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  1. Cool, bit late, forgot to read this one
  2. I'm waiting for that Mauler buff Lada
  3. With enough Maulers, and enough buffs on the Maulers, with super healing, nothing can really stop them, except the op paralyze tower, I'm looking at you Twilight will zapper, if only the actual card was like the one in the pve.
  4. Oh, okay so if I use wheels on my own, no hate, good stuff.
  5. I gotta ask, what's with the hate on wheel of gift, am I missing something, if i play this card do you all hate me? What is going on, do you guys just think its bad?
  6. Decomposer pog, hey at least I got something, I'll take that, i did come 33rd though, so its pretty bad.
  7. If there is a Mauler question. I would be incredibly surprised.
  8. I feel like if i did this, I would get destroyed and it would embarrassing, so for that reason I got bow out.
  9. He actually reads what I write, cool.
  10. All I got from this was that nightmare shard is easier and I'm pogging
  11. I have never used a Batarial, and I probably will never as I'm not meta gamer who uses op stuff, but cool pics.
  12. Nice, cause I only use Twilight, my T4 is Wyrm, Abomination and Watcher, I could get the Skycatcher and probably should, but he expensive and I'm trying to get one from boosters lol.
  13. Hold up, just realised this and I vote no (can I vote?), as now my boy doesn't work in a Twilight deck.
  14. Wait, you could beat this map with two points, two cards, wtf I'm just really bad. I need some stuff my level.
  15. I tried twice with a deck of 10 points, Shaman, mark of keeper, fire stalker, swamp drake, treefiend, t3 healing spell and t4 healing spell, well i didn't get to t4, but i'm not good enough to win with this deck, if any one can that would be cool, i'm not sure if its possible tbh.
  16. I'm actually tempted to do this one, but I'm bad at the game and never played the map on expert, so if I go in thinking Shamans and windweavers will work, I'm pretty sure I will die.
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