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    Shortly put, we endorse neither of those actions. There has been a lot of discussion going over this in the past, and we are of mind that smurfing heavily disrupts the ranked PvP scene and will, especially with an even smaller community that will rely heavily on newcomers, result in an insanely unfair PvP environment where matchmaking doesn't even matter anymore due to the sheer amount of artificially low-ranked pros dominating the entire game because they don't dare to face any opponents matched with when trying something new. This is not what ranked PvP is made for. Ranked PvP exists to test your PvP skills comparatively to people at the same level of you. Whether this is regardless of decks is debatable, but this is why unranked PvP exists, why there are Sparring Grounds. It's even in the term; Sparring Grounds. Sparring in boxing (and fighting) means that you're not landing your blows heavily so you can train. The same goes for the game; Sparring Grounds are for training your PvP skills without being judged harshly for it by the matchmaking system. This is, very briefly and shortly put, why we are against multiaccounting and it will result in bans. Smurfing destroys the purpose of the difference between ranked PvP and Sparring PvP, and your training needs are easily resolved by testing your new decks out in Sparring instead.

    So, are you scared of losing your ELO because, skylords forbid, you are using a somewhat unconventional deck? Go to the Sparring Grounds. They are literally made for this exact purpose.
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