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Found 1 result

  1. Sup guys Borisl04 here. I need some help with my rPVE 9 Bloodhorn deck. I've been doing alot of rPVE and I figured out that Bloodhorns struggle a bit at clearing alot of small/medium units, it takes alot of time to kill them all with only Bloodhorns in my deck as T4 unit. That's why I think I should add a ranged unit to my deck. I need a ranged unit that'll help killing those small/medium enemies as fast as possible so the Bloodhorns are fine. A ranged unit will also help me with killing some bosses like Nyxia who can only be attacked by ranged units. These are the 19 cards i'm currently using: T1: Nomad(g) aff. Mine Eruption Embalmers Shrine Offering T2: Shadow Phoenix Curse of Oink T3: Ashbone Pyro SoW Frenetic Assault(p) aff. Infect Soulshatter Revenge Equilbrium(g) aff. The Incredible Mo Fallen Skyelf T4: Bloodhorn(r) aff. Rifle Cultist Regrowth Please, all the advice is welcome! If you see a way to improve this deck, tell me, that would help me alot :). Also tell me what ranged unit you guys recommend as I think I really should add one to this deck! Thanks! Borisl04 PS I might add a Nether Warp(g) aff. to this deck as I think that would work well with the Bloodhorns, do you guys think that will be a great idea? If it is, what should I take out for Nether Warp?

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