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    thomas mann
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    YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoMj6l3-13epJUyk6P2T-gw/videos?view_as=subscriber

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    Melon land
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    Battleforge, Football, movies, music, Watermelons! Visual Novels, YouTube. And of course video games.

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  1. I'm going to stop talking on the discord for a while... I'm sick of some stuff. Will only talk if people need help. I will spend more time here. Thanks. :watermelon:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. sylvix95


      "I'm sick of some stuff" I meant, like which kind of stuff ?

    3. Ultrakool


      Oh just regular discord stuff, talking about random stuff and  trolling

    4. Fauchderial


      why so much backspace for              trolling :kappa: 


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