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Found 2 results

  1. Eirias

    2v2 Troll-nament

    Since the April Fool's video I made, I've been playing with the idea of having a Troll 2v2 tournament where teammates start on opposite teams. Let's imagine 4 players: P1 and P2 are on a team against P3 and P4. P1 and P3 will be the "leaders" of their team. The game would start with P1 and P4 on (map) team 1; P3 and P2 would be on team 2. So actual teammates start on the opposite teams as each other. If team 1 (aka P1) sees the victory screen, P1 and P2 win the game. I team 2 (aka P3) sees the victory screen, P3 and P4 win. So basically, P2 and P4 are trying so sabotage their temporary teammates. Shadow is of course the obvious choice for trolling, so I am thinking the "sabotage" player should not be allowed to play any shadow orbs. We can see how creative people can be. I have thought of some interesting strategies to troll your partner even without shadow I am also wondering if the "lead" player should also be penalized from using shadow. For example, cards like corpse explosion or shadow phoenix would still be very strong in this scenario. Here is the current ruleset I'm thinking about: Each team is composed of a "lead" and "sabotage" player. The sabotage player starts on the enemy team and is not allowed to play any shadow orbs. Victory is determined by the winning "lead" player. Pairings: Swiss system with a random seeding Points: 7 points for victory, 3 points for loss, -3 points per shadow orb played Teams will play 2 games back-to-back. Maps: Fyre, Danduil, Gorgash, Zahadune, Turan. Any other map (including Generated) is allowed if BOTH teams agree to it. One team will ban 2 maps. The other team chooses any of the 3 remaining maps. The team that banned chooses the starting position of both players. After game 1, the map picking roles reverse. I don't know if it's feasible to stream the games live, especially since I would want to hide troll strategies from the competitors. But I'd like all the games to happen on the same day, so there is less chance for cheating (i.e. sharing replays with someone so they know someone else's strat). Anyone interested in playing (or watching) this?
  2. WindHunter

    Let's Talk Shrine of Greed

    This is a card near and dear to my heart. I used it as a crutch to get 12th on the ranked ladder at a time where everyone said it was useless. Before I go farther let's remember what it does: Shrine of Greed: Tier 2, Shadow/Shadow, 100 Power Building Transfer half of the void pool to the power pool instantly. For the next 30 seconds, no void power flows into the power pool and any power that would normally flow into the void pool is instead permanently lost. This debuff means that for 30 seconds if you use a spell, lose a building, or let a unit die you permanently lose the 90% power that would normally be refunded. The debuff is so crippling it makes the upside, gaining half of your void pool instantly, not worth it. The lose of a single nightcrawler means permanently losing 54 energy. Lose two nightcrawlers and it is worse for you than building a power well and instantly destroying it. The issue is, the debuff is so bad that you will lose far more than 100 power in the 30 seconds it is active. But, did you know Shrine of Greed's (SoG) debuff is tied to the building itself? If you destroy the building immediately after activating it, you lose the 90 power bound into the building but instead get half your void power instantly. This is clearly a bug but it makes the card incredibly interesting to play and gives Pure Shadow a way to run an incredibly long t2. Rediscovering the bug from another Pure Shadow player Eljyn(?) is what vaulted me into the top 20. It lets you turn a match you are losing into a game where you have 2 buffed harvesters on the field. If you have ever played me and wondered why my micro is below every other top player's, reading this should give you a hint. For 1v1 PvP In my opinion the card is balanced. If given the chance I'd redesign it to bring back Pure Shadow's old school t2 turtle into Harvester or 5-card T3 without requiring the player to abuse a bug every game. Once someone knows you have this in your deck(or is given the impression), they can punish you hard when you build it. I typically had to go one Power-well down when I built it and if I didn't get major value the game was essentially over. It is a true high-risk high-reward card and fits well in the Shadow faction. For 2v2 PvP This is the important part of this post. The widespread use of this bug had a detrimental effect on 2v2 in the later years of BattleForge. The issue is that both you and your ally get back half of your void power instantly and only one of you suffers a -100 power penalty. In 2v2 where there is more power already in the game, this gives a team with a Pure Shadow member an unfair advantage in the mid-to-late game. Assume all four players in a 2v2 match have 1500 power in their void pool. One team is capped at +20 void power per second with 1500 in their void pool while the team using SoG pulls out 750 power instantly and still gets 15-16 per second. This isn't healthy for the 2v2 scene and as time went on and knowledge of the bug grew, more and more teams started incorporating a Pure Shadow member. And that's why I'm making this post. I've seen talk of balancing and if we are going to be making balance changes it is very important for us to look first at cards that hurt the overall playing experience of the PvP communities and this is a card we need to focus on first. Discuss.

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