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Found 8 results

  1. Hello skylords, i made a post in a thread a few days ago with some thoughts on economy and other aspects of the game what in my opinion need some change (for the end release or sooner) but that was the wrong place to discuss that. i make my own thread where i voice some thoughts and ideas that i had about the game. First of all i played BF back in the EA days a decent amount. i would consider myself a casual BF player, not a complete noob but not a pro player. and everything i write here is my personal opinion that aligns with a few friends of mine that also used to play this game back in the day. one of the big things that I've seen that the game was lacking are any kind of BFP sinks. if we look at a game like escape from tarkov that has a economy where there is infinite currency generated and also involves players controlling most of the prices. that game has many places where you need to spend currency to the system that will disappear form the economy. skylords only money sink are booster from the shop. as @Kubik posted in a other thread there are a decent amount of people buying boosters from the store, i would like to see the number of how many boosters people trade in a day. and since a few individuals stocked tens of thousands BFP on their accounts for those people it would be really easy to just buy every copy of a specific card in the AH and resell them for a MUCH higher price. in tarkov this usualy dosnt happen since there is way to much supply of stuff that people sell even though you can still see is when a person buys the 10 lowest priced things and sells it for highers. But they always pay some extra for buying and selling again so they slowly get drained of funds. There is not much to stop this behaviour so some ideas: more cards so people cant buy everything but then people get cards to fast. give a BFP for accounts that way a card can never exceed a given amount, my only concern is that maybe prices will then be always on the cap after a while. make people pay fees in BFP for putting up cards, gold is not worth anything at a certain point. for most games those fees are a % of the price they sell it, for example 2% feel free to add some ideas. Now some thoughts about something that i also discussed with friends that used to play this game(they don't play right now because of the reset) it is about progression in the game. BF never had a ultra amount of progression or something that you could easily see like in other games. Cards where heavily limited unless you spend a lot of real life money. But getting good cards F2P was a really daunting process. in skylords getting cards isn't that much of a problem anymore and i like that of course! but certain things make me less inclined to play more or keep playing. For example: the only reason right now to play expert maps is for upgrades right? like it used to be back in BF. but i don't need to play Expert if i can just play RPVE9 and farm gold that way. now that i can clear RPVE9 without much problems i started playing less and less, because i don't need to work out a deck with the cards that i own right now to beat a expert map. I could still do it but i am not that kind of person who does something just of the sake of doing it. and RPVE9 is so easy when you get a deck rolling i don't see a point in doing expert since i need to invest waaaay less effort in farming RPVE9 then making a deck for expert work. I know that there are many videos on how to beat a map on expert but that just removes 90% of the difficulty because i don't need to build a deck around the cards that i currently own, and that is the thing that kept me playing for so many hours back in the days. I didnt have much money so i couldn't build a fancy deck that every youtube video was using. I loved the videos that showed people how to beat a map with the starter cards what was amazing. Some ideas: change how i upgrade cards. Tokens existed for a reason. Give me a good reason to play expert if not for the upgrades. to throw something in here, i love the idea that when you beat all maps on expert that you get access to a different profile where you have everything unlocked but you cant trade or sell anything. That would solve the problem what some High end players have voiced that they don't get cards fast enough and they would like to have everything unlocked. make people work for it at last! this was a long post and i hope we can have a constructing discussion about some ideas. PS: Again, this is all my personal opinion.
  2. McLongDickson

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    first i love BF and sry for my bad english... but for me the biggest problem atm is you get to fast to easy all you want thats why pvp and normal pve is dead. Rly i play this game a month? and have all what i want.. stonekin pure shadow twillight etc. pvp and pve fully upgrade... okay to be fair my loot luck on booster was good. Promo Mo for example. But you must only play rPVE maps thats all. For me personally they can increase gold and lvl requirement extremly. 3 or 4 times more. Then boost the lvl exp and gold on normal pve maps. And boost it extreamly for pvp. Nerf rpve. An then maybe people play pvp and normal pve maps more. Above all pvp. It sucks you have a pvp deck but you cant rly use it because only the top 10 players are in ranked and waiting for noobs. thats why 2 of my friends stop playing this game. Fully ups their cards for pvp and then you wait 30 min in ranked to get a top player. And only playing rpve is for them to boring. especially if you dont need more gold.. I know its a beta but maybe they can take it as idea or something. I hope you guys understand what i mean...
  3. One issue I remember having back in the old BF days was getting a multiplayer PvE group together. Would it be possible to have a daily bonus to gold drops to specific maps (maybe like 50%) to help direct people to do certain maps in order to help promote group play? You could have bonus gold rewards for maps randomly rotate to different days of the week by selecting one random 2 player map and one random 4 player map per day (and maybe throw in some 12 player maps occasionally or have 12p maps be like a weekend event thing). So like Monday you could have a bonus to Sunbridge and Bad Harvest gold drops, Tuesday could be Crusade and Guns of Lyr, etc...
  4. Enginenilla

