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Found 3 results

  1. Guten Tag, meine Frau halt leider ein nicht so tollen Laptop. Sie möchte ab und an mal über meinen Rechner Spielen, wäre es möglich das ich einen zweiten Account slot über diesen rechner bekomme ? Mit freundlichen Grüßen , ich liebe euch alle ! XD hat sich erledigt danke ! ist schon frei
  2. I mean yesterday my gf decided to try this game. I have my own house and she have her own one so we will usually play on 2 pcs (even with different internet ofc). The thing is can I play sometimes with her pc (and internet) with my own Acc or viceversa? Actually i played some games on her pc before she created her Acc so i would like to know if is there any problems
  3. Dear Support-Team, i live together with a friend of mine and we both played battleforge in the good old days. Now i play on skylords since the open beta. The problem is that i read multi-accounting is forbidden and leads to a permanent ban. But my friend wants to play with me. Is there any chance my friend can create an account and we play together on skylords reborn. As i told you we are sharing the same internet connection. We just want to play. We dont want to double loot and we dont want to trade cards. Its just about playing together. I hope you understand my situ
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