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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Skylords of Lyn! I dont have anywhere to go look for fun decks (except for old Youtube videos, which is in 240p), I was hoping some of you would post your decks so both I and other people could get inspiration. My deck is 100% self-made so dont look at my deck as if it is a viable one, i just play with cards i feel like are cool. Please post yours and what type of deck it is for (PvE, PvP) Current deck - PvE (With cost - as of 09th October 2018 on the Beta): Treespirit (Green): 100 Windweavers: 139 Shaman: 900 Surge of light: 100 Aggressor (Green): 75 Crystal Fiend (g): 70 Curse of Oink: 50 Coldsnap: 525 Stonehurler (Red): 40 Stone Warrior: 35 Fathom Lord: 180 Rageflame (Blue): 400 Deepcoil Worm: 650 Brannoc: 300 Hammerfall: 10 Grimvine: 350 Grinder (Red): 400 Giant Wyrm: 90 Construct: 130 Deepgorge: 11 Total cost is about 4550 BFP (Prices change a lot, some times some cards are cheap and other times they are expensive)* Also attached screenshot of the deck:
  2. Tanktiger

    API for Cards and Decks

    Hey Guys, i had an idea for a api to view players cards or decks and create, update or delete decks. With this API there can be build Apps or Sites to administrate the decks. Why? Its easier for the players to manage theyre decks and read about the cards when they are in the train or something else. When i am at home, i want to play and not to read, so for me its a little bit frustrating to build the decks while i could already play. What does the API need to do? First, there will be a security question. I think, every player will get a unique access key and must enter it the app (or we take the login data and do oauth, if something similiar is already developed). The following methods are needed: List Cards - GET with accesstoken - List all cards the player owns List Decks - GET with accesstoken - List all decks the player owns Update Deck - POST with accesstoken, deck ID, array of card ID's - updates a deck with the cards Create Deck - POST with accesstoken, array of card ID's - updates a deck with the cards Delete Deck - POST with accesstoken, deck ID - deletes a deck I know that the developers now have other important things to do but when the is released and they have freetime, i would love to use a API like this. I think this would be a very good Feature for Skylords Reborn
  3. Kiwi

    Twitch Stream Deck Ideas

    Hello fellow Skylords and Skyladies, As most of you are aware me and @MrXLink have been streaming a lot lately since Closed Beta began and we ask you guys which decks you would like us to play. But rather than us wasting time during the streams and having you guys sit around for like 20 minutes or so while we make decks I thought maybe you could suggest decks and even what specific cards, spells and buildings etc you would like us to play. Please note PvP is currently not working so all decks will have to be for Campaigns or rPvE, we no longer own all cards and some cards may not be fully charged. Official BattleForge Reborn Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/battleforgereborn Kiwi's Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/kiw3h Link for Multistream (both streams on one screen) - http://multistre.am/kiw3h/battleforgereborn/layout4/ Hope to see you all during the streams!

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