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Found 7 results

  1. iRoDiieK

    New Boosters

    One thing I would very much like to be added to the game in the future would be the varied boosters, because it would be better to get cards from a certain edition, rather than a single booster containing all the editions. And not only the boosters but also the elements that gave some bonus in the game would be nice to return. * Elements:
  2. yoda8789

    More boosters

    Different kind of booster with different costs and types
  3. Leohausmaus

    Your Packluck?

    Hello community! Its been some time since the open stress started and I was able to play and open some boosters. So I am interested what you have packed so far! I packed myself following nice: 2x Lost Honor & 2x Spirit Ship & 2x Lost Dragon 2x Ensnaring Roots Soulhunter Inferno Amii Monument & Jorne Skycatcher Primeral Watcher and Firedancer omg Greetings Leo
  4. Heya, I know we won't have this much BF points when the game is completely open, but there are alot of people who stack points before buying up packs. wouldn't it be nice if you were able to input how many packs you want to buy? "i want to buy 11 packs, "inputs 11". System: "Are you sure you want to buy 11 packs for 5.500 BF?". it now takes some time clicking and clicking that "buy" and "Ok" button, so it would create alot more flexibility. In adition to this, another suggestion: When you click on buy, it asks you "do you really want to buy this item?" When you are able to input more then 1 pack, it would be nice if it could give a little review of your order here. "Do you really want to buy 11 Twilight boosters?"
  5. Dallarian

    Dev platform

    http://dev.bfreborn.com/views/booster.html Is booster simulator. As you can see it is placed on devplatform. But there isnt any link on forum or defplatform to it! Only one that is in thread about booster simulator. Could you add link on Devplatform to booster simulator?
  6. Kaliber84

    Element Boosters

    Several times I stumbled upon people on this forum who asked for or suggested more boosters than the general one. The main reason was card collection. Especially in the beginning when we don't know how the economy around the AH will evolve and the pool of cards needs to be filled by boosters those boosters become the main focus. Many players will be forced or be interested in buying boosters to get the foundation of a decent deck of their own. But to obtain the cards they need for the deck they want to achieve will be insanely hard by just buying the general booster as there are way too many cards to have a decent chance to get the ones needed. In the old BF one could always use the AH or direct trades but as mentioned this might not be an option. The suggestions of the other people on this forum varied according to their supposed use as well as the preferences of the one suggesting. There were suggestions of starter packs, ones with different chances for UR, R and UC, different boosters for the different cards (monster, spells, buildings), boosters for the different editions, the different elements and even boosters with community created cards. In my opinion most of those are either unnecessary, confusing or do not adress the core problem I mentioned above. But I do want to explain how I expect the element boosters might adress this problem. Rather than differentiating by edition or something else, I think it is wiser to differentiate by element. Offering one booster for each element (so 4 in total plus the general booster) would be great. The restriction could be as simple as every card included in it needs one of it's required orbs to be of that element. To obtain heroes or promos and the like one would still have to purchase the general boosters. Also making the element boosters more expensive or lowering the probabilities to find UR or R would balance the advantages while still making them more useful for deck building. The main use would be to enable players, who already know the general orbs or cards their deck should contain, to focus on the elements they intend to use. This would greatly decrease the time needed to create a specific deck without the use of the AH. The players using those boosters wouldn't get more valuable cards than everyone else and those who want to collect everything wouldn't get much of an advantage out of it. What do you think of this? Also take a vote at the poll I included please.
  7. Dallarian

    Mechanic of Boosters

    In booster are 8 cards. How big are chances to get good cards in each slot? Can say it for every type of booster? I like % and other numbers

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