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Found 39 results

  1. Hi Skylords what your best score in the game? Who has the best? Score on high settings: Setting : Score on low settings : Settings : Specifications: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700kGraphic: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 ti StrixMainboard: MSI Z170A Krait Gaming Soundkarte: Creative Sound Blaster ZDIMM : 2x8 DDR4 3200 G.Skill Trident ZMonitor: BenQ XL2720TOS: Win 10 Enterprise
  2. iRoDiieK

    New Boosters

    One thing I would very much like to be added to the game in the future would be the varied boosters, because it would be better to get cards from a certain edition, rather than a single booster containing all the editions. And not only the boosters but also the elements that gave some bonus in the game would be nice to return. * Elements:
  3. NAME: You can't join this lobby, the match has already started! SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Join Open Games (bad harvest) 95% REPRODUCIBILITY: This happened at least 4 times now. Yesterday, tried restarting. Today restarted, it worked. On the map, click on bad harvest. There's 1 or 2 list. Click on a game, then click on join game. This happens likely, when I haven't play for several hours. Then when I open skylords, it happens. DESCRIPTION: This happened today and yesterday. I saw two open games for bad harvest. There both Standard or Advanced, made by different people. Open slots usually 2 or 3. I tried refreshing it, but still the same. I'n on the US. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Uploaded ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Maybe in the code, once game is started, remove it from list and refresh the list. Or im guessing its thinking the game has started, but not. So that code shouldn't show up when game is in the list that has less than 4 members. Anyways, just a thought. Thanks guys!
  4. iRoDiieK

    Starter Deck

    In the final version, will the current starter deck be changed to the official deck that was received when creating a new account on the old battleforge? These were the cards you received when creating an account: I ask this because the currently decks received when creating an account are not good.
  5. BoXeN

    Game is not working (visual)

    Soooo, can someone tell me in steps how to open the forge or play it? Cause, now I have updater and the BattleForge file. And the problem is when I'm opening updater it says to agree for this type of file, and the patcher is not seeable ( one time i was clicking everywhere and just black screen popped out and then it crashed) And when I'm opening the battleforge file nothing happens Pls help with this Screen
  6. Saim25

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Hello everyone, here you can download my new Map HIGHGROUND. Its a fast and intense 1on1 Map, inspired by one of my favourite Maps "Haladur". Orbs: 6 (Maybe Ill add one more) Wells: 16 1. DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzlscd35ic4wler/Highground new version.pak?dl=0 2. Put the PAK file in Documents/Battleforge/"Map" (if there is no Map folder, create one)
  7. Bkingn

    Real Life Card game

    Hi guys! I am making a real life trading card game for battleforge but i need to make stats more simplier. so if someone can give me the card which has the biggest stat line i will appreace his/her help It will be easy to learn but hard to master. It will be like MTG or HS you need to destroy your enemies base (which will be monuments) power gained auto but u can ramp as well. Max Power is 15, but with turns you only can reach 10. You need power support cards which will expand your power to 15 or use spells to make it there. Each monument has 10Health you get 1 at the start and its cost 3 power to build a new one so u get the next orb so you can play more cards. Your hand contains 8 cards at the start and you can mulligan up to 3 cards. Each round you draw a card theres no hand limitation. Your deck is maxed at 25 cards but you can play with 20 too. Each round you automaticly gain 1 power, but you can use 3 power to gain +1 additional power to your next round (ramping) If you are overhelmed by the enemy dont worry you can use your monuments to defend it costs you 2 power to deal 1 damage to an enemy creature (can attack flying too) So if you have nothing to play you can still defend yourself. The card combat is very easy you can choose what to attack. You can go straight to the monuments or buildings and deal "FLAT" damage to them. Or you can attack other creatures and they fights back with their own stats. For example a card has like M(edium) 1 Attack and S(mall) 2 Health that means he will deal 1 damage to an enemy creature. But here comes the "FLAT" damage which is based on your size. You can deal 1 minimum up to 4 maximum damage to a building (except sige creatures, they do +1more) So Small deals 1, Medium 2, Large 3, ExtraLarge 4. So this creature is Medium sized so it can deal 2 damage to your monument. Its by the way Small so its easy to get rid of with stunning spells or bigger creatures. You can block the incoming damage with your units as well if you want or if you can. In the attacking phase your enemy also can play spells if he/she has enough power to play a card, if he plays a creature in your attacking phase to defend his buildings the unit will spawn with half health to defend! Please let me know if you are intrested in my project i will make it with photoshop, and a website will print it for me. If you want the game as well you can print it too with a small amount of price just to support me, it will be purchaseable at the website where i will print it. I dont make this for mOny dont misunderstand me! i just want to make this game real so i can play with my friends but if you are intrested you can get it for yourself too i will make all the cards abilities functioning like swift can be like Rush/ or charge and abilities will be used when you tap your card and so on. I hope you like my topic and you have some ideas to improve this game
  8. So what if right you could introduce a new element into the game, an element that would include its own set of cards and its own abilities, advantages and disadvantages. It doesn't even have to be an element since we have card sets like Undead etc so could be a class set of cards. I think a Light element/faction would be a cool addition to the game, the element would be similar to Nature and frost in terms of ability and use of units. I imagine the use of paladins and centurion/sentinel type of cards/characters that would be used. It would also be a nice little opposite to Shadow (Story wise i guess as well as card wise). What Faction/Element would you introduce into the game if another faction was added, what would its benefits be over the other factions and why did you choose the faction that you did?
  9. Tobbezeichnet

