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Found 6 results

  1. Fyrios


    I need the worst battleforge puns you can think of. It's for scientifical reasons.
  2. Fyrios

    Best cards in the game (?!)

    So I wanted to know what you guys think could be the best cards in the game. Since "best" is a bit of a loose term I made up 5 categories. Give me what you think is the strongest in PvP (1), strongest in PvE (2), Funniest one (3), Most versatile one (4) and just which holds a special place in your heart (5) You can mention one card in each category or do a ranking in each category if you feel like it. I mainly want to know what you guys think
  3. Just wanna know what was your most memorable moment in BF, either it was funny or shocking, surprising or happy... whatever Ill start, in the absolute beginning of BF, my best buddy startet with BF and we played completely free to play. so it was hard to get some bfp... we traded us a little bit up until we were able to buy our first booster... we thought a long time if we should do or not, then we decided to buy and got a Mountaineer, and he was sooooo expensive at that point. we were so happy and we sold him, then got a whole bunch of bfp... but as stupid as we were, we used our bfp to buy new boosters, and there was only crap inside so we were back at zero again so guys what are your stories
  4. EranShoval

    super smash bros Brawlhalla

    Hello there you handsome Squidward I wanted to create a list on off topic for people who play Brawlhalla For those of you who don't know what Brawlhalla is its basically a Free 2 Play Super Smash Bros for PC on Steam. If some of you are familiar with brawlers or want to try it feel free to join me and other players from the community If we have enough people interested in the game we will open custom lobbies with different and fun game modes such as Snowbrawl (Throwing snowballs bombs on each other and try knockout the map as many people as possible). Bombsketball (Team based game mode of 2 teams trying to score bombs through the the target). Brawlball (Team based game mode of 2 teams Pretty much like american football you need to go through the obstacles and players and score the touchdown). and of course some Free For All matches (Beat the shit out of everyone and survive) Well after my summary lets go on with the list: (BFR Forum name) (Steam Profile Link) (Preferred region EU/NA/ASIA) (Rank in 1vs1) (Comments) EranShoval http://steamcommunity.com/id/EranShoval/ EU Plat 3 TheBlackAce http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089249623 EU Gold 2 Hope more people will join Veryhasted http://steamcommunity.com/id/veryhasted/ EU Bronze ~ Lions aren't good at Brawlhalla Form for people who want to be part of the list: BFR Forum name: Steam Profile Link: Preferred region EU/NA/ASIA: Rank in 1vs1: Comments: (If your steam account is level 0 write here if you want me to add you to my steam friends for custom lobbies)
  5. Ilsyde

    BattleForge Reborn - prank trailer

    Hey guys. If you know me from my sarcastic comments/jokes, then the below trailer shouldn't surprise you. Much. I created it today while exploring, experimenting with - and most of all, trying to learn - Sony Vegas as some form of a personal project. Hope it'll make you laugh. Enjoy:

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