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  1. i keep getting this message before i start any match and then i get dc
  2. it instantly crashing the version is 0.4 it stuck at checking and then crash
  3. ok i have already download it and install it but still i got the same problem
  4. launcher keep checking then crash i have done every solution but still it won't work my launcher ver is 0.3 _log_proxy_latest: 19:36:02.522 WARN 16852 proxy:78 proxy from 2021-01-06T01:11:27.472380400Z is initializing 19:36:02.525 INFO 16852 proxy::networking::connect:181 connect disconnect hooks initialized 19:36:02.525 INFO 16852 proxy::networking:69 networking hooks initialized 19:36:02.525 WARN 16852 proxy:102 Initialized successfully 19:36:02.796 WARN 16852 proxy:107 EXITING...
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