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  1. ThomasMann

    Introducing... freund17! Our new Web Developer

    Forum is dead cause you guys got rid of the chatbox... Lol it was still dead when we had a chatbox
  2. ThomasMann

    My little brother's birthday gift

    I would give it if I had it, as open stress test, wipes incoming.
  3. ThomasMann

    Unban from discord

    Kiwi to the rescue!
  4. Sounds cool. I would like to be a "featured" creator as idk how many BattleForge video I will make and I will probably only make some in open beta not the open stress test.
  5. ThomasMann

    Decent PvP Players to practice with

    Honestly, I was going to link that, but I left it and I couldn't find it I searched for about ten minutes. So I'm a good human being.
  6. ThomasMann

    Client Update Requirement

    I'm pretty sure it just updates automatically if you have the updater
  7. ThomasMann

    Natur / Frost Nature / Ice

    English only please
  8. ThomasMann

    How do I get BFP?

    I don't judge, if you are into that then fine
  9. ThomasMann

    How do I get BFP?

    date your sister
  10. ThomasMann

    A problem

    9 multi accounts lol
  11. ThomasMann

    Offer for Editor on YouTube

    @Eddio made it for me
  12. ThomasMann

    Offer for Editor on YouTube

    Would be cool, but I'm an awful editor and am looking forward to making my own Battleforge content probably in open beta as this stress test is not reliable lol, but it's cool. I look forward to any new Battleforge videos that you make.
  13. ThomasMann

    Future of Skylords Reborn

    Don't know, will be a reset when open beta is released, might be a reset in the stress test idk, no rewards for the stress test, the reward is you can try and sometimes succeed to play the game.
  14. ThomasMann

    how much a server for 100k+ ppl can cost?

    @BashDaInsane Then fucking ninja joins the stress test and then we are fucked
  15. ThomasMann

    How to Stream?

    If there is a slot, yes.
  16. ThomasMann

    How to Stream?

    run the game as administrator, so the launcher
  17. ThomasMann

    When did you Join the Skylords Reborn Crew?

    It is a open stress test not open beta.
  18. ThomasMann

    Should I come back to the community?

    I said I will come back in open beta, this is an "open stress test" but do you want me back in the community. I probably will not try to get a slot, but If I do I will create some more crappy BattleForge videos. So yeah, if the majority is a no, I will come back in open beta. Thank You, The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord.
  19. ThomasMann

    Multiple Accounts

  20. ThomasMann

    RPvE Starter Decks

    looks decent
  21. ThomasMann

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

    @Fauchderial don't get salty it a different concept lol
  22. ThomasMann

    Battleforge streamers

    @Eirias "top Battleforge content creators" but I don't have access to it?
  23. ThomasMann

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game


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