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    Hi all, Pick your top 3 of things you want the most in upcomming updates!!! 1. air deck: giving additional bonnusses with fire 2. water deck: giving additional bonusses with frost.. 3. earth deck: giving additional bonusses with nature 4. abomination of all 4 current ellements (1 orb of all) 5. more 4 orb bosses 6. more neutral ultra rare units 7. a pay to way section (beside the regular game) 8. more starter units 9. at least one healing spell for pure fire, shadow and frost 10. making a own senerio campaign map. 11. just keep the current optional. only expent shadow/nature combination and maby like a frost/ fire one 12. more grinding options beside t9 and t10 dungeons 13. more multiplayer campaign maps. Additional choises: more air units/ more ground units more campain maps
  2. xHighTech

    What deck did you play?

    Greetings @ all. In cooperation with Ladadoos we would like to know which main decks did you played in BaFo PvP? I'll add your name into the main deck section & to a counter for the upcoming statistic. I would appreciate it if you let us know what you play/ed regardless of your T1 choice for a short overview. Vote counter: 115 Votes Deck's Player 11 Pure Fire ( cDKiLLrOy, Archmystic, LinEQ, LEBOVIN, Lohle, Taker, Jenskendrik, shadowxxs77, DawsonTheFish, @LoKilleRs, @Taurusfire... ) 10 Pure Nature ( dekka, Azta, @TomyWomy, @Kahetabi, @EarthRed, @PickOrder, @Danito, @MarbSlonk, @Chomiczek, @Roguzf ... ) 17 Pure Frost ( freemka, Tormar, MisterBanane, ferevus, Blondais97, MrBoa, Akula, @Jumpman, @Akiyamachandesu, @Dallarian, @Kinoster, @Daaron, @Dragonhide, @Leukos, @KonaiLP, @jaktichu, @Mefesto ... ) 17 Pure Shadow ( GadaiGER, veryhasted, Anonymos, Chimerae, Asraiel, thifofdeath, @UBiLAVA, @XxHARVESTERxX, @Kessler, @guyperetz, @ulvfdfgtmk, @Istab, @Crosego, @Riviute, @Complex, @ecillio, @OXYKNG... ) 13 Twilight ( xHighTech, Ladadoos, Treim, Sykole, MephistoRoss, Eirias, Dexirian, Ezmoneysniper, @Kipspiesje, @XxAndroidxX, @Dzodin, @ThomasMann, @Tofu, ... ) 7 Fire/Frost ( kestas3, Nachtalb, Ultrakool, Trihl, @DrOetker, @Necrovan, @HomieGoHome... ) 5 Bandits ( Drezrak, @JugGERnaut, @ImaginaryNumb3r, @Tytraso, @GEILWIEPEN, ... ) 12 Lost Souls ( Hirooo, DuellLord, Eddio, ImperatorSK, Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Loptous, fShark, xtazfuneral, @mezren, @Demonic55331, @Totylcf, @Darkblaster, ... ) 12 Amii ( RadicalX, MrNguyen, valarium, DeChris, Hollwie, JuvenileEnvy, Jew, DarcReaver, @tbpeti, @Mirosius, @YaBro0 , @bramkriek, ... ) 11 Stonekin ( MaranV, forger, Dmytros, element, WotdeFack, @alesgec, @darklionking, @Demiron, @Venorik, @Delok, @Dragon270,... ) Best regards, xHighTech & Ladadoos Inspired by Ladadoos's Where are you from thread.
  3. Cherrieee

    Faction Discussion

    Hey guys! Cherrieee here, I remember years ago when I used to play BF, and god damn I love it. So about the factions, my favourites were Nature/Shadow decks. Granted I didn't have the greatest cards, but I did actually win PVE a lot, bare in mind I was a little kid back then. ANYWAY, what are your guys' favourite factions and ones that you will use in the UPCOMING BETA COMING JANUARY 2018!
  4. Hello, when I played the game in it's original form I was fairly young and pretty much got stuck playing whatever cards I had and I mostly just went by cards that could walk in a straight line and steam roll whatever got in the way, to say the least, I was not very good at tactics. But as I look forward to getting back into the game I've been checking the cards over at the wikia and I try to find a faction to focus on, one I can really feel into, and not just focusing on me I'd like to know what everyone thinks about each faction. Is Fire just a High damage burst deck or will zerg rushing get you smashed? Is Frost really good at only defending or can it be played really offensively? Is Shadow all about controlling everything and where everything is? Is Nature all about Crowd Control? And what of the other five? Please, do share what you would say each faction is like and how you think they should be played in the best way, maybe help someone to figure out why their favorite deck doesn't suit their play style?
  5. Tam Hawkins