    video "Battle between fire and frost"

    So let me just open this topic real quick, since some guys were wondering about me posting it in the chat to many time For all you folks out there that would like some content, while waiting for the open beta
  10. RainZy

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

    Rules: 1 - You can only post 1 word 2 - Have to wait until 4 others have posted a word until you can repost 3 - You can use Dot (.) Comma (,) etc at the end of your word if you want. 4 - Keep it PG Aim: With an increasing number of posts a story is formed, your job is to continue the story with 1 word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I shall start: - Today
  11. Hello, i uploaded the BattleForge Client on the German 1&1 Host. I guess it will be highspeed around the world. Hopefully this will help you guys http://bultzen.de/BattleForge.rar You can't start this Client yet. The Launcher [not yet avaible] is required to launch the game.
  12. The official Fansite-Kit Grabbed it just before the shutdown: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290814/Fansite-Kit.zip.html All Cards First it contains the big image file from TBO. Based on this big file, I have created single files for every card, which are also part of this zip, you can download here: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290813/Karten.zip.html Chronicles (German) Just before the end of the game I have created this PDF file and uploaded it on the offical board. I guess only a few people could obtain it, so I just reupload it here again. The whole chronicles as pdf: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290789/Chronik.pdf.html The audio of the chronicles: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290788/ChroniclesAudio.zip.html Loadingscreens+ (also German) This file contains the loadingscreens of every map and some other stuff, like the ingame map: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290819/Ladescreens.zip.html I dont know which of this stuff was already posted, so sorry.
  13. salenstern

