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  1. fordominique

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    Hey guys, Fordominique my name. Following BF:R for a while now, but never created an account til today. Played it back when it was released and a full price title in the shelf. Was "little" upset when they turned it into F2P but hey, turned out to be still good after that. I'm from Belgium, however living in Irland and speaking German, French and English. Working for a good few years now in customer support and before that in QA. So Breaking stuff and providing steps in order to fix it is my thing. However don't confuse me with a Tech-Guru who knows how to fix things with a 1-click-script or even a programmer! Those guys are waaaay above me. I'm more the guy you call on a help.-line and claims he's useless until your issue is fixed through his advises ^^ That's all I have atm. However if you guys have trouble in any game, PM me and I'll see what I can do for you. Can't promise anything, but who knows, right?

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