    Help me building a Deck

    Hey Guys, When BF launches I would like to start in pvp with Stonekin or Nature (2 Nature and 1 Shadow Orb), but I'm Struggling a bit with my T1: Spells: 1: Ensnaring Roots (definitly) 2: Surge of Ligth (depending on how much extra healing I need and if I want to have a t2 healing spell or not) 3: Hurricane (not definitly but has high priority) Buildings: none Units: For Healing and Support: 1 Driad, both affinities (definitly) 2. Druid (definitly) Swift Units:(one or two of them) 1. Werebeast: I like the regeneration and that it is S/S 2. Swiftclaw: follows closely behind Werebeast 3. Amazon: somewhat left behind, I like that card but if i take that one I will probably have no other Beasts in my t1 Depending on how much slots I'll have left I might take two instead of just one. Others: 1. Spearman (pretty sure): I think they are a solid choice because of weapon switch, I'll also need some more close combat figthers incase I'll only take one swift unit 2.Manawing(absolutely unsure): I do not reaaly know what to think of this card, it has low health but the flying migth be a rather big advantage in t1, I have never seen it in any replay so I have some trouble evaluating this card 3.Windweavers (low priority): They seem quit good and I like the Multishot ability, but I think I have enough ranged units for now, especially if I take Manawing 4. Treespirit (very unlikely): definitly not a root deck so for now that one is not really consideret. I would personaly like to have all 3 spells, the 3 supports, Werebeast and/or Swiftclaw, if only one of the swift ones then additionaly Spearmen and then Manawing or Windweavers. That would set me at 9 card slots for tier 1 and would leave 11 Slots for Tier2/3. What do you guys think? I'm of course aware that i will not have access to all of these in the beginning and that I will have to slowly work towards these. I'm especially interested in your opinion about manawing and how much slot syou normaly use for t1. Thanks for reading, Tam
  6. I want to cultivate Discussion on what the best pure nature cards are for each orb, and what spells are most cost effective. I will list below what units i find most effective and universal for most PVE and PRVE maps. 1 orb units Swiftclaw-high damage, can rush structures easily, and very good at killing units fast (medium units are generally easier to manage and don't get locked down from Small knockback) Shaman-your main ranged damage unit and healer, can attack air (I started replacing other ranged teir 1 units with shamans. Their heal+damage is still useful even in t4 as XL support units.) TreeSpirit(both)-Extremely good at defending and attacking, can take on most 2 orb cost units without problems.(These were added pretty late in the game's life. They have so many insane pro's you can actually use them as your only t1 unit if you have enough charges.) Dryad(both)-great unit for general buffs with both versions, a must have on maps that have specific enemies that are really hard to deal with early (her paralysis can lock a unit down indefinitely, provided you don't accidentally shoot the stunned unit,) Amazon(green)+Werebeasts- This combo makes Werebeasts regenerate 50% more, making them an amazing tank unit for long sieges and distracting enemy mobs (this unit combo is nice if you are trying to assist a teammate without needing to babysit your units.) WindWeavers- useful ranged units, can shoot two different units at the same time. (these used to be the mainstay of t1 nature, but since treespirits and swiftclaws can bust through bases and objectives faster, they are now more effective as wall defenders) 2 orb units pure Spikeroot-Great card to get along with having TreeSpirits (only shoots ground, but does tons of damage and has pretty high building damage) Parasite Swarm-At max upgrade state you can take medium cost t3 units (Since nature is about control, t2 is more about taking their best units and stunning the rest while you kill their buildings or required objectives) Burrower- great unit for killing buildings/objectives (if you spawn two and get them to spit on the same wall segment, it instantly destroys them) Deep one(both)- Amazing unit with very strong damage and health (both affinity catch's are great for pulling in units you need to kill first, or pulling units you want to capture without risking parasite swarm squads) Mindweavers(both)- very strong against air units (is a good counter to units with strong ice shields since their poison does direct health damage) 3 orb units pure Razorleaf- great siege and defend unit (for most cost effective strategy have two Tree Spirits linked with it for maximum damage) Fathom Lord- Great unit for killing bosses and extra large units (at max rank only costs 25 to paralyze) ThornBark- great linked fire unit for killing mid-late game mobs (can be used as offense, but their lack of range makes razorleafs better in offensive roles.) Deepcoil Worm- great siege