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  1. I started playing BF when we had to pay. I had invested a little money but the bulk of my acquisitions were done by buying and selling cards in the market. With the free booster per day, I didn't need to do this anymore. I have a lot of duplicate cards that I would like to get rid of in the market but the 24 / 48h limit is too short. Why impose a time limit? I am too cowardly to put my unsold cards back on sale every 24 / 48h and I must not be the only one. It would also be fun to have rewards when you are in the top rank at the end of the month.
  2. After a few requests.. For all those who want to have fun cleaning a level 9 Rpve map with Ashbone Pyro. Trick : Use motivate on nightcrawler (Infect) for more dmg. PS : The Bloodhorn card is only here if you ever lose all of your Ashbone Pyro.. Sometime shit happens ^^
  3. Kybaka

    Best farming gold per hour rate

    Gold gives nothing after a few months
  4. Kybaka

    rPVE 10 Decks

    Your deck has some gaps for a random map. Fire deck start At t1, you need sunstrike or cannon for air unit. moreover, If u play phoenix, u need embalmer. Finally, if u play Lost Souls map with LSS without Yellow Mo, u will be beated. Nature deck start : U have a big chance to fail when u attack t3 with Deep one. Phoenix is better. moveover, u have dishenchant card but u play 2 nature / 2 shadows orbs.
  5. Kybaka

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    If the majority chooses to start with all the cards .. it is that the card collection does not interest them Maybe you have all the cards .. but the fact remains that you won't be any better. Your lvl exp will be 0 like all the others. Tagged (color) as having started with all cards. In addition, several features of the game will be disabled (Markerplace, Tradings ...)
  6. Kybaka

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    I've been playing since the start of beta. I have more cards than I need. If a friend starts playing today .. I can transfer bfp and cards to him ... in addition to helping him complete all the maps. As mentioned before, I only play to be at the top of the rankings in RPVE. Find the good tactics and beat @Treim I'm not interested in collecting cards. I'm not the only one who thinks that!
  7. Kybaka

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    We agree that it takes more than a few minutes to complete all the maps. In addition, what does it feel like to have completed all the maps? No more bfp .. no more experience than someone playing the same map all the time. Card upgrades .. Personally, I buy them with gold and exp In addition, if a friend starts playing now .. I can already help him do all the hard maps. If you want to block this .. You must block access to the map before a certain level exp. A bit like the updates card.
  8. Kybaka

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    If I create an account 1 year after the reset .. It will be the same. I'm going to start with shit cards and everyone who started on day 1 .. They will have a better card than me. So your problem is not one. By far I prefer to compare myself to the others in terms of tactics. Anyone can have a 120 deck. It doesn't make you a better player. If you prefer, you can even put a different tag / color for those who have an unlocked account. So when you create/join a lobby .. you can decide if you want to play with someone who has an unlocked account.
  9. Kybaka

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Why not 2 possibility after reset? When you create profile.. you have choices : 1) You start from scratch : Like currently.. Only beginner card deck. 2) You start with all card / update : Marketplace, trading cards and sending cards by email are all disabled forever.
  10. Kybaka

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Personally, I don't see the point of the reset. I mainly play to be in the top ranking of RPVE. Find the right tactic and the right card deck. I will have no fun trying to start from the beginning only to get the cards I need. So the reset risks in my case to be an end in itself.
  11. Kybaka

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Good Job My run is similar to you but i loose too much second with last camp.
  12. Kybaka

    rPVE 9/10

    For a lvl 10 random map, I would go with something like ...
  13. Kybaka

    Map of the month - Solo - June

    Some players asked me if he could watch my replay for the map of the month in solo. So here it is ... You must copy the file into this directory : C:\Users\*User*\Documents\BattleForge\replays 20190623_120905_GeneratedMap.pmv
  14. Kybaka

    Too much gold

    NAME: Bonus Gold at the end of Pve game. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: The forge REPRODUCIBILITY: None DESCRIPTION: I Received too much gold after quest. All my teammate DC before end of quest.. But i won it alone. No stress, i lost gold after reboot SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:
  15. I dont find your account in game.. You change your nickname?
  16. Speedrun celebrity ! It right that we often ended up in the top rank The last time i spoke to Indeedpepe, he was playing World of Tanks Online under the same nickname. I dont know if we'll see him here again.

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