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  1. Hmm, I won 3 matches outta of 5 today in the rookie PvP tournament, so even though I lost in round two, I got a positive win rate

    1. Dallarian


      If I blame technical issues for my loses, then I got positive win-ratio as well! ^^

  2. Well I can give you some free advice that even I know, which is no ones plays T4 in PvP, so when you want to play PvP best to make another deck or use a free deck, and no ones plays T4 in PvP cause it's just not viable or needed.
  3. If you are not an idiot like me then, you could probably "master" it, but I'm still over here not even completed one expert map
  4. I'm confused, why are you showing the login screen? Shouldn't you just already be logged in?
  5. yeah, sounds good, as you can get 1500 gold for a rpve 5
  6. Sure, I'll join, 90% chance of getting eliminated in first round, but you never know
  7. Have a good Christmas everyone :watermelon:

  8. The reset was known for a very long time
  9. See my previous post 

  10. Hey if you cool and I know you add me in game: watermelonlord If I don't know you but you are cool add me in game (see above) Certain people don't add me (you know who you are, cough cough Zelda)
  11. Excuse me, if there is going to be any new promo cards added, it better be promo Mauler.
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