unit, with awesome tunneling mechanic for moving lots of units around the map fast (generally great damage at t3, and the tunneling ability makes them invaluable for larger maps with struggling teammates) Swamp Drake- Great for maps that need hard to reach objectives killed (also good defense units vs other air units and ground mobs that can't retaliate) Timeshifter Spirit- Insane unit that cancels all ranged attacks and stops all enemy abilities from being use-able (doesn't stop monsters from spawning at buildings, so that's a bit disappointing) 4 orb units Colossus- Great unit for endgame bosses and units (has a nice roar that silences enemies) Grimvine- Good unit comes with nice root CC (more useful in splash decks as only needs 1 nature orb) Giant Wyrm- Strong air dragon that has high damage and does more damage the longer it attacks Primeval Watcher- good unit for defending against mobs (this unit is great if you want a low unit base defense solution vs trash mobs later in the game, otherwise there are stronger offensive options) Forest eldar-Great offensive unit that can heal friendly units (this unit makes other tier units scale better with a constant group heal) Grove Spirit- Great unit for healing units in entrenched positions (she has a channeled AOE heal, making her extremely cost effective) Spore Launcher- Great building killing Siege unit with linked fire. Buildings Breeding Grounds- A must have building that makes all your units cost less! shrine of memory- good card that is more viable with a spell heavy deck (if you use spells they go directly into void power, when using units their void power doesn't come back until they die) Fountain of rebirth- a good building for larger pve maps where your t1 and t2 fights are difficult (heals all friendly units in the game, so using it in co-op missions is a very good idea) Healing gardens- Great building if you are using regenerating units, and is a good combo with ranged units for base defense. Lifestream- insane damage reduction building. Reduces damage done to 20% in a given area, 40% of that damage is directed at this building (that means 60% of total damage received is completely negated) Living tower- great building with the linked fire mechanic (if you didn't bring windweavers you can set these guys up behind walls and they do pretty good damage.) Mark of the keeper- Great base defense tower that cancels all ranged attacks and abilities from being triggered Primal defender- good air defense building vs large amounts of units (can attack ground but is better to use units as they can attack after) Tunnel- a nice building for defense maps where you need to have mobile armies to defend multiple objectives (it's a nice card but deepcoil Worms are generally more versatile) Wheel of Gifts- Great building with extremely good buffs (you will want to make 3 in a game, as they each can activate 1 permanent buff) Spells Surge of light- Amazing AOE heal. This is the staple of nature spells, you will always want to bring this card, as it's one of the best scaling cards in the game. Creeping paralysis- great Crowd control card that has a longer CC than any other nature card. Curse of Oink- Great crowd control card, but you don't want to attack the units affected as they will become unoinked sooner. Ensnaring roots- great card that makes ground units unable to move (more effective against melee units) Enlightenment- Game changing card that makes you able to use ANY card in the game without the orb requirements Hurricane- useful card for killing and disabling large mobs of small units (some maps have insane amounts of archers that attack you at t1, otherwise not a very useful card later in the game) Mind control- Makes you able to permanently use an enemy unit (excluding unique map bosses and such) Parasite- Good against large mobs of weak units and air units (the parasite jumps to a new unit if it kills the targeted one) Noxious clould- Great card against large stationary mobs. Revenge- a good damage reduction card (makes enemies take 20% of their own damage, reducing your units taken damage to 80%) Regrowth- Insane healing card for t4 nature (best healing card in the game) Ray of Light- Good healing card that heals a Percentage of total health (heals 3% hp per second, so is better for high health units) If i left any cards out, I don't think they are very useful :P. Discuss!
  7. Which card do you think represented each element the most? Or to put it in a different way which card could be a leader figure for each element? I'm interested in seeing your responses Mine would be: Fire: Juggernaut Frost: Skyelf Commander Shadow: Overlord Nature: Shaman
  8. BanGo

    Beginner Deck

    Hi there, I got an idea for the upcoming game. At the begin you don't have any good cards. But we could change that and everbody can decide at the beginning of bf a deck: frost, fire, nature or shadow deck etc. Not very expensive deck just a deck to start best regards BanGo
  9. anonyme0273

