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  1. It's my birthday, been here for so long, nearly there with release cool, also wtf I have to click show all to see me in todays birthdays, I'm important, no I'm not.


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    2. BurningWorld


      "I'm important, no I'm not." - MelonDude 2k20
      As far as I remember you were quite important, weren't you? :D

      Happyy Birthday to you little Melonlord! :) Hope things are going good for you and wish you all the best. <3

      kinda funny I logged into the forum today for the first time for months (maybe 5?) and it's your birthday :D



    3. ThomasMann


      It's fate 

    4. Ultrakool


      hbd :watermelon:. Lookie here who it is @BurningWorld

  2. ThomasMann

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    call me when the game is fully released
  3. ThomasMann

    Inferno charges

    wow dissing eruption
  4. ThomasMann

    Inferno charges

    have you heard of eruption?
  5. ThomasMann

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Ha It's Eddio ^^ 2928
  6. ThomasMann

    Decks Some Decks I created

    No Mauler 0/10
  7. ThomasMann


    Rule 1.1
  8. ThomasMann


  9. ThomasMann

    Let us buy bfp

    no, ea would get mad.
  10. ThomasMann

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

  11. ThomasMann


  12. ThomasMann

    Frost T4 Card: Battleship

    Why was my post deleted?
  13. ThomasMann

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    How does one beat lvl 10 with just snapjaws? Asking for a friend
  14. ThomasMann

    Test server Ultra Major Update

    Did you put Ultra in the topic name, just cause of your name, what a chad.
  15. ThomasMann

    השרת אינו עובד כראוי

    I appreciate it
  16. ThomasMann

    Introducing... freund17! Our new Web Developer

    Forum is dead cause you guys got rid of the chatbox... Lol it was still dead when we had a chatbox
  17. ThomasMann

    My little brother's birthday gift

    I would give it if I had it, as open stress test, wipes incoming.
  18. ThomasMann

    Unban from discord

    Kiwi to the rescue!
  19. Sounds cool. I would like to be a "featured" creator as idk how many BattleForge video I will make and I will probably only make some in open beta not the open stress test.
  20. ThomasMann

    Decent PvP Players to practice with

    Honestly, I was going to link that, but I left it and I couldn't find it I searched for about ten minutes. So I'm a good human being.
  21. ThomasMann

    Client Update Requirement

    I'm pretty sure it just updates automatically if you have the updater
  22. ThomasMann

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    English only please
  23. ThomasMann

    How do I get BFP?

    I don't judge, if you are into that then fine

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