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Found 3 results

  1. PaperMan

    1 - Chests are hard to open

    NAME: You aren't always able to open a chest immediately SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Ingame REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Everytime i tried to open a chest, it came up with an error message which didn't made much sense. Either something like "Ground units needed" or "There are enemy units near by" but both of the described situtations weren't the case. I had to wait 5 - 10 secs or step away with my units and try again. My brother faced the same issue. We played like 4 diffrent maps and on each we had the same problem. Altough in the end we always managed to open the chests. SCREENSHOT: Forget to take a screenshot, sorry. Now I can't get in anymore I know you are dealing with far more important issues than this one. Just wanted to report it. Did anyone else faced the same issue?
  2. Phoenix313

    Black market

    The game shouldnt get pay 2 win and everyone shall have the same chances, so you cant buy bfp. Thats fine. But my question is, what are your plans about black market? What I mean are people that play battleforge (maybe with multiple accounts) to get / earn bfp and sell them or people that played this game and stoped playing it and sell the bfp they got aswell. For example on ebay. This would lead into a way to be able to buy bfp with real money so that those could gain a significant advantages. How do you think about this fact, that happens on almost any game with ingame currency and happend for battleforge as specific example in the past, too?
  3. Asanjawa

    BFReborn Featured Game For Curse

    Let's talk about Curse, An Overlay is probably not even in the plans right now. You know Curse, Don't you? The main features of curse is ingame communication desgined for games such as Smite, Heartsthone or Minecraft. I'd Love to see Battleforge as curse' main game when it goes worldwide.

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