    War of the words

    THIS IS NOT RP (role play) RP is here http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1838-the-elemental-clash-the-battleforge-rp/#comment-38184 A while ago, there was a huge discussion - lore based. We battled around on what Elemental faction is the first one, the strongest one, the most ambitious one and the best one And just now, me and @youto000 came upon that discussion again, so here we are, having a thread about this, and this only. Post all your lore based and even made up facts here, and let's watch the Elements fight over their position. ------- Seriously though, check out the RP, it's amazing
  10. Kiwibaum


    I played mostly PvE in Battleforge and did so playing mostly nature at the start later I switched to Nature/Schadow. After watching some PvP gameplays I got interested. Is Nature/Schadow any good here and what are it´s advantages, disadvantages and common Strategies?
  11. Amergo

    The Nature wins

    Hey Does you want do play a deck that´s like healing and make at the same time dmg ? Then is this Build the right ! Nature ever Wins Deck: Like you can see is this deck bases on 2 facts 1. Synergy yes i know its sounds weird but the root and linked is real hard dmg you can defense a lot in pve and still make hard dmg when you go in the offensive like a mobile tower 2. Enlightment well that card is your dmg giver and your mobile repair kobold it allows you all the Units from frost ,fire etc. to call i do Bloodhorn ,juggernaut and AoF in because they have the best combo Batariel= offensiv church = defensiv T1: well a bit about the gameplay this is a deck that have many good units on the start so wich one you take first? ofc the shaman he is a mobile heal spell and with archers and a dryade a rly hard to stop crasher you need only to try to get your shamans alive then more shamans = more heal = lesser chances to die T2: on t2 give it not much to say your spell will helps you to get t3 even when not you have enough power to get it T3: here are 2 thinks rly important and when you forget to build a wheel you can forget to get a strong late its like you say waht more power no thanks ^^ so this 2 things are important on t3 T4: if you doesn´t even are on rampage and spawn all out or haven ´t enough energy for all then spawn first he is solid and can hold a lot after him you spawn these 2 will help with stuns and dmg buffs at least the now you can even get enemy Units great right? So waht you say :)? hope i can help
  12. When we start play BFR, we dont have good cards. How build not bad Frost (with some nature) deck for PvE with common cards? I am interested on T1 and T2 (maybe T3). T1 (frost) Master Archers, Imperials, Red Lightblade, Ice barrier? T2 (frost-nature) Defenders, Cobolts Trick, Cannon Tower, Phalanx, Stone Tempest? T3 (frost-nature-frost) Silverwind Lancers, Shield building, Drones, Equilibrium, Drones, Swamp Drake, Tremor? What you think about it? Which cards i should have in first deck? Only COMMON cards
  13. Battleforge fans and dear readers, let me share my idea with you guys: I think that there should be another group of cards like the twilight (fire and nature), the bandits (fire and shadow) and the stonekins (nature and frost). The new group should be made of nature and shadow on my opinion. I know in the last version of battleforge (before the server went down) there already was a card which was nature and shadow. Letting battleforge come back is great, but making it better and more succesfull is greater. I think creating a group with the elements shadow and nature would improve the fun of the game. Do you think this is a good idea or do you know a name for the shadow/nature group? (like "stonekins, bandits etc.) Let me know it in the comments! Thank you for reading, every comment would help! P.S: Do you remember the name of the only shadow/nature card that was in the last version of battleforge before it went down? Greetings, former archer Spiderwulf
  14. Since the first day of battleforge, I have been looking out for Forest Elder, The giant nature beast. The first time I saw forest elder I was so amazed by it, Since that day I have been trying to get that "OMG I MUST HAVE IT". I was more of a trader/pve person than a pvper. You know, There were 2 kinds of people in battleforge, I started so little and grew to a succesfull trader, Having all cards, A Deck with only level 4 cards, It was just a wonderfull feeling. After a busy day of school, I just came online on battleforge and play for 5 hours minimal, Trying to be a succesfull trader and getting forest elder and I succeeded! So, What was your story?
  15. Hello skylords, I'm going to teach you a few usefull cards for a nature-deck for PvE, semi or full. These are just some usefull cards for Nature decks not full decks!!! But in my opinion if you would build a deck with these cards and adding some of your own you'll be okay !STONEKIN AND TWILIGHT COMING SOON! 1st part is about a few basic nature cards, usefull for beginners. 