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  1. LikeThat

    RNG from card packs?

    @Kubik they could either stay in that pool or move to another pool but the average value of the pool and the amount of cards in the pool should stay consistent also if they move to a higher pool their value should stay pretty much similar cause the sizes of pools i suggested makes their appearance rarity almost the same currently each card appearance ranges really far between rarities, with the pool sizes i suggested the chances of you getting the card you want are like this: commons = 1.53% uncommons = 1.57% rares = 1.53% ultra-rares = 1.25% so moving them between rarities will only slightly affect their appearance (if not at all) but the overall booster value will be more consistent and rewarding
  2. LikeThat

    RNG from card packs?

    Alright iv been thinking about it more and i tried to make my solution more consistent. In order to prevent the problems you pointed out i came up with few restrictions to the system. (For now im leaving the promo cards out as they dont really affect the gameplay) rarity pools should keep the same ratio so if in the future more cards are added to the game it needs to be on that ratio for now if we have overall 521 cards in game the split should be something like this: 310 commons 130 uncommons 65 rares 16 ultra-rares each pool should have an average price value in order to keep the boosters value consistent im thinking something like this: commons: 4 bfp uncommons: 30 bfp rares: 100 bfp ultra-rares: 1250 bfp Getting the average value consistent instead of the value range consistent should solve the problem you mentioned about the shaman. This way you can have for example some uncommon cards valued higher than usual but still keeping the pool balanced. one last thing, all the calculations i did are according to the current booster ratios so if that changes or the booster prices change the pools should change also. Let me know what you guys think about that approach. edit: Also, this change should only happen once and before a full server reset. not like i said before every year.
  3. LikeThat

    RNG from card packs?

    i don't agree, it will affect many aspects of the game in the long run. making boosters more valuable thus making people willing to open more boosters which eventually could increase the supply of the cards to the market.
  4. LikeThat

    RNG from card packs?

    well yea the situation is bit more complicated but you get the idea - making the value range of each rarity less extreme for testing you can start by doing this balance only on cards that has lower value than their rarity pool and not touch on the ones that are over valued like shaman
  5. LikeThat

    RNG from card packs?

    I think cards rarity should change according to their actual value so the booster would actually be bit more predictable and balanced. not something that happen often but maybe once a year rarity balance on cards according to their market value. if the current chances are those: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/3328-skylords-reborn-booster-ratios/ and let say a pack value should be around 400 bfp so on averge those should be the values of the most unlucky boosters 5 commons = 5x4 = 20 bfp 2 uncommon = 2x45 = 90bfp 1 rare = 290 bfp so now if we extend each rarity values to be something like this: commons = 0-10 bfp uncommon = 10-80 bfp rare = 80-500 bfp ultra rare = 500+ im not sure if the math i did is right but you get the idea. i think that if something like this would be done boosters opening would feel more rewarding and cards value on the market would be more balanced.

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