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  1. Anyone wants to play some league of legends? Im currently plat 3 both flex and duo and i want to be diamond for this season anyone can duo up with me? :D

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    2. Blamer


      Dota2 is for noobs i prefer the real moba (warcraft 3 defends of the ancients).

      Btw that My little pony game is hardcore af i cant even play that shet :D

    3. sylvix95


      Dota 2 is for noobs ? and you say this comparing it to Lol ? wow, even If I don't play any of those, I know this is untrue.

    4. Blamer


      i see you didnt read my sentence properly i loved dota but i hate dota2 :D anyway i know dota2 is more complicated to lol but who cares i would still beat u in 1v1 <.<

  2. Blamer

    Bid for beta start

    2018. august 31. lets go
  3. Blamer

    Open Beta Information

    Yeah you are right lets just ignore him.
  4. Blamer

    Open Beta Information

    Wow this guy is really annoying just black list him so he cant play this awesome game when its out
  5. Today i made some ham & eggs but suddenly my dog ran into me so i made some ham & eggs for my dog... guess i dont need any vacum cleaner xD :D

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    2. SpiderFanI


      @Bkingn You are right... on the little boy part heh.. :D Everyone has a little boy in them, so that is totally cool and great if you can show it to other people! <3 to @ThomasMann Why am i still typing?

    3. Roguzf


      im a little boy! (nah im those teenagers that dont care about life) 

    4. Blamer


      Thank you the support guys! I just wanted to share a little bit about my life. :( sorry if i was annoying

  6. Best game ever created?! Like show me a battleforge copy no u cant!
  7. Blamer

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Yo i would be happy if i can win one access

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