2nd part is about defensive nature, usefull for advanced players 3th part is about full nature decks, usefull for advanced players 4th part is about Stonekin decks, usefull for advanced players (coming soon) 5th part is about Twilight decks, useffull for advanced players (coming soon) P.S. this is my first guide so if you have tips or improvement, speak up In my opinion these cards are essential in any Nature deck at least if you start with a nature orb, if not skip 1st orb part Most of the cards I chose were rather cheap or free on the old Battleforge, as far I can remeber. PART 1: THE BASE OF YOUR NATURE DECK 1st orb card(s): -Shaman, usefull for his healing ability. required orbs: -Windweavers, great because or their multi shot damaging nearby enemies. required orbs: -Surge of Light, A rather usefull healing spell. required orbs: 2nd orb card(s): -Breeding grounds, this building will reduce the cost of units within it's effectiveness radius. required orbs: -Curse of oink, transforming a limited number of enemy units into pigs will come in use while fighting larger groups of enemies (warning if you attack the pigs they will take on their orignal form faster, so watch out with units that can harm multiple enemy units. required orbs: 3th orb card(s): -Swamp Drake, this flying rascal has good a good health and attack base and a great skill (sleep powder) which is very usefull if you are passing trough or just to take some of the heat off. required orbs: -Equilibrium, healing spells, usefull, duh... required orbs: 4th orb card(s): Giant wyrm, this dragon.... excuse me wyrm, has a Thu'um that damages enemies iin a large radius and it is a flying unit (like most airborne units it is fast) Fus Ro Dah! required orbs: Regrowth, powerfull healing spell with a large radius. required orbs: PART 2: DEFENSIVE NATURE: (warning: some of these cards weren't that cheap in the old Battleforge) Root is love, Root is life.... Some Nature unit have the ability too root giving them stronger attacks, especially when a larger number of units is rooted and they are connected in linked fire making the attacks stronger and/or faster. Btw I will be only discussing units that can root, not rootable defenced you can leave in the comments. 1st orb card(s): Treespirit, the only first orb card that can root making it usefull and pretty overpowerd in PvE (especially with Shaman) required orbs: 2nd orb card(s): Living Tower, is a strong tower making is root will speed up the firing rate. required orbs: Root Nexus(Blue), giving all unit connected 25% extra defence, score! required orbs: 3th orb card(s): Thornbark, while rooted in a group the attacking speed goes up. required orbs: Sylvan Gate(Red), this healing building/tunnel speeds up his rate of healing while connected to a root network, oh and almost forgot giving unit within 25m 25% extra attack. required orbs: Sylvan gate(blue), same as above but instead of 25% extra attack this one gives 30% extra defence (jeez these buildings are cool) required orbs: Razorleaf, is will become very strong while connected to a root network and the rate of fire speeds up while having a long range! (note the hits will take time to hit so units with swift will come close easy)(oh, and it was rather expensive) required orbs: 4th orb card(s): Just build two Ice orbs and place a Worldbreaker Gun! And yes if could have said Spore Launcher, but I hate that card and I don't want to discuss it. PART 3: FULL NATURE DECK: (warning: some of these cards weren't that cheap in the old Battleforge) 1st orb card(s): -Shaman, usefull for his healing ability. required orbs: -Windweavers, great because or their multi shot damaging nearby enemies. required orbs: -Surge of Light, A rather usefull healing spell. required orbs: -Dryad(Blue), this unit gives the surrounding units 20% extra defence. required orbs: -Mana Wing(optional), this one orb flying unit is very usefull is some maps. required orbs: -Treespirit, serves as a tank and because of his ability too root in larger numbers treespirits can deal a lot of damage. required orbs: -Ensnaring roots, this spell stop enemies is they try too pas trought the spell. Warning: they can't move but will attack. required orbs: 2nd orb card(s): -Breeding grounds, this building will reduce the cost of units within it's effectiveness radius. required orbs: -Curse of oink, transforming a limited number of enemy units into pigs will come in use while fighting larger groups of enemies (warning if you attack the pigs they will take on their orignal form faster, so watch out with units that can harm multiple enemy units. required orbs: -Deep One(Purple), a strong unit that can teleport a enemy unit and give it 25% less defence. required orbs: -Parasite Swarm, a weak unit with a great ability to take control of 2 orb <150 power units. required orbs: -Shrine of Memory, you'll regain your void power faster. required orbs: 3th orb card(s): -Abyssal Warder(Red or Blue), an on first sight not a great tier 3 unit but after it dies is falls apart in two weaker and smaller versions of himself. required orbs: -Deepcoil Worm, Strong, Fast, 2x Siege and a possible tunnel oh and will moving takes 50% less damage. Best. Card. Ever. (at least for tier 3) required orbs: -Wheel of gifts, (note: you will need the first upgrade for this card to be totally awesome) this building can grant you three gifts 20% extra strenght, 20% less damage taken and if upgraded gains the gift of juvenscence heals units 3% every 4 seconds. (all these gifts are for every friendly unit, cannot stack) required orbs: -Enlightement, this spell is one of the best spells in the game. It grants you the ability to play any card (in your deck) !any card! for example you could spawn a Jorne a four frost orb unit or Batariel a four orb fire unit. required orbs: 4th orb card(s): -Forest Elder(Green), gives surrounding unit 25% extra damage and besides that.... It looks awesome required orbs: -Giant Wyrm, Fast, Strong, and discussed in part 1, Mull Qah Diiv required orbs: -Regrowth, healing spell, cool! also part 1, required orbs: -Colossus, Strong unit (and the fastest ground unit in game) required orbs: I hope you find this usefull! Any other tips for nature post them in the comments! Yours truly, retront
  16. Skytrias

