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Found 4 results

  1. crazyfeel

    Can i be a beta tester?

    Hello guys, big fan of old battleforge. I was inspecting this forum and i am trully happpy with this community. Is there any way how i can play now?? I got experiences with reporting bugs in case of i find em.
  2. PlainVenom

    Future Giveaway Talk

    Hey there everyone, I would like to add that I congratulate the winners and one day everyone else will have their access. I mean the goal is to open the game completely right? My suggestion is that we move away from the twitch giveaways and do something else, because multiaccounting is such a big thing on twitch, have you ever seen CS:GO giveaways? I dont really know of any other options, but I am glad that we're moving towards more people having access. Facebook giveaways sound fine and Twitch aswell but how would these be done? And giveaways based on activity might seem bad aswell since people don't have a fair shot at entering. Oh and RIP FRENZYY
  3. Hello, so first of all, everyone must think I am mad that I maybe would consider declining closed beta access if I got offered the opportunity of closed beta access. Also please don't hate me for this, I just was thinking about the negatives more than the positives at this time. Also I don't really know what the beta testers do, because they do other things than just playing the game. I love Battleforge and can't wait to play it again, but I can see myself playing BattleForge too much (if the server works ) . I know everyone here has a job or goes to school, but for me I really can't study at home and I am supposed to do extra studying, but if I did get beta access and somehow got the chance to get it soon ( in like a month ) how would it effect me as a person and how would it effect my studying, I hope you understand what I have wrote do far. I am also learning to drive very soon, which means I got to pass a theory test and a practical test, with also concentrating on every lesson I get. If I had beta access to Battle Forge in that time spand ( 3 months ) I will be more focused on the game then learning a very important skill for life. I know this is very negative and I may get some hate and neg rep for this, or comments saying "you are not a trur Battle forge fan ", but I really couldn't care about hate. But I know a lot of people couldn't/ wouldn't decline an offer to join the beta, but they may have some reasons as why the beta is affecting their life, like not doing their homework because of beta, I hope you get what I am saying. Also a question which is really stupid and dumb but I am going to say it anyway, would any of you consider about decline beta? Have fun discussing this below and please do not say I should manage my time better, cause that ain't work. I also thought this would be a different change to usual topics, but yeah just a few reasons why I would consider declining a beta invitation. Peace out guys.
  4. Haruka

    Closed-Beta Talk

    What is everyone's thoughts on the closed beta, when, who, and where? All opinions are acceptable.

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