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  1. The map uses the same script as Encounters, meaning it can actually be played on lower difficulties. Also meant we couldnt name it advanced if its actually expert
  2. We considered multiple options actually. I requested an event unrelated to speed, since i wanted players to just enjoy the map in the way they liked, which also allowed us to have no restrictions on cards to use. It was also important to us that everyone would be able to complete the map, including beginners. During playtesting we considered advanced or expert, and in the end went with expert after it became clear the lost souls version is easier than the original one, which turned it into a nice middle ground. We also hoped this would encourage players to ask for advice and tips, should
  3. Since I cant edit Challonge myself: the time in the Forum post is correct: today starting at 14:00 p.m. CEST (Berlin time). The stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.
  4. Why do you feel it needs a different description, and what did you have in mind? It's called like this because once the fleet is nearby, it gives Raven Walker support (losing the slow) As Metagross mentioned, I have never been a moderator I'm Community Manager and Project Coördinator. We did open up the Community Manager position after I took on the role of Project Coördinator (since it's very time consuming to do both effectively), but didn't find a replacement yet. Since I'm also managing our Social Media channels, we have now opened the role of Social Media Manager to hope
  5. A big thank you to @LEBOVIN, @Dallarian, @R4bitF00t, @Metagross31 @SpiritAlpha and our Map Testers for helping out with the Halloween Event! We really hope players can appreciate these kind of events
  6. Please note: you need to restart the game to be able to download the map
  7. Thank you for your help, we are in dire need of more russian translators! Please join the translations discord https://discord.gg/WMqvMVYgCH and send a message there, so you can be assigned a trial role. :)
  8. This is a known interaction/bug. Summoned Units (from Ravenheart, but also from Viridya for example) that are summoned AFTER a wheel of gift effect is activated, don't get the buff. Its caused by an interaction that only applies already-active-buffs to summoned cards. We hope to fix this some day, but sadly no promises.
  9. Greetings Skylords! This Community Update is a few days ahead of schedule because we have two events that we don't want you to miss! From today until 2nd of November there is a special Halloween event, and on Saturday 29th October we have a PvP tournament with a participation prize! Let's get you up to date. • Halloween Event The Lost Souls have altered the timeline for a special Halloween event! Instead of Encountering Twilight, Rogan Kayle finds himself in the face of new horrors. Enjoy a spooky experience on this adjusted map to celebrate Halloween, and the upcoming
  10. Social Media Manager As a Social Media Manager, you are responsible for keeping our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) up to date. Help with our Twitch and Instagram account would also be greatly appreciated. Your tasks will include providing a consistent number of updates on our Socials; the latest Community Update, patch information, event announcements and fun posts that will lead to interaction and exposure. You will work closely with the Project Coordinator to make sure we share the right information at the right time. You will also be in charge of replying to c
  11. This being the very first tournament that Toggy can actually play in himself, I expect nothing less than him making the finals.
  12. Sadly the decklist has too many buildings and I cant use it for the proleague. 5/7.
  13. The goal of Twilight Slayers was never to be on mine-tier PvE level goodness. Not all of our new cards need to be of the high power level, we just want to provide a nice mix of new options for players to play with. Ideally, players should not be able to tell if a card is from the new edition, because it blends so well with the other cards. Ofcourse, being new cards, they get a huge spotlight on them and players (rightfully so) give feedback on them, but not everything will be a Banzai Lord Thats not to say that Slayers are perfectly fine in their current state (I'll leave that to the ba
  14. Thanks for reporting, this issue should be fixed now.
  15. Hm fair enough, I can see the appeal in that. With suggestions like this (while always welcome!) you always have to take the hours into account that it would take to add this. Theoretically possible? Almost definitly. But it will come at the cost of other features and QoL changes. Since the game is run completely by volunteers, it can be tricky to get the right people working on this without delaying other features. I personally wouldnt hold my breath, but maybe at some point we could add the boss units to the list of spawnable units.
  16. Just to clarify, you are aware you can switch sides in the forge and spawn units from the market place right? In combination with the spawn enemy buttons (that you can also browse through btw), almost all units are available to you in this way.
  17. Very cool to see. I could definitly see an XL dino working out.
  18. This patch is planned to release upcoming Monday the 3rd.
  19. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • September Patch Release + Feedback Thread Our latest content patch released on September 14th and brought three new cards and many balance changes to the game. You can check out the patch notes here. We hope you are enjoying the many hours that went into creating it. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on the changes we have made to the game with this patch. What do you think of our first PvE nerfs? Do the vari
  20. Which was especially interesting for Twilight Princess, where they had the Gamecube version completely mirrored from the Wii version for this reason alone.
  21. Ad Dallarian mentioned, we have already added and improved many area's of the forge, from a new look to handy features like pause and powerwells/orbs (those are newly added by Skylords Reborn, they were not in the original). During our Bounty to create a new Forge for Spring, we realised how tricky it is to create a good new Forge. While the current one is indeed a bit boring, it is also very clear. We had entries that added a lot more eye candy, but removed the whole purpose of the Forge: to test things in a clean environment. While we think there is still a lot to gain (Halloween
  22. Hotfix - 18 September 2022 General Changes In order to resolve prevalent desynch issues, the deployed fix that prevented units to clip through terrain with buildings has been reverted. The Community / PvP Search Bar tooltip now also mentions that it allows to search by author. Player Card Changes Frenetic Assault (Fire) / Frenetic Assault (Shadow): Corrected upgrade card descriptions in non-English languages. Twilight Crawlers: Adjusted card name in French to be more unique. Active ability Transformation: Too
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