    Skytrias' youtube Channel

    Haii everyone! If i havent introduced myself already, you may know me as OtherMK(Ign BF) or OffSky(YouTube). And I have huge plans for my BF Videos on YouTube and my Stream. I was one of the few youtubers that casted some reviews in the late days of BF, rather one of the more noobier ones :P. I wasnt the best player and surely i was really young, maybe around 15 years old. Well time has gone by so fast and with that, the urge to play BF has really become big to me. When watching some of my own videos, i feel somewhat ashamed with the quality and everything else... So yeah. Im going to make new BF videos, once i get the chance to play it again. The thing tho is, my commentary and my knowledge of the game and its mechanics were really bad, well not the best. Many people have pointed that out to me and its true. Also looking at my YT channel now, my most viewed videos were my live videos (only had 2 but w/e). So i want to make more live ranked Gameplay. Thats what my Channel is going to be consisting of for the most part. I personally enjoy watching the live gameplay more so why not? Commentary will be quite hard but that comes over time. My english skills have also increased a lot i hope and i hope to make atleast a video a day. Ok so to some other content thats going to come on my new Channel (Skytrias). I want to make these videos: Live Ranked Gameplay on my main account and laddering, im most likely going to play Pure Nature (root tactic, not lame)! Live 2on2 Gameplay with a friend of mine, be it Ranked or Sparrings. And now comes the most important part of my Channel. Live Ranked Gameplay chosen by the community. So im also going to livestream on twitch.tv. And I will make another Account where i will ladder with a goal of Legend for example and the community in the twitch Chat will be able to choose: What Deck Colors I will play And maybe at which Tier (1,2,3) I have to win the game. Thinking this would be quite cool as they could say, tier 1, and then I would have to try my hardest with tier 1 against tier 2 or even tier 3. ^^ But the main goal of this, is to keep the community alive and have you guys be able to choose the most important thing about the series and be able to affect Gameplay too. Well this is getting quite long, but to the quality of my videos. I will upload and not stream most of my stuff because of one reason. I can only stream with 30 fps, cuz of Internet. So my videos on youtube will be 1080p and smooth 60 fps and my stream + its videos will be 1080 or 720p and 30 fps The reason for this is let the viewers enjoy looking at these videos as much as possible. Im not even sure if BF supports 60 fps but i hope so. Also if you have any questions you may want to ask, just post them and I'll respond as fast as i can. Im not the most active person here so thats why. Social Media links (if its allowed): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBKKiPml8SBOSZPD2Jsc2g/videos (New Channel, Name change at 250 subscribers lol fk yt) https://www.youtube.com/user/SOTdead91/videos (Old Channel with ~ 30 BF videos) Ps: since Bf has ended i make music as a hobby, maybe some of you guys would like me to remix some BF tracks for trailers? ^^ Ps2: <3

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