the game before (battleforge) over 2 years and on my birthday on 31.october they closed it. but thats not the question, i saw many member here and they allready got status like fighter or something like that. i remeber that i also got a level ingame was with a green symbol with 4points and pvp it was gold a circle with 3 points under,,, i mean do you play allready and im to stupid to see it??? and where i can go with a live sxtreaming online? steam??? and how i get also a starter level here sry for so much stupid zhings i asked and sorry for my bad bad english im from germany nice regrets to you all members and lets talk
  13. What was your favourite part of Battleforge, and why? Also, if you have one, what was the thing you didn't like quite so much, or even hated about Battleforge? Anything from the maps, card system, trading system, uniqueness of it all, etc. The most amazing, and possibly my favourite part of Battleforge was the uniqueness of it. I had searched for hours trying desperately to find a game similar to Battleforge after it was shut down, but had no luck. But, another thing was probably the forge! Possibly half of my game time was just mucking around in the Forge, whether waiting for people to join my match or not, when I was bored, anything. I just loved setting up battles between 'factions', like Ice and Fire, with small units being the main army, and one large unit being the overlord or something. Just those little things made it something spectacular. Anyways, that's enough about my experiences and likes, and little to no dislikes from me, how about you guys?

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