    daily login reward

    I don't even know if its even possible to implement this but i still think this idea is good. i know some games that give rewards based on daily login or even weekly and monthly login. for example: 50 gold for 1 day in a row, 100g and 1bfp for 2 days in a row, 200g and 2bfp for 3 days in a row and so on and it resets every 7 logins in a row or if you missed a day it will reset as well. of course this will need to be balanced with daily quests and common card costs. although when i think about it people can create multiple accounts and just login to each of them every day and send everything to one main account, this will create a similar problem that was in the original game where people bought all the common cards(lets say a shaman) for 50 or so bfp and then sell them all for 1000. I don't know if my idea is blanceable but it will be nice if you consider this.
  5. I've been away from this forum for quite a while, but I came back a couple of days ago and saw the Ardent Peak announcement which has revitalized my interest in this project. So, I've been thinking about the long debated issue of PvP upgrades and came up with the following proposal: Balancing Gold: My idea is to make upgrades work like levels in an RPG, in that each upgrade costs more than the previous one (up to a cap). Each player would have a total upgrade level based on all the upgrades on all the cards in their collection, and the higher the level, the more it costs to apply new upgrades. The purpose of this would be to make it so that PvP players and PvE speedrunners are able to get a fully functional deck fairly quickly without upgrades being a bottleneck. What makes this different from the other proposals I've seen is that it preserves (even extends) the player progression that is collecting upgrades. Since the upgrade costs ramps up with each upgrade you apply, it would still take a very long time to get all 1,617 upgrades (3 for each card in the game); thus preserving the long-lasting, difficult to achieve end game goal for PvE players and completionists. I haven't worked out a perfect formula for this, and these numbers are entirely dependent on the rate at which we get BFP and how much gold the upgrades themselves cost, but the end result should look something like this is terms of how long it takes to fully upgrade your decks: First deck takes 10 hours of play to fully upgrade Second deck takes 15 hours to fully upgrade Third deck takes 25 hours to fully upgrade Fourth deck takes 40 hours Fifth deck takes 60 hours Each 20 cards after the first 80 take 60 hours to fully upgrade (an average of 1 upgrade per hour) When you get to the point of having played 150 hours, you have five fully upgraded decks to choose from (more than most players would even regularly use); but as far as game progress goes, you've only completed 18.5% of the game as far as upgrades go (100/539 cards upgraded), and you'd still have a long way to go time-wise before getting all upgrades. I think it should be balanced so that it would take at least 1000 hours to fully upgrade every card in the game. With the rate of increase in time it takes to upgrade 20 cards I suggested above (capped at 60 hours per 20 cards), it would take 1470 hours to get all upgrades. We could adjust the hard cap to be 50 (1250 hours) or 40 (1010 hours), or whatever seems best (maybe we want to make it take 2000+ hours). We could even replace the hard cap with a soft cap that ramps up more slowly and adjust the entire curve. The idea is that this system would give players a good pace to work with. The goal would be to balance the system so that by the time most players feel like trying a new deck, they have about enough gold to fully upgrade it, but there is still a long-lasting sense of progression due to the large amount of time it would take to get enough gold to upgrade all cards. This is a way to make upgrading cards slower than collecting cards without crippling people in PvP. Balancing BFP: It is also equally important that we properly pace BFP income in order to avoid the PvP grind—you can't upgrade cards you don't own. While decks will be a lot more playable without optimal cards than they would without upgrades and charges (e.g. Witchclaws aren't that much worse than Dreadcharger, and a deck with u3 Witchclaws and full charges will destroy a deck with u1 Dreadchargers), this is still a problem and a big barrier to new players (and veterans that don't want to grind) that doesn't need to exist now that the game is not P2W. The new quest system could be the perfect solution to this problem. The idea would be to do the usual F2P thing and give new accounts a bunch of high reward quests to give them an early BFP boost (or even to give them essential cards, see below). This will help PvP'ers and speedrunners get their first decks built quickly so that they can enjoy the game. This is also a common trick to help with player retention—players are more likely to keep playing if they think they're getting a lot of rewards and making quick progress/generally doing well in the game. All quest rewards should be account bound in order to prevent multi-accounting (BFP/cards gained from quests cannot be sold, traded, or attached to mail). I know that cards can be account bound, but if that's not possible for BFP (I imagine such a thing is currently not implemented), players should be rewarded with a card of their choice (could give the player a randomly generated list of cards to choose from, maybe with a bias towards good PvP/speedrunning cards) for completing these one-time high-reward quests. Balancing Rarity & Enabling Diversity: My original thought for balancing card rarity was to remove the card charge system. The charge system serves no purpose in a true F2P game (it's purely a money grab) and it causes problems with rarity distribution (it's much harder to fully charge an UR card than a UC/C card). This can make decks such as pure shadow, pure nature, (and also pure fire due to the market not being flooded with promo Firedancers) unplayable for players until they've amassed a huge amount of BFP to buy four copies of those essential ultra rares. In the end, I realized that removing the charge system is probably unnecessary, as we can fix the problem more easily using other methods. The simpler solution is just to to greatly increase the chances of getting URs and Rs in packs. Let's think about the purpose of rarity in CCGs. Sure, it's exciting to open a pack and get a super rare card in it, but that's really not primary purpose—it's just a small side benefit. The real purpose of rarity systems is $$$. By making a few very powerful/specialized cards that are required to play certain decks, companies can get players to buy insane amounts of card packs in order to get those super rare cards—that is the real purpose of card rarity; and what EA has done with Battleforge is no different. So, if we increase the chance of getting URs, we're essentially 'unlocking' those decks that need URs to function properly—thus allowing players to play the decks they want to play and increasing the overall diversity of decks played. Otherwise we'd just see endless shadow/frost and fire/nature (which we'll see a lot of anyway, but at least this way we get some pure shadow, pure fire, and pure nature too). Another possible solution is to create four main questlines—one for each color. These questlines would be a series of quests that give players some big rewards in the form of essential PvP (and maybe speedrunning) R and UR pure cards. These quests should be fairly involved and should take a while to complete—the quest conditions should be things that make the player commit to a certain color (at least a little bit). I'm not sure what kinds of in-game stats the devs have access to, but quests like "Play X shadow cards", "Build X nature orbs", or "Upgrade a fire card to U3" would work. Here would be the total rewards that each questline should give (in no particular order): Fire: Firedancer, Juggernaut, Wildfire Nature: Parasite Swarm, Shrine of Memory, Spikeroot Shadow: Harvester, Nether Warp (B), Shadow Mage Frost: War Eagle, Area Ice Shield, Northstar (B) Players should receive four copies of each card upon completing the corresponding quest. This would give players the necessary PvP URs (and many of the Rs) needed to build a competitive PvP pure deck. Speedrunning cards could be added as well, but I'm not familiar enough with speedrunning to know what those would be. I'm aware that the rewards in the list above are not evenly balanced in terms of rarity/usefulness, but note that these cards will become nearly worthless on the AH anyway since every player gets them for free, so it doesn't really matter. Final Thoughts: As a final note regarding rewards, I would strongly urge the developers to make PvP and PvE rewards equal (per time spent playing); there's no reason for one to give more rewards than the other. I would also (less strongly) urge the developers not to have recurring PvP/PvE specific quests. While it's a good thing to have one-time quests of this type just to get people to try each mode of play, it must be realized that some people simply don't enjoy PvP, and likewise, some people just don't enjoy PvE—players shouldn't be forced to play one or the other in order to keep up in rewards. It is very important that we both prevent returning veterans from not coming back because they can't bear the though of doing all that grinding again in order to get a playable PvP deck (many people have already said they won't play the game again if they have to grind to get their decks back), as well as prevent new players from being daunted by the amount of time it takes to get the cards and upgrades to become competitive in PvP. This also applies to speedrunning in the same way, as upgrades are vital there as well. I want the playerbase to be as big as possible, and I want this game to be as good as it can possibly be. Notice that every successful F2P game has given players a very large boost in rewards when they first start playing that slowly drops off. We should do the same, as it's very important for player retention. Battleforge is also a special case, since most of the player base will have already done the grind, and many are not willing to do it all over again. Let's not make the same mistakes EA made back when they had no clue how to manage a F2P game.
  6. Foreword My suggestions here may seem a little radical or paranoid. Regarding that, I can only say I've seen smaller games ruined by multiaccounting and I don't want it to happen to SR. My suggestions aren't perfect, and they won't eliminate multiaccounting, but I believe this is a line of discussion that could improve the SR experience. Suggestions: Bad trades cost gold, or trading is unlocked by using card upgrades Multiaccounting I've been analyzing the current proposals for the rewards systems (BFP, upgrades, cards, and gold). I'm working on a post on BFP rewards, but for here it suffices to say I believe multiaccounting will be significant issue in SR (unlike BF). Basically, the new BFP rewards system (which I think is great overall) strongly encourages multiaccounting. There are several ways to discourage multiaccounting: Banhammer: The devs could do things like monitor IP addresses and take reports of suspected multiaccounts, but that is time-consuming and unreliable. Also it would affect people playing SR from the same place. BFP Rewards Design: Reward multiaccounting abuse less. This requires specific constraints on quests. Hearthstone's quests are good examples to follow - they are difficult to abuse. However, even with a well-designed system, multiaccounting will still generate more BFP than playing on a single account. This approach only reduces the benefits of multiaccounting; it does not eliminate them. Trade Restrictions: Allow multiaccounters to make lots of BFP, but make it very difficult to transfer it into a single account. I have a lot of ideas for 2 that I will refine over time. This post suggestion is concerned with option 3, Trade Restrictions. Gold Suggestion The devs have made gold untradable to hinder multiaccounters. I think this is great, and we can go even further to more directly combat multiaccounting (and spamming). I propose gold not be used to apply upgrades (you can still buy upgrades with it). Using gold to apply upgrades will inevitably lead to excess, worthless gold, which is no fun for players and a wasted tool for devs. I think the primary purpose of gold should be to control trading. Generally, the reward system dictates a certain gold-to-BFP earning ratio. Normal players will earn about this much gold per BFP. Hardcore players will earn more than this ratio. Multiaccounters will earn less since they will abuse the BFP quests. We can utilize this gold shortage to target multiaccounters. My specific idea is to require extra gold to make bad trades. Examples: Giving away 500 bfp in a direct trade would cost a lot of gold. Buying windweavers on the auction house for 900 BFP would cost even more gold. Trading windweavers for 1 BFP would cost very little gold. This prevents multiaccounters from moving BFP into their main account. Additionally, this system could serve as a general indicator of how good or bad a trade is. I don't think that is against the spirit of the trading game in Battleforge - the fun in trading is not fooling/scamming people into bad deals, but profiting from trading people what they want. I'm not sure how feasible this is for the devs. This would require that the server know the approximate BFP value of cards. This could be done by a database with a rolling weekly average minimum price on the auction house. It would also require UI changes. A while ago MrXLink said UI changes weren't possible but I thought they added the ability to buy (not apply) upgrades with gold. Spend Unlocking Suggestion Alternatively, all trading could be severely restricted for new accounts. As a very rough example, a new account could only spend (through direct trades or AH) 30 BFP per day. They can't sell or trade away cards. As you apply more upgrades, this restrictions are reduced until at some point all trading is unlocked. This discourages multiaccounting by requiring a very long time commitment before BFP or cards can be transferred into the main account. Both suggestions still allow an experienced player to give away large amounts of BFP or cards to a new player. TL;DR: SR will have way more multiaccounting than BF. Restricting trades for new/low level accounts may be the easiest way to combat multiaccounting. There are lots of ways to do this.
  7. Ladadoos

    Gold chests

    After reading one of the most recent threads made by @MrXLink, which mentions the current proposal for Tokens and Gold ( http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/ ), I got to thinking about gold chests, and how they, in my opinion, were not really worth the time that my units took to go to the chest and open it. Furthermore, the gold chests didn't seem all that special or rewarding - I personally never really got the motivation to try to work my way to a gold chest since the reward just wasn't all that great, in my opinion. It felt like it was just a small reward you were able to get here and there, which I am assuming is the intention of them, but in some maps they were located in an "extra" base (A base you didn't have to destroy to complete the match). In my opinion, those golden chests never really were 'one of the reasons' to destroy the base. Whether gold chests located in places you would for sure go through in maps are a small reward or gold chests located in 'extra' bases you wouldn't necessarily go through are a bigger extra reward is something that I would like your opinions about. Perhaps it's both, perhaps it's none. Should chests be something that you need to do extra work to get or should it be an extra chest that is located in a base that you would have to destroy anyways to win the match? Nonetheless, I believe that gold chests weren't that special, were rather boring and not really worth the time getting (I believe this is the opinion most people have). I've told @MrXLink this, and I will post a quote for the curious people among us: "I actually have no clue whether it is even possible to easily manipulate gold chests, since each chest has a random value of gold assigned to them, varying per chest and per roll. I agree, chests do seem very boring and if we have time and the possibility to edit gold in chests we might just end up boosting them rather than having elements influence them."(http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/&do=findComment&comment=29082 ) He mentioned the possiblity of increasing gold gained from gold chests, which didn't sound all that great to me at first, to be honest. That being said, since gold will now be used as the currency upgrade our cards, it will make the gold received from chests more rewarding/useful. (This of course depends on how much gold you gain from a chest compared to how much gold you actually have - which hopefully won't be a HUGE pile, like in the old Battleforge). I was thinking if there could be some other kind of reward that we can get from opening gold chests. Yes, I know it's called a gold chest, which would rather obviously have gold in it, but just to see if we can come up with some interesting/creative rewards or ways to get to find/open a gold chest. So, do you have any ideas of rewards or cool ways to find and open a chest? I don't expect much to change about the gold chests - only the amount of gold receive from them, if possible. So again, this is more to hear all the different opinions as well as collecting ideas regarding rewards and ways to find/open a chest. What do you think about this topic ?
  8. jess13

    more gold obtained

    obito more gold for completing missions to upgrade the card

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