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Found 2 results

  1. Dear developers, I might not be the only one playing in 4k resolution. Is there a chance to upscale the HUD like double the size or something? I know this question was posted back in 2018, but I think it is good to bring that again to point. using 2k resolution for the moment fits quite well, but I cant use multiple monitors as with other games (frameless window etc), the game always closes when I exit with the cursor to other screens. Anyone has a solution/answer? many thanks in advance
  2. As the UI is Scaled up due to playing a higher, but custom resolution, you maybe could try to fix it. You may have already looked into it at some point, but I still like to make it an official suggestion. The highest playable 4:3 resolution with normal UI Scale is 1280x960, playing on a higher custom res like 1440x1080 causes the UI to scale up and prevents clicking buttons and seeing BFP for example. It would be very nice if there was a workaround since I am not the only one having this problem with custom resolutions. Best Regards, Heros5k
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