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  1. "at least a month."

    I don't want to be "that" guy but . :'(


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    2. Secvndvs


      Hey, hey, i never criticied anything here. I even have a few papers with numbers on it ready to send them to your paypal when the servers are up.

      They can't keep working on the game and some surprise problems came from nowhere, i get it, working with programs you always encounter strange spirits that fuck all your progress without sense and the most logical way is to blame Moloch.

      However, understand my dissapointment when you reserved the word "confirmed open beta" for years, and gave it a real value the last months when you put a concrete date in streams, new trailers, forums, everywhere, after so many time! beta has confirmed! 

      Well, now i have no reason to believe it will be in another month... or another one... or another one.

      I will keep looking at your great work and will be wating to send you money to help, and i will be wishing the best for the game and for the personal life of the developers, they deserve it.

      But my trust for this project inevitably decreesed. I wish this low morale will be unjustified in the future, but that's something only time will tell.

    3. anonyme0273


      You do have a point that the exact date was shared and it should have been held. On the other hand you seem to understand its not because of laziness or lack of work ethic. I think its the opposite! All active developers are currently experiencing a high amount of workload or school tasks which are more important for them (or at least they should be) at the moment. As it is said in the update thread by Hawk, Fiki was almost forbidden to continue working for his own good. I can confirm from my view that fiki was online pretty much 80-90% of work hours, then during evenings and often up to 2 am or so. Bolrader and Boorinio too were really active and dozens, hundreds of updates and hotfixes were applied over the lask weeks. Its good that they are taking a break. I support it and if its a delay, then so be it. Is it dissapointing? Yes,  little. But taken the circumstances its more than appropriate. Look man, it could have been worse. I am hoping you and everyone with a point of view similar to you will understand and find it in you to keep believing and supporting this project. Everyone who works on BattleForge deserves it.

      Noone anticipated or wanted the issues that came along but the project continues and will come to fruition soon.

    4. fiki574


      If you'd forgive multimillion dollar companies delaying a long expected game or new part of a favourite franchise, we hope you can forgive us for underestimating pressure and time constraints, over-hyping and in the end delaying the Open Beta.

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