    Battleforge Lore Timeline

    With the open beta release coming ever closer, I started to remember more and more about battleforge. The most interesting part was the lore. I started to browse the wikis and old videos and I started to notice gaps in the lore. That's why I'm creating this topic to get help from the other skylords and skyladies. I'm also going to create a timeline of the overall battleforge lore. Things I put in brackets are things I'm unsure about and are putting them in there to fill up the timeline. Questions: Who made the forge? Did the Amii make the forge? When the lore refers to Nyn, do they mean the planet or the Universe or something else entirely? [For now, I'll assume Nyn refers to the Earth as in the planet] Where did the humans come from? Did an element create them as a lesser race, and if so, which element? Which came first, the forge or Nyn? Who were the ancients? Timeline (Beginning of Skylords): {Whatever happened before first slayer and first victim} First slayer and first victim were together. They were polar opposites First slayer killed the first victim. His blood poured out into the universe and became the shadow element. The first slayer's tears became the stars and the fire element. (Nyn was made) (Winds and Mist were made) Nature was made to block winds and mists but rebelled (Forge was made) (Gods came to be) Nyn created the first mortal races, giants. But they actually weren't mortal more like gods cause they were strong and immortal. Nyn made stonekin to be their servants. Winds wanted some flesh. Nyn said no. Winds rebelled and made the lesser race the skyelves. [Rebelled is an interesting word choice. It may mean that the other elements were in service to Nyn/Earth] Skyelves went to war against giants. Giants crushed them. Giants ripped of their wings and made sun elves. [They called them that because they would die if they couldn't feel the sun or the winds] Apparently fire also made the orcs around this time so they could rebel against Nyn. The orcs were also made slaves though. (Skanes were made?) [Skanes are the bastard race of Giants and the enslaved sunelves] (Humans were made and elves were enslaved) [Humans are the sunelves and Skanes offspring] (Somewhere around here the elements decided to create physical incarnations of themselves called the Amii. They were made to free the mortal races. They fought evenly with the skanes but then the giants came and the Amii were enslaved. It's also known that the Amii created the wells and orbs out of primal ore which is the same stuff that makes the forge.) The enslaved races hoped that someone would free them from the oppressive giants, stonekin and skanes. Gods who were just sitting around finally decided that they would do something and attacked the giants. Giants were like "No" and started to beat back the gods. Mortal races were inspired by the gods fighting and also started to fight. It was around this time when Brannoc enters the story. Brannoc was a jeweler and wasn't fighting against the giants. He was summoned to the giants and told to leave his family and make jeweler for them. He said no, somehow escaped the giants and became an outcast. The giants went to his home and killed his wife. Viridya fled the giants and found sanctity in a nearby forest where she learned nature magic. When he returned to his home he found his wife dead and his daughter missing. He got angry and started to make weapons. Viridya returned and found him making weapons. He saw him stuff wood into the furnace and got angry. Brannoc banded together with the outcasts to form a resistance but the skanes and giants hunted him down so he ran away again. When Brannoc ran away again, she just stayed in the comfort of the forest and became a master at nature magic. Eventually he came upon Ym, the last mortal city that wasn't enslaved by the giants. There he met moon, the princess of Ym. With some Ymian alchemists, they made something called giantsbane which was essentially gunpowder and was used to fuel their guns and cannons. Also Moon fell in love with Brannoc because he had resolve and commitment to fighting the giants. When Brannoc returned to Lyr, Moon followed him but ran back to Ym cause Viridya didn't want another person to take the place of her mother and Brannoc couldn't fully love Moon cause of his wife who was the drive for his anger and his resolve. With the giantsbane, the mortals and the gods finally beat back the giants, sending them deep underground to their mother. The greatest heroes from the war were chosen by the gods and taken up into the forge, becoming skylords. Brannoc became the leader of them. Peace settled on Nyn allowing the once imprisoned races to recuperate. Meanwhile the lost souls got angery cause they can't get to heaven.
  14. ThomasMann

    Screenplay Battleforge Screenplay

    For my film studies coursework I have to create a screen play and the first idea that popped into my head was Battleforge, obviously as we are getting so close to open beta. So I want to do a screenplay for Battleforge and include lore and main characters such as Rogan, Moon, Viridya and more. But is it allowed? Is this plagiarism? idk if anyone can confirm for me that what be cool, the screenplay won't make any money, but I will be using it to try and get a good grade. I just though it would be a cool idea and I could share it here, I don't think I can ask for your help, but yeah if you want to give ideas and stuff, that would be cool. But yeah, got to see if this is legal first or I guess I could just do it lol. Thanks ThomasMann.
  15. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Hello everyone! I rendered together the last couple days dozens of original battleforge artworks to a better resolution thanks to @Perendi. You can find them in the links below: All Albums Units (Shadow) Units (Fire) Units (Frost) Units (Nature) Units (Twilight) Units (Bandit) Units (Stoneskin) Units (Lost Souls) Units (Legendary) Miscellaneous Artworks Buildings (Fire) Buildings (Bandits) Buildings (Frost) Buildings (Legendary) Buildings (Twilight) Buildings (Lost Souls) Buildings (Shadow) Buildings (Stoneskin) Buildings (Nature) Spells (Nature) Spells (Shadow) Spells (Fire) Spells (Frost) Spells (Mixed Fractions) Reworked Artworks HD Artworks BFR Backgrounds HD Loadingscreens Also because some people asked me about the backgrounds that I am using for my thumbnails, I am using this ones right here : Screenshots If you are going to use one of these artworks, make sure mention my work. If I am missing some artworks in the current existing albums let me know, in that case I will add them as quickly as I can.
  16. Hey all, I am planning a stream tonight at 8pm EST on my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/dawsonxdhello I thought I should announce it on the forum so more people are aware about it Also here is a timer if any of you dont know when 8pm EST is in your area https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20171008T20&p0=1185&msg=Dawson's+Stream&font=cursive&csz=1 See you then skylords!
  17. Fauchderial

    My opinion about skylords

    Hi there ! It was a long time since I posted on the forum right ? So today, I'm gonna talk about Skylords Reborn Battleforge is a nice and amazing game Owned from EA for sure but there is someone who had the idea to take the game back. I never expected this can happen... For a lot of years now battleforge became Skylords Reborn and the game continue to give and hope to everyone. The project is a lot of works, so there is a lot of time remaining (I guess). Suggestions are the most important thing to give idea for future purpose and functionalities. The only thing that can stop us is time, so be patient and keep the hype up ! Update on the dev platform keep us informed on what important or major decisions have been taken or what happened during these weeks. Forums is there to inform us in generality. I invite people joining discord to be more informed and chit chat and finally for giveaway if you don't care about "chit chat". Giveaway is not every day, it totally random and everybody have the same chance to win. But sometimes active member can be favored. On discord you can ask some questions in #ask_skylords and there is always someone to answer your question :). Stream is another way to inform us, but it rare to see Streaming and it shocking for some people who want to see streaming. But you can check some replay if you are interested. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZLtgBj59SBfIZzcYWbxJVg What do you think about all of this ? It is clear or confusing ?
  18. ninjr

    old game battleforge

    hi guys im new here me and my brother we played a battleforge we were at top 10 (indianx and imnewbz) This is my video and my friend wins the first place at 2vs2 ( drakonz & ReCyruel )
  19. lFrostAvatar

    Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

    Hey Skylords! Today I want to introduce you to my new thread, where you can send me offers for art related work such as the following: Profile Pictures for every kind of platform. Overlays for Youtube, Twitch et cetera, as well as thumbnails for videos. Signatures for all kind of things. If you are interested in one of these things, just write me a private message, or leave a comment here in this thread, I do this for free, naturally. There will be additionally new galleries on imgur which you can access through this thread, there you will find all the work done so far, so make sure to check it out if you are interested. However, because of privacy policies concerning my customers, all the material there will be not HD! if you want a HD version regardless of that, just let me know here in thread. The links you will find below! Profile Pictures Overlays Last but not least, thank you already for taking a look at the work, and thank you for all the future commissions, I hope I will have fun working, and most importantly, you being satisfied with your new individual piece of art!
  20. Quatschelgonge

    Dear BattleForge Song Cover

    Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings!! Here is a covered song text from - everyone Knows - ... Dear BattleForge - lyrics Dear Darlin', please excuse my writing. I can't stop my hands from shaking cause I'm home and alone tonight. I miss you and nothing hurts like know you. And no one understands what you´ve been through. Game was live. It was sweet. You died. And if my words break through the space and meet you deeper in, all I Could say is: "Game, I mean just everythin'." Dear Darlin', please excuse my writing. I can't stop my hands from shaking cause I'm home and alone tonight. I miss you and nothing hurts like know you. And no one understands what you´ve been through. Game was live. It was sweet. You died. You died. - I understand why we split before some years. - Been thinking about the time we spent in. Feeling like the PC was sinking. I was warm in the hope of your plays. So if my words break through the space to meet you deeper in, all I could say is: "Game, I mean just everythin'." Dear Darlin', please excuse my writing. I can't stop my hands from shaking cause I'm home and alone tonight. I miss you and nothing hurts like know you. And no one understands what you´ve been through. Game was live. It was sweet. You died. Oh I concur. These Hands are yours to play. And I miss you and nothing hurts like know you. And no one understands what you´ve been through. Game was live. It was sweet. You died. ..Olly Murs. Thanks for the original song, it´s great! Olly Murs - Dear Darlin' This is my first try to cover a song and change some words. I hope you guys like it Greetings and see you in the forge (really really soon) :3 Quatschelgonge
  21. Hello everyone My name Lukaznid, and I like drawing ✍. I've really gotten into drawing fanart for Battleforge since there was a competition for beta spots. I've decided to continue drawing them out of pure interest, mostly as a hobby. Do note that I am still a beginner and am still learning how to draw Anyhow I've posted updates for drawing into the chat, but I've decided on something a bit more permanent so that's why I'm opening this thread, to post my finished products and updates on how they're coming along here. Always happy to hear comments and/or critiques (especially those, you learn the most from them). Anyhow these are my creations thus far (being updated): DRAWINGS: - The forest elder http://imgur.com/mCnY7RJ As a background (as per request), all three resloutions and the original 6000x4000 (or something) can be found at the following link: http://imgur.com/a/QpCXW (album of every size) Added the BFR logo too. - The shadow mage http://imgur.com/e7M0b5t + (cropped with bfr logo) http://imgur.com/XjY7g7T - Spitfire (Frozen!) - Stone Tempest + (Stonekin) (Frozen!) - Skyelf Commander - Snapjaw (missing picture, I'll add it later, you can find it in the comments somewhere) - Juggernaut (yes I know this is Mo, in progress) - Northland Drake (First Photoshop project) SIGNATURES: (If you want a signature, send me a PM) Gheist My own (old) My current signature VeriiMoney Riviute Dallarian Goofs! (Photoshop and other nonsense) Boxing Juggernaut! To-do list: aka. Requests: ✎? VOTE HERE: [voting is finished for now] REQUESTS CLOSED ☑ - frozen, done for now | ✎ - being drawn, in progress | ☑ - completed | ☒ - request accepted, in queue! not yet complete. - Stone Tempest - Ultrakool ☑ - Skyelf Commander - (not by request, doing it because I want to , will still make the requests, just later) ✎ - Shadow mage - LagOps ☑ - Spitfire - Ladadoos ☑ - Forest Elder - (myself, entry into the beta competition) ☑ - Windweavers - JoseAlmeida ☒ - Juggernaut - Bionicreaper ☒ - Shadow Worm - Chimerae ☒ - Lost dragon - Treim ☒ - Spearmen - SilenceKiller99 (ULALA!) ☒ - Northland drake - Dallarian ☒ - Agressor/Grinder - EonBen☒ - World breaker gun - Kaliber 84☒ - Avatar of frost/Harvester - Lord Nullpointer (with support from Kaliber84) ☒ - Grinder/Deepfang - Keeper ☒ - Vileblood - Dzodin ☒
  22. How did you guys find Battleforge? I was looking for a pc based tradeable card game with online multiplayer when i bumped into this gem. Immediately fell in love with the creatures' designs and the fresh and exciting gameplay. That's my story. How about yours?
  23. RainZy


    Hey, I know that I new however I am extremely excited to see that there is still life in this game! absolutely over the moon and i would like to contribute in any way i can! I would like to suggest opening a discord server for all of us to hang out on and even play games, I have read some posts on this forum and I noticed how happy and friendly everyone is here, quite different from how battle forge PVP was back then (Lots of salty kids, scammers etc). I have created a discord right now (I can transfer ownership of it to the Heads of the Project) and my goal is to get it VIP servers, I am pretty sure i can do that since I have some ties with discord. (IF ONE ALREADY EXISTS I APOLOGISE ~ Excitement hit me) Link: https://discord.gg/cEU42V4 What do you all think? What Channels do you want added?
  24. anonyme0273

    Streaming the basics

    Good day people! I was asked today about a basic issue of weapon size X unit size counter and DPS, which gave me an idea that even though there are some videos covering this topic, I am not aware if a Stream was made that would cover this. I thought, if people were interested, I could prepare one for this weekend! It would be all basic, starting with words like Tier/Era, through Power and Monument costs finishing with covering some strategies and answering all kinds of possible questions. Please, I would want to know - would anyone be interested? I am not a great player, I can't tell you how to win 100/100 games, nor can I provide indepth cover of strategies on either PvE or PvP, but I think I know the basics well as well as trivia surrounding it and it would be my pleasure to explain it to you. I would either broadcast this live on my personal Twitch channel or the BFR Community channel, as it's an unofficial Stream where I won't make any official project related statements, perhaps just repeat what was already said, if asked to do so To sum up: Would you be interested? If yes, what would you want to hear? And lastly, is Saturday better for you or do you prefer Sunday? Time will be set when I know which day to Stream Thanks for reading, see you then Skylords!
  25. Dallarian

    Project's : Summary

    Project is here over year, now we have closed beta, soon server will be able to take more people . But Reborn bring some changes in game, like different BFP gathering, Gold, Tokens, loot lists and some more if i am not wrong. There are threads with suggestions and things like it, but it often have a lot of posts with mostly long text, like "Current Proposal: Rewards" that have 244 posts and a lot of text and some others short threads (I don't say it is bad, it is very important to discuss about this and this should be long), but mostly there is too much text to see what is Devs decision for now, how it will look and more informative things about that. Could you (like week before open release, when you won't change big things) give summary of everything that will be changed in project, how everything will work, something like changelog? This thread is just to make me sure in that.

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