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Found 5 results

  1. I'm curious about what nationalities form our community. Where are you from? I'm from the Netherlands. Results: Total amount of players in the results: 590 Different nationalities: 66 To check if someone is in this list or to easily see the results from a specific country, click Ctrl + F and write the word(s) in the window that pops up (top right corner). The scrollbar will have yellow stripes if it detects what you wrote. Germany: 157 ( @Groping , @Aryze , @CyberReXxX , @Treim , @Kamina , @Waldmonk , @manafarbe , @Keksbendiger , @TheReborn , @dog0815
  2. RainZy


    Noticed some people with anime avatars and some people with just battle-forge monsters. So i was interested to ask 'what do you think about anime?, have you ever seen it?, If not would you watch it?, if yes why do you watch it?' Whats your favourite
  3. NAME: Community Maps are not ingame. SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: I cant test my created map ingame. It just doesnt appear. I did it as always-> put map file + map folder in documents/Battleforge/"Map". The settings of the map are correct. With all the other maps like all spectatormaps in my folder its the same issue. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtdh1sikmjrikys/bug.png?dl=0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I´d love to test new maps because I think the community will be very important for battleforge in the future, especially new bala
  4. Right lets play a little game, thought about this a while ago but only boredom and time could actually make me write this so here it goes. All you have to do in this game is use our imagination and think of a power, anything and everything however here is the catch; People will need to reply to your post and give you a limit for your power for example If you say ''I want to have the power of telepathy'' a limit for it can be You can never turn it off etc. As for my power I would like to possess the power of Spacial Render, controlling space itself gives me abilities with magnetic and
  5. Hey guys. Since most of us startet to enjoy other games once Baofo was shut down im certainly sure many of us started with the blizazrd game hearthstone. My idea is to start some kind of hearthstone tournament exclusivly for our awesome battleforge Community. Im not sure yet if it would be like once a week, monthly or a one time event. To spice it a bit up i will do some kind of price pool for the winner (currently im thinking of 10- 15 hs-packs) The idea is to check if there are enough ppl to participate, finding a date where most of us can affort the time (or maybe some
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