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Found 3 results

  1. RainZy

    Best Gaming Device

    Just wanted to see what the community thinks Also PC is excluded because we all know its master race!!!
  2. Hi there, if you don't know (in 99,9% that's the case^^) me im Kilian. Im currently studying 3D Art and Animation and im part of a project group called "Project 0814". We are a group of 5 people from the university and we want to start a indie company and develop our first game. By doing this survey we hope to get an in depth view of the current gaming market and extracting a potential consumer group. So if you're interested, bored or have time please check out our survey hosted by Google Forms! https://goo.gl/forms/4FiJwM5PbA3tlCd12 The survey takes approximately 5 - 10 Minutes and is completely anonymously but you can give us your spam mail if you want to hear from us in the future. And if this survey post is against the rules please delete but I couldn't find any reasons in the rules. Thank you in advance, Kilian Edit: Changed title because of potential confusion.
  3. RainZy


    Hey, I know that I new however I am extremely excited to see that there is still life in this game! absolutely over the moon and i would like to contribute in any way i can! I would like to suggest opening a discord server for all of us to hang out on and even play games, I have read some posts on this forum and I noticed how happy and friendly everyone is here, quite different from how battle forge PVP was back then (Lots of salty kids, scammers etc). I have created a discord right now (I can transfer ownership of it to the Heads of the Project) and my goal is to get it VIP servers, I am pretty sure i can do that since I have some ties with discord. (IF ONE ALREADY EXISTS I APOLOGISE ~ Excitement hit me) Link: https://discord.gg/cEU42V4 What do you all think? What Channels